Don't Stay Close to Me

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After a long preparation with the help of Professor Hanely, the booth now is already fixed and done, the chemicals are ready. Our booth is placed in front of our department’s building. The color theme of our booth is blue and white using Aubrey and Joy’s tent, cloths and table cloths and tables from the College Board. They are all busy setting up the sound systems and cleaning the area.

“Everything is set, Feisty Chubby Cheeks.” Professor Hanely said, teasingly and I glared at him.

“Stop calling me like that.” I said and he chuckled.

“Why? It sounds cute.” He said with a goofy grin on his face.

“You, meanie Jerk.” I said and he turned to me.

“You’re so adorable Feisty Chubby Cheeks.” He said smothering my cheeks and my eyes shut, wincing.

“Aw!” I protested, smacking his hands but I failed, he held more of my cheeks.

“Ouch! Let go!” I grumbled, holding his hands, and he laughed then let me go. I touched my cheeks, looking down and suddenly I heard his laughter died. When I looked up at him, I saw the seriousness in his eyes, staring at something.

“Jadyn.” Someone called to me from my back, a familiar, very familiar voice that I never heard for weeks now and I don’t even want to hear yet I need to see him now.

“What is it?” I said flatly, turning to him.

“Here’s your booth number.” He said, handing me the number.

“Thanks Sir Vex.” I said impassively then turned back to Professor Hanely.

“Oh, number 13, my favorite number!” I said upon seeing the number written in the big white circle paper.

“Let’s pin it on the upper side of the booth.” He said and I gave him a ‘you’re-kidding-right?’ look.

“You do it.” I said giving it to him.

“Nope, you do it.” He said giving it back to me.

“But….!” I protested.

“There’s a ladder.” He said pointing to it.

“Not so gentleman.” I said as I go and get the ladder and I heard him chuckle.

I set up the ladder and went up to pin the number above. Once done, I stepped down the ladder and then the chasing Mike and Rich came by and bumped the ladder making me trip down. I thought I’ll really fall but I was hoist in the air, my head landing on a shoulder, arms around me.

“You are such a klutz.” A male voice came in my ears, his breath warm, fanning the side of my face.

I looked up, his face so close to mine, our noses touching, breaths mixed—minty, our eyes locked, black to black eyes. I can feel his heat radiant on me.

’Go on! Do it!”

‘Now? I’m in school, silly!’


“Hey, guys nice booth!” Professor Francis praised, appearing from nowhere, making us jump out of each other then, fixed ourselves.

“Thanks, Sir.” I said as he went near us.

“Thanks for the help Kent.” He beamed to Professor Hanely that gave him a small smile.

“No problem.” He said and pats Professor Francis’ shoulder.

“Guys, you could put the solar panel there.” He instructed, walking towards the students working on the solar panel.

“Always be careful. Klutz.” He said to me.

“It’s not my fault, they bumped the ladder.” I defended, and he smiled.

“If that’s what you say so.” He said goofily.

We finished all the final setting up for the sound system and current supply before ten A.M. the official time for the Foundation Day to start.

“After the opening program, be in your assigned task, the schedule is set, don’t alter it.” I instructed and they nodded as an agreement.

“Science Circle? Be in your float now.” Theo said, the Academy Student Council Chairman. He’s a hazel brown-haired guy with pale white skin and blue eyes.

“Okay, we’ll be there in a sec.” I answered back.

When we went to the parking lot there are several floats in there but the most unique float is ours, it has enormous structures of different apparatus and a 3D structure of an atom. The motorcade started at exactly ten A.M. and ended at 12 PM it went around the town, there are big balloons of our Academy’s seal and the Black Panther. Then, lunch was served for the whole student body in the auditorium. At 1 PM, the opening program started the Academy Administration is all there and other guests, including the Quint’s Academy Chancellor and some students that will participate in the charity game. We had our intermission number and successfully, we didn’t fail the crowd to satisfy them.

The booths opened at 2:30 P.M., visitors came in crowds as the Academy gate opened for the public. The darkness covered the sky as the twilight comes in place, artificial lanterns lit up the place still people kept on coming. Our booth had so many customers, the geeks, nerds, teachers and some random students that likes to do experiments.

“Jadyn, you’ve been here all day, don’t you want to enjoy the Foundation Day?” Rich asked to me, worriedly.

“I’m okay. I’m enjoying here…in the cashier.” I reassured, smiling at her.

“No, I think you should take a break.” Bea said, a strawberry blonde girl with cute oceanic blue eyes, my vice president, she’s a second-year student.

“Yeah, they are right. I’ll take it from here.” Mike said pushing me away from the cashier table.

“But, if you’ll all be here, I’d rather be here.” I said pushing Mike out of the table but he kept still.

“Professor Hanely can come with you.” Shane gushed in, dragging Professor Hanely in the booth.

“W-what? b-but…” I started to protest.

“Go on you two, have fun!” Shane said, as Rich and Bea help her push the two of us out of the booth and I just sighed.

“Smile!” A photographer came and took a shot of us two surprisingly yet I managed to smile and pose, I don’t know with Professor Hanely. Well, I’m used to the school paparazzi.

“I’ll give you a copy later.” He said as he hurriedly walked away from us.

“School Paparazzi.” I mumbled as we started to walk.

“They are everywhere.” He said and I looked at him.

I really didn’t notice how he looks tonight until now. He’s wearing a round neck forest green three fourths sleeve t-shirt with black denim pants and casual rubber shoes. He still looks hot even with his simple attire.

“Enjoying the view again, Miss Avis?” He asked.

I’m about to talk back but I remembered the time I did the same thing but end up being caught off guard so I decided not to do it again.

“Whatever.” I said and walked ahead of him, going towards the candied apple stand.

“One candied apple.” He said from my back, and before the girl attendant do the order, she batted her eyes on him.

‘Oh, okay…she’s one of his fan girls...they are so many….’

“Here, Sir.” She purred but as usual he regards her blankly.

“Here’s yours, Feisty Chubby Cheeks.” He said, surprisingly giving me the candied apple.

“Thanks…” I said shyly, and he smiled but in the corner of my eyes I saw the girl’s face turn into sour.

‘Yup, she’s mad…beat it girl…’

“Let’s go.” He said and we walked away from the stand.

There are different booths around the school, target the human booth; shoot it booth, cotton candy booth, candy café booth and many more.

“My, Hanely, I didn’t know you go with ugly girls.” Someone said behind us and we turned, only to see Cristel with her cheerleading attire, black and white. Her brow raised; her red tainted lips pressed in a thin line. I haven’t seen the bitch for a while, or I just disregarded her. Which is which, it’s good.

‘Well, she doesn’t like what she’s seeing.’

“You should go with me.” She purred to him as she catwalks to him, then run her fingers from his collar to his chest but he just looked at her, giving nothing away. While, I eat my candied apple, looking around and ignoring her ever popular act, flirting whorishly.

“I have no time for this Miss Serry.” He said, stepping back from her.

“And you have time to walk around with her?! That…that Bitch! Ugly Bitch!” She said pointing at me.

“C’mon Cristel, even today, you want to make a scene? Well, I don’t have time with that crap.” I said, smiling deviously to her and she glared at me.

“Remember this day Hanely, I’ll take you down, I will and you’ll surely beg for more of me.” She said flirtatiously to Professor Hanely then turned on her heels, glared at me before sauntering away from us.

“She’s hot, that is what everyone thinks she is. Aren’t you affected?” I asked to him when she’s gone.

“My manly hormones don’t think so.” He said, tucking a hand in his pocket, making an obvious bulge on his pants while smirking.

‘He’s one naughty jerk…’

‘But you like it…’ My alter ego said and I looked at him then down.

‘Pretty much, yes...’ I thought, smirking mentally.

“Jerk.” I said and he smiled.

“I’m immune with Cristel’s kind.” He said and started to walk and so I did too.

“Smug.” I said in a sing-song tone, biting again my candied apple.

“You’re like a kid, chubby cheeks.” He said and I glower at him.

Suddenly, he leaned forward, close to me, very close. I stared at him, his eyes then to his lips.

‘What is he doing? Is he going to kiss me? In this crowd?’

Then his hand touched my cheek sending electricity to me, and then run his thumb on the side of my mouth, just on lower lip adjacent.

“You have caramel syrup…” He said and with no reason, I, inappropriately, blushed.

“You blushed? Second in a row.” He said conceitedly, and I glared at him.

“Whatever.” I said and wiped my mouth with a tissue.

“Do you really think you made me blush? You’re wrong.” I said matter-of-factly as possible.


“Yes!” I said and he leaned close to me again and I tinge.

“Got ’ya.” He said and chuckled then I glowered at him and then playfully smacked his face. Sticking my tongue out, I walked away from him, who is still laughing.

“Don’t be mad Chubby Cheeks.” He said, messing my hair, then I glared at him and he just laughed and his aura is so contagious that I just smiled at him, my madness faded.

We walked around the campus once more, played games and won prices, like the big teddy bear that he won from the ‘Dart the Balloon’ booth which end up in my hands, we also enjoyed the foods served in each stands and booths. Upon reaching the Science Circle booth some the troupe members were there.

“Hi, J…your booth is so interesting!” Andrew beam at me.

“More fun than those other booths, ordinary.” Stephanie said as she mixes two chemicals and reacted, forming enormous bubbles then she squealed.

“Sef, don’t dwell too much on that, you can’t do that!” Jace teased to Sef who is walking around a set-up that performs the concept of few physics’ theories.

“Wow! I thought the school can’t make Science fun!” Gin said as he plays around the pendulums and momentum balls.

“Only us.” I said, confidently.

“But also, thanks to Professor Hanely.” I added, looking up to him.

“Speaking of that…” Rich said as she walks out of the disappearing satisfied crowd.

“…the paparazzi namely Eliezer wants to give you this.” She said handing me a blank paper.

“What’s this?” I asked, stupidly.

“Flip it, duh.” She said and when I did. My eyes widen in surprise.

It is my picture with Professor Hanely. We stood close to each other, I pose, and it’s just good for a stolen shot, good thing I pulled on something pleasing in the eyes, our Science Circle t-shirt, it’s white with green and blue imprints and an atom and DNA structure as its overall design with black skinny pants while he remained good looking as ever even in a stolen shot. He has a smirk on his face, his hand tucked in his pocket.

“That guy is good.” He said and I turned to him, seeing him looking at the same picture.

“You two looked good…no, awesome together.” Shane said grinning like a kid and I grimaced with ‘what-the-hell-are-you-talking-about?’ face.

“I can agree with that.” Stephanie said.

“You’re crazy…I’ll work now and leave you with all your insane ideas.” I said as I saunter in the booth.

“I’ll go to the gym now. See you there, guys.” I heard Professor Hanely said.

The booths closed at eight P.M., we were given thirty minutes to pack up and audit as the crowd goes to the gymnasium for the charity game. Afterwards, we headed to the Academy Student Council office, a big room with cream colored walls and brown furniture. We sat around the mahogany conference table. The different booth holders announced their profits by saying their number and the name of the booth; this is because the booth that has the greatest amount of profit will get 50% of it for their club or organization

“Booth number 12, Cotton candy booth gained 3,098.” Alyn announced.

“Booth number 13, Mad Science booth gained…” I paused and exchanged looks with Bea, then smiled.

“…gained 10, 508.” We said in unison, smiling.

“Wow!” They exclaimed. John the jock from the Target the Human Booth smacked my shoulder playfully while some patted me.

“Congratulations, Science Circle, you can get your 50% share of the profit the day after tomorrow.” Theo said and I smiled. Then, others started to congratulate us too.

After that I hurried to the gymnasium lockers to meet up with the troupe, but even before that I changed my clothes in to shorts and black tank top under an off-shoulder shirt with black paint splat design. And then we rehearse our dance for the charity game.

“Hands in.” Sef said, and we put our hands together, one over the other.

“Black Panthers!” We cheered and air pumped before leaving the locker room.

We went out of the room and at the same time, the Quint’s Academy basketball team and dance troupe and I immediately noticed him. Axel Hanely. He’s in Quint’s jerseys, burgundy and white. When he noticed me, he gave me a hell of a haughty smile and I just gave him a ‘Beat-it-boy.’ smile and rolled my eyes. They walked ahead of us then followed by us. The crowd applauded when they went out of the court while their schoolmates cheered nevertheless our student body cheered wildly when they set eyes on us.

The game started and the crowd got wilder in each point, each offence and each steal, supporting their own school, their team.

“Go Axel!!! Go!” Girls cheered at him, giggling and he winks and smile at them, on cue, they giggle and squeal.

‘Okay, he’s a certified playboy…not a heartthrob.’

Half time is done with a tie, 110-110 scores. The cheerleaders performed, from our Academy then from the Quint’s Academy. Now is the time for the dance troupes show off. The Quint’s Academy dance troupe will perform first then will be followed by us; their troupe’s name is ‘The Phoenix’.

‘The phoenix that can’t fly and can’t beat the panthers…. we’ll eat them.’

The troupe is good but not that good enough to beat us in our territory. When our time came the crowd cheered as we come in the middle of the court. Accommodating more than a million students and visitors with the Administrators the gym is filled of expecting people for a mind-blowing performance and we just intend to give them that.

The music remix of David Guetta and Swedish Mafia hits started to play on cue we step on the rhythm of the song and then the dare devil stunts are now on. Stepping on the lead, I prime in the center of the court, cramping and flips on lose. The crowd’s cheer is my fuel to do more rebellious stunts. A part was given for the boy’s exhibition and girls’ turn came, a sexy mix of principles of lust by enigma and a semi-acoustic version of S&M by Rihanna, making the boys whooping and cheering even the Quint’s Academy boys, then ended the dance with another hard drive hip hop and a standing ovation.

As we pass by the Quint’s corner, they were all calling to us obviously, flirting. Then, I saw Axel simpering at me—nope, actually with all of us.

The game resume after ten minutes, the game is heated now; the fight is so close that they are just chasing scores. But at the end, we won the game, with 250-239 scores.

“We are the fighters! We are the Panthers!” The crowd cheerfully sang as the game came in to its end.

The crowd went out of the gym and went straight to the Academy Auditorium for the Foundation Day Concert as the closing program of the day’s celebration. It started at 10 PM, different bands performed and our troupe also performed an intermission number and we didn’t fail to excite them again. And it’s just what I like. The concert lasted until 12:30 AM it is a tiring but fun event. Some students went home but some went to Zayn’s party down town in his house including Mike—he could be such a party-holic sometimes.

I got home about 1:10 AM and the place is eerie, all lights out and dead silent. I went in and tiptoed upstairs to my room. I took a shower after few minutes of rest then dried my hair; I wore a white night gown with ruffles in the strap, collar line and at the rim of the dress.

I sit on the edge my bed as I unpack the things in my bag today. Then, a paper fell off, I reached down for it then flip it and I saw that it is the picture of Professor Hanely and me. I don’t know why but I felt myself made a smile.

I put my bag on my drawer and also the picture, and then my phone buzzed, making me jump. I grabbed my phone and unlocked it, seeing that I have a message.

From: Mr. Jackass-hole

Better sleep now Feisty Chubby Cheeks

A.k.a. Klutz.

****END of MESSAGE****

‘How did he know that I’m still awake?’

My phone buzzes again, another text from him.

From: Mr. Jackass-hole

The lights in your room are still on, that made me think that you’re still awake.

****END of MESSAGE****

‘Okay, he just answered my mental question.’

I typed a response to him.

To: Mr. Jackass-hole

I am going to sleep already when you texted me. :/

And stop your nicknames.

****END of MESSAGE****

I sent it and got a quick response from him.

From: Mr. Jackass-hole

Zzzz. I’m sleeping Miss Avis, please don’t disturb me. -.-

****END of MESSAGE****

‘Hanely being sarcastic! psh.’

I grimaced as I read his message. My one brow rises as I reply.

To: Mr. Jackass-hole

Okay, Mr. Jokerman, sorry for disturbing you.

Good night.

Please have NIGHTMARES!

****END of MESSAGE****

I sent it, grinning deviously and then he quickly replied.

From: Mr. Jackass-hole

Good night Feisty Chubby Cheeks, it’s a tiring day for you.

You deserve a rest.



****END of MESSAGE****

I closed my phone feeling a peculiar heart beat and bursting energy from me, within me, making me smile as I slump on my bed.

‘Okay, this is getting weirder and weirder but…it makes me feel light.’

I turned off the lights, put my phone on the drawer and let myself drift into my deeper thoughts, leading me to the dreamland.

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