Don't Stay Close to Me

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“I’ll go look for any references that we can use.” I whispered as I stood up.

“Yeah, that may help.” Shane said.

“Let me help you.” Mike offered but I shook my head.

“No thanks.”

“Mike, we need your help here.” Rich begged.


“It’s okay I can handle some books…” I said and walked away.

As I walk in to the Biology books section I noticed how empty it is –I guess less people are interested in Biology. I reached the genetics section and started running my fingers on the books absent-mindedly.

’Three days…in three days we always meet but he always leaves when he got his messages I ask if from whom they were but he just say ’Important matters’ all the time. *Sigh. * what’s happening now? Are the things I felt are temporary…. or he’s right? No! No…Maybe they are just important matters after all.’

I continue on running my fingers on the books, still thinking. Then I stopped.

“Thinking to quit?” A voice rose behind me and I jolt my head to look back.

“No.” I answered immediately, seeing that it was Professor Hanely sitting on the third step of the library ladder skimming on a book.

“C’mon just stop it.” He said, without looking at me. The usual Prof. Hanely.

“You’re really a persistent Jerk, aren’t you?” I said as I cross my arms on my chest, looking at him.

“Yes, I am, so Stop it.” He said, looking at me and slam the book close with one hand.

“No.” I said and turned to look at the books again.

“Let me ask you something…. Did he say he loves you? Instead of saying ‘I like you’?” He asked and I felt a sudden squeeze in my chest.

‘Did he? Did he say that he loves me? No, he never said it…he just says he likes me…likes me… likes me...likes me…but never says he loves me…’

“If not…why did you sneak around with him?” He continued.

‘Why? Yes, why did I sneak around with him?’

“For fun?”

“Or…” He trailed off and I am still quiet.

“For the kiss?” He goes on and I felt a sudden shiver in my body.

‘Am I just after the kiss? Was it the kiss? No…I like him…He likes me too that’s why. But he just likes me not love me…was it reasonable? What the Hell! Am I just being stupid?’

“Oh, you found the book I’ve been looking for!” He said and it distracted me from my train of thoughts. His breath tickled my ear and the warmth of his body touches me. I looked at my side and there he was bent close to me; his head almost touched my shoulder and his face so close to mine. He pulled the book a bit out of the shelf.

“So, why did you sneak around with him?” He asked again.

I am just quiet.

I am just staring at him.

His fair white skin, his black tousled hair and his nose—oh, so perfect.

‘How could this Jackass can look so good?!’

“Was it because of the kiss?” He paused and turned to look at me.

His black eyes looking straight at me, I can feel a different kind of feeling in me—electricity.

“Was his kiss so addictive?” He continued and I didn’t speak. I can’t speak.

‘Shit! How does he make me tongue-tied? How could he be so intimidating now??’

I felt his body heat getting near me. I pace back and he inches forward until I felt my back lie on the shelf. He towered me; and now, I realized how tall he is. Looking down at me, I felt a feeling of uneasiness as I stare at his eyes.

“Was it?” He asked with his voice low and sexy.

He leans forward and his eyes went down to my lips and I, instinctively, looked at his lips—pinkish red lips. He is getting closer and closer to me, his breath fans my face—spearmint, and I inhaled it with his spicy scent perfume. He slightly tilted his head and paused.

‘He stopped? Is he just playing with me? I should push him away now…right? But my body doesn’t obey me!! Why now, Disobedient Ego?’

I was dragged out of my reel of thoughts when I felt his soft and warm lips on mine. My mind went blank but my body responds: electrifying my hormones and rack my whole system, my heart racing.

He deepened his kiss and I let him in, exploring the familiarity of my mouth. I started responding on his possessive lips and my body shivers within as I feel his hand found my waist and grasping me close to him. He nudges me on the shelf, his lips are hungry and I gratefully take it as my body scorches. Our body heats and breathes mix together as his body pushes on me. A very strange but sweet mix.

I run my hands on his arms, following the curves of his muscles…firm and strong.

‘I should push him away…this is wrong…right?’

I tried to collect myself and push him but every time I feel his mouth move rhythmically with me, I lose myself again and I grip on his arm as I feel an irrational want of him.

‘How can he do this to me?’

His other hand held my nape that made me tilt my head towards him, getting more of him sending electrons in each of my nerves.

But suddenly he pulled away, leaving me panting and wanting more of him. I was shocked and I saw him shut his eyes, removing his hands on me; quickly, I felt slack.

“No.” He said, shaking his head slowly.

‘What No? Heck, am I that bad?’

“I should’ve not done it. I’m sorry.” He said and took the book out of the shelf and walked away running his fingers through his hair.

‘He regrets it…. he does. Why? Why?’

I rested my head on the shelf and touched my lips with my index finger.

‘I can still feel his lips on mine…those soft, warm and possessive lips…. But why was he sorry? I should be…because I should’ve shoved him away but I didn’t…It’s also my fault.’

I sighed and then decided to grab some books and go back to our table.

“Sorry, it took me so long to get these.” I said when I arrived putting the books on the table.

“It’s okay.” Shane said.

“I told you, I should’ve helped you.” Mike said.

‘If you came with me, I should’ve not had that kiss…and I’m glad you didn’t.’

“No, it was okay…I just read some books along the way that’s why it took me so long to get these.” I said.

“Okay.” He said and I just smiled.

I turned and saw him, Professor Hanely; talking with Cristel that’s trying harder to flirt with him nevertheless he turns her down, leaving her disappointed.

He went out of the library and the scowling Cristel went over to her Best friend Ferra. I shifted my attention to the laboratory report we need to finish and to our homework in our lecture class in genetics.

I started cracking the abstracts of his questions in our homework. He can surely break our heads with these. Then, our laboratory report is another burden. I hate our school for this: technology and a crazy teacher.

I grope for a book when I finished working on my works and will need only verifications. Then I took hold of a book, the same book that he held when he was sitting on the library ladder…. he looks so good with his usual formal attire for school. All of a sudden, it replayed—how he intimidates me, his eyes, black electrifying black eyes and his pinkish red lips—his pinkish red lips that brought me into the irrational stir of wanting him.

‘But I should’ve stopped him…I should’ve pushed him away…still I just let him do it…I had no control at all…he is just irresistible.’

I shook my head trying to push the idea at the back of my head and bit my lip.

‘I can still taste the mint from his mouth…’

I shook my head again.

‘Stop thinking about it, Jadyn! Stop! Focus!’

I opened the book and tried to concentrate on reading the book.

“Are you okay?” Mike asked and I looked at him.

“Yeah, I’m okay.” I said and returned to read on the book.





I should’ve not done that!

Why did I kiss her? Why?’ I asked myself as I sit in my table remembering our kiss.

‘Kent, why?’

‘Because you’re tempted.’ My ego said.

‘Yes, I am tempted with her lips. But I should’ve not done that. I’m such an uncontrollable Bastard!’

‘But you liked it…you wanted it.’

‘No, I shouldn’t.’

‘But you did.’

‘Shit! It’s just a kiss…It’s not like I haven’t kissed anyone before…I’ll forget it.’

‘But she’s different.’

‘Shut up, Ego.’

I shook my head and tried to ignoring the temptation of remembering it through reading. The feeling of her lips is still with me, though.

‘Ugh. Damn that stupid girl can be such a head ache and damn too good to kiss.’

‘But really I should stop thinking of it.’

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