Don't Stay Close to Me

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“What?” Shane asked with mouth dropped open.

“You’re kidding, right?” Rich added with her ‘don’t-fool-around’ look.

Yup, my other two besties are shocked with the news. Mike and I decided not to hide about his confession to our besties because that is why we are best friends, right? We don’t hide anything…except for me. And I feel guilty.

“I am not kidding, alright.” I said and took a big bite on my chicken biscuit.

“So, you two are going to date?” Shane asked suddenly and I choked on her words.

“No!” I said with mouthful.

“Why not?” She asked. Shane can always be so probing.

“Because I like him as a friend only.” I said after swallowing some of my food in mouth.

“Does he know?” Rich asked.

“Yes.” I said matter-of-factly.

“Was-” Shane was cut off when Mike arrived. They all looked up at him.

He looked at them bewilderedly with their probing looks.

“What?” He asked.

“SIT!” They said in unison. And he did as what he was told while I snickered.

Now, Mike is on the hot seat—the Rich and Shane interrogation combo!

After like forever of Rich and Shane probing, we’re now down the hall, walking to our next class. And I just felt sick. I don’t want to come in his class. Can I skip it? Seeing him always makes me remember it—now even worst I remember it every now and then…replaying like crazy in my mind.

“Ugh! I can’t put this everything in my brain!” Mike grumbled and it took me away from my musing before ‘it’ replays. He is shaking his notebook with both hands while, Shane and Rich ignored him, paying more attention on their notes.

‘I didn’t notice that they were all holding notebooks? What’s happening?’

“Why are you all studying?” I asked, bewildered. And they just shot me a ‘don’t-be-silly’ look.

“What?” I asked wondering for such reaction.

“You really forgot, didn’t you?” Rich said.

“About what?” I asked and she sighed.

“We have a chapter quiz with Professor Hanely today.” Shane said and I gaped.

‘What? How could I forget that???? What the hell!!!!!’

“Thanks for reminding me.” I said as I rummage into my bag and get my notes. I quickly scan on our lessons—long lessons.

I came in the room still reading my notes and went straight to my seat. My classmates are noisy, chatting about the lessons and asking questions with one another.

Cristel came in and sashayed towards her seat as she passes by me, she intentionally pushed her bag towards me, hitting my side. I just glared at her.

‘Bitch…I don’t have time to waste on you today. Lucky you.’

I went back to reading, ignoring the bitch for today because I have lots of more important things to do than to trash talk to her.

The bell rang and few minutes after their chitchats died out as heavy footsteps come in our room. I continue reading.

‘I don’t want to see him…focus on studying!!!’

“Close your notes.” He said. His voice is echoing the quiet room.

“But Sir…” They said wanting to bargain. But as for me I closed my notebook put it in my bag, grabbed a pen and a handkerchief.

“Close your notes in 1…2…3…” He said adamantly, starting to count and my classmates can’t do anything but obey. Some are scowling and murmuring complains.

“…4…and 5” He finished and he gets a rim of bond papers and tapped it on the table—I guess it’s the questionnaires.

“Okay. This will be quick. It’s just easy.” He said smugly.

‘Easy your Ass.’ I thought and rolled my eyes.

“Quick and easy for you. Teachers are liars.’ Someone said. I think it’s John, a blond guy from the basketball team of our college.

“If you studied, we won’t be liars.” He retorted and started to walk around the room, distributing the papers, giving it to us one by one.

When she reached on Cristel, she flirtatiously gets the paper, but as usual he ignored her.

‘Serves you right, Bitch.’ I thought as I look at her. When she caught me, she glared at me but I just half-smirked on her with one eyebrow raised then looked away.

“Don’t start yet.” He warned.

He’s fast approaching me. I wiped my face with my handkerchief.

‘Why is it so hot in here suddenly?’

Nearer and nearer, his spicy scent perfume tickled my nose. My sweat wets me dramatically; I wipe it off my face. Then fan myself with my hanky.

‘Heck! Has anyone turned the aircon off?? Damn! Why so hot in here?’

He’s in front of me now. I can feel his presence through me. His stare boring in me. I can feel my heart in my throat, beating faster and faster.

‘Heck, what’s going on with me??’

I prop my elbow under my chin and looked out, tapping, quietly, my pen on the table. My heart beating so fast like I am running in a marathon and the tension between the two of us is affecting my whole system.

‘Heck, what am I feeling? Why?’

From the corner of my eye I saw his arm with his three-fourths pale blue sleeve extended and put the test questionnaire on my desk. Then moved to the student behind me, I sighed silently but my mind sighed loudly. I felt relieved as if a grip was gone in my heart.

‘That was so not what I expected…. how could he do this to me?’

“Okay. Start now.” He said, his voice echoed in the quiet room. And I was removed from my bay then picked up the questionnaire. My face scrunches up on the test paper.

‘Damn! What are these? Brain twisters?’

I started to scrutinize his questions in each number. I don’t want to fail, you know. Everyone doesn’t want to fail especially in his subject or else we won’t graduate.

I can hear my classmates sigh, tut and tap pens on their table. They are all concentrating, only his breathing and his footsteps echo once in a while in the room.

“Hey, Hanely I don’t get number 17.” Someone said, breaking the silence in the room. I looked at the guy: it’s Alex from our college basketball team.

“Well, not my problem.” Professor Hanely retorted and my classmates snickered while Alex scowled.

“Keep quiet; you only have three minutes to finish that.”

“Huh?” They grumbled in unison.

“Quiet.” He said sternly and they shut up, hurrying to finish the test.

I blew my bangs after answering the last number of the test.

‘Ugh, this could be so exhausting! *Sigh. *’

I quickly reviewed my answers, just to make sure that I’ve got the possibly correct answers.

“Done?” A voice reached my ear and it made me a little bit jumpy.

I turn and saw a man in black slacks with black belt and metal buckle and his top is a tucked in pale blue button down, three-fourths sleeve men’s blouse. The two buttons are undone.

I mentally gape at this man’s looks.

‘Damn, how could he look so good?’

I reached his face and stared to his eyes…

“Sort of…” I said with my mouth dry for the moment. Then I looked back to my paper.

“…Just reviewing.” I continued.

‘Issh…I can’t stand looking at him…why? I don’t know!’

“Good.” He said and started walking again.

Then I felt my heart relaxed again.

“Okay. Time’s up! Pass your papers now.” He commanded and we did what we were told.

“Let’s check your papers.” He said and before we could ever complain he redistributed the papers but not to the owners.

I pulled out a red pen to check the paper.

He started to mention the correct answers and when someone complains he explains it. And my classmates were just like— “Ah!” “Oh, that was it!” “I’ve said it!” and “Damn! I’m so stupid!”

After checking he collected the papers and quickly checked them himself then arranged them from highest to lowest scores while my classmates chat about their scores.

While I stare at him, his eyes fast but sure in looking at the papers, checking each of them.

“Hey stop looking at him, Jadyn! Remember he called you a slut! Be mad! MAD!!!’

He licked his lower lip and bit it. And like on cue I remembered our kiss and the madness that has been building up deteriorate into nothing.

‘Weak bitch Jadyn!!! And he’s a jerk!!!—a good kissing jerk!’

“Okay. Keep quiet.” He said and the chatting died, and I snapped out of my bay.

“Somebody made my day.” He said and they were intrigued.

“Why, sir?” The girls asked and he smiled.

‘Still a jerk….’

“Someone aced my test.”

“Who?” Cristel asked.

“Miss Avis did.” He said looking at me, smiling while Cristel glares at me.

‘Uh-oh. The bitch of all bitches is mad at me…. why not try ace the test too, bitch?’

“Wow!” They cried and looked at me, smiling.

“How many mistakes does she have, sir?” Ana asked, The Miss Self-Proclaimed Genius of our class.


“NONE?” They asked in unison.

“That’s incredible!” James said a guy with black hair and tan skin.

“…Like you’re not used to it.” Jenna said sarcastically to James, a red-haired girl. And he just rolled his eyes to her.

“Okay. Okay, that’s enough. Let’s start with our new lesson.” He said, lobbing the papers on the table.

And all of them took out their notebooks. Then he started with his usual routine—going around the room as he talks about the lesson and calling out on each of us. And it makes me uneasy! But thank God I can still focus and doesn’t fail to answer his questions. Then he damn smiles.

‘Ugh! Now I hate his smile too.’

“Okay, you’re dismissed.” He said and went out of the room immediately, looking at his watch.

And I felt my heart had a strange feeling of strain and bit relief.

‘I want and dislike seeing him!’

I start to walk out of the room when the bitch blocked my way. I tried to ignore her by passing by her but she moved to block my way again.

“Ugh, I don’t have time for this.” I said to her.

“Well, I have.” She said with one brow raised.

“What do you want bitch?”

“Stop looking at him like that. AND STOP GETTING HIS ATTENTION.”

“I don’t know what you are talking about.” I said.

“Don’t act innocent Flirt!” She screamed at me.

“Don’t scream at her SLUT.” Mike said towering Cristel.

“Shut up gay!” Ferra said standing in front of him.

“Not fucking you doesn’t make me gay.” He retorted.


“HELL STOP!” I shouted and they turned to me.

“Cristel if it irritates you like hell if I look at him, I don’t care! And if I get his attention by acing the test, well work harder on flirting him because I don’t waste time on that.” I said emphasizing each word.

I shove her out of my way and walked pass by her.

‘That bitch can really get in to my nerves….’

I got some texts from Mike, Shane and Rich asking me where I am or Am I okay and I just texted them that I’m okay and I want to be alone then they just said okay.

‘Thank God, my friends understand.’

“Hey.” He said and I turned.

“Hi.” I replied, smiling.

“How’s your day?” He asked.

“Just fine.” I said then, looked away.

‘No, not good…. I have been remembering his kiss with me.’

I felt a move beside me and I turned to see that Vex is moving close to me. Then his lips find mine.

‘Hmm…I missed this…’

He deepens the kiss and I let him in. I run my hands on his shoulder and locking on his neck while he grabs my waist. Then I closed my eyes.

‘Holy F…! Why did that show up!’

I opened my eyes my lips stopped but he kept on going.

‘Why did his face show up? I should not think of him.’

He pulled back suddenly and reached for his pocket, pulling out his phone. Then, he looked at it and afterwards typed something, scowling.

“Is there something wrong?” I asked.

“I need to go.” He said and my hands slip down his neck.


“I’m sorry, but I have to.” He said and gave me a peck on the lips and walked out, leaving me alone.

‘What is he hiding from me? What is it that he can’t tell it to me? —Is it about what Professor Hanely knows? Is he right? ---No. No. No, He couldn’t be right…’

I stepped out of the room and started walking to the auditorium when I saw Professor Hanely. We both stopped and stared at each other, his black eyes making connection to all my senses and his lips…those lips that is the reason why I am having insanity about our kiss.

‘Hell, to that kiss!!!...I just remembered it a minute ago and while I kiss Sir Vex…I remembered his face. What is he doing to me?’

I hurriedly walked past by him and sprinted to the auditorium.


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