Don't Stay Close to Me

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Tick…Tock…Four minutes and counting. I got my head on my hand and I take a glimpse on my watch, bored in waiting for our professor. He or she is LATE! And, my classmates are banging the room with their noise. Mike’s shouting as they watch a video of his favorite Korean boy band. Though, he doesn’t understand the lyrics, Perv. And Shane, she’s busy scribbling on her notebook, while Rich is busy texting.

Five minutes—*sigh*—I buried my face on my arms on the desk. Then, I heard my classmates walked hurriedly to their seats as I hear heavy footsteps walk in the teacher’s table.

“Good Morning, Sir!” Mike exclaimed.

“Good Morning, Sir.” A series of greetings echoed the classroom. I lift my head and suddenly, I felt my heart skipped a beat and throb. SHIT! CRAP! DOUBLE SHIT!! Why it should be him? I took back my stare and scratched my head, straighten my sit then looked away with a scowl.

“Good Morning. Before anything else, let me introduce myself, I am Kent Hanely. Professor Kent Hanely.” He said as he writes his name on the board.

“Pray that he won’t remember you or else, you’re DEAD.” Mike whispered on me from the back. Then, I snorted and turned on him, giving him a ‘duh’ look. He is just smiling, though. So, I jerked my head back and jolt in my chair.

“So, I’ll be your permanent mentor in this subject and I want to know each one of you. Besides, this is still the first day of our meeting, I can just give an assignment to you later. Is that okay?”

“Sure, Sir. But what else are we going to say aside from our names?” Joice replied. And he posed a smile, making my classmates giggle. He’s a JERK, and they are crazy.

“Anything you want to say that may interest me.” He playfully responded.

He straddled on the table when he pointed out to France to start his crappy idea. Everyone’s on it, the bitches are flirting and some are just doing it for fun. My turn is fast approaching. What’s this? Am I getting nervous? NO! I should not, I’ll just say my name and I’m done. No more, no less.

I was removed from my musing when I heard him say ‘Next!’ it’s my turn now. As I rose from my seat, I heard his voice again.

“You look familiar—.” He went down the table and walked a meter near me. I bolted, ignoring his stare and straighten my back. DAMN!

“Yes, I remember. You’re the girl in the hallway that spilled cappuccino on me yesterday. And snide me, if I’m not mistaken.” He tucked his hands in his pockets and stood like a conceited Jackass. I grit my teeth and clenched my fist. But then, I let my temper ooze out, put a smile on my lips; crossed my arms and gathered myself up, and then I turned on him, giving him my devilish stare. I won’t let him win this match.

“Well, Hanely, if I could recall correctly YOU bumped me that is why my cappuccino spilled out NOT ONLY on you but ALSO ON ME. And you DESERVE to be snide.” I goaded. But he just smiled at me that made me raise an eyebrow.

“You should’ve been careful so we didn’t meet in that awful way.”

“I don’t regret it because it showed me your true disgusting attitude.”

“Oh, really?”

“Yeah, for real.” I gruff.

“Let’s see if you really discovered something---.”

“Blah. Blah---.” I spoke satirically before he finishes.

“Shut up and let me finish my turn in this ‘introduce ourselves’ CRAP.” I said and he just smirked and nodded.

“I am Jadyn Avis. Just use your common sense to know what my major is, if you have.” I said, then, I tapped my chin as if thinking deeply.

“And also, I’m allergic to BITCHES AND ASSHOLES.” I finished, emphasizing the last two words, and then sat back on my chair and crossed my legs. LIKE IT!!!

“That’s very nice of you to share, Miss Avis.” He retorted. Then, I just smiled sarcastically, and in a snap, I saw the bitches’ fury on me, drawn out in their eyes. What now? Is it because of talking back to this Jackass? WOW! Protective flirty fan girls!

After all my classmates had introduced themselves, he wrote a list of assignments to do. We used up the whole hour earning nothing, how great! Note the sarcasm, mentally arching a brow.

And before he dismisses us…

“Ah, before I forget—Miss Avis.” He turned on me but I didn’t look.

“I was really interested in your allergy. Can you give me a sample case study of it on our next meeting?” He said, grinning on me. Enjoying the chance of putting his authority on me.

“Why do you like to know about it? Are you an asshole that I would be allergic to?” I shot back.

“What do you think?” He countered. I just rolled my eyes in annoyance and snub him.

“Okay. I’ll expect for it, Miss Avis.” He continued with a grin planted on his face that made me want to punch his face and make his face swell so he can’t smile anymore.

“As for all of you, I’ll expect your assignments next meeting.” He said as he shifted his look to the entire class.

“That’s all, you’re now dismissed.” He continued.

My classmates started to vacate the room while bidding the Jerk good bye. When I stood up, I caught Cristel flirting with Professor Hanely, caressing his forearm before saying good bye. Catching my stare, she raised an eyebrow and uttered silently the word ‘bitch’ on me: so, I also raised an eyebrow and uttered silently the word ‘asshole’ on her. Bitterly, she snubs me and walked out. And that only made me laugh in my mind. Then I was drag out from my muse when I felt a heavy slap on my shoulder.

“Ouch!” I shouted and twitch around, seeing Mike, Shane and Rich grinning as I touch my shoulder in pain.

“Who did that?” I asked.

“PEACE!” Mike said. And I just gave him a ‘duh’ look.

“So, where are we going now?”

“Anywhere—.” I paused when I realized that Professor Hanely is still in the room.

“Anywhere, just away from here. . . Away from my ‘allergen’.” I grabbed my books and started to walk out of the room when I heard him speak so I stopped.

“Miss Avis—I dislike the attitude you showed a while ago. I hope this won’t happen again; I don’t want that kind of attitude in my class.” He said with authority in his voice.

‘Duh! He started it and I just finished it! If he didn’t goad me first, I should’ve not taunted him! And now, he’s telling me he disliked my attitude?! He really likes blaming people, huh. JERK! JERK! ’I thought.

“That is me. You can’t change it.” I paused and turned around, looking straight at him.

“If you dislike it, I.DON’T. CARE.” I jerked my head and got my feet up and headed out of the room. And then, I just realized that my friends are running after me. So, I stopped walking and looked at them until they stop running.

“What took you so long? I was just walking.” I asked. I waited for few seconds before any one of them could answer me because they are still catching their breath.

“It’s Mike’s fault.” Shane accused.


“Yes, Shane’s right. You didn’t notice in which direction Jadyn headed that’s why we had to look around before finding Jadyn.” Rich added.

“I hate you! We were all startled of what happened so it’s not only my fault.” Mike exclaimed.

They were about to fight when I burst out of laughter and they all looked at me a ‘what’s funny?’ face, bewildered of what I am laughing at.

“I think she’s out of her mind.” Rich concluded.

“Ha-Ha-Ha. You—you—look—funny!” I said every after a laughter.

“And you look crazy.” Mike teased, starting to grin on me.

Going back to sanity, I dried my tears and tried to stop laughing, holding my stomach. Darn, it really hurts to laugh that much!

“It’s not like you.” Shane said out of the blue.

“Huh?” I said with bewilder on my face.

“Talking back to Professor Hanely.” She continued. And I was stunned.

“I just don’t know, since yesterday I started to be pissed on him.” I defend myself. Shane really dislikes that idea—taunting a teacher. Well, I hate it too but Professor Hanely just gets in my nerves. That Jackass!

“It’s still not good.” She insisted.

“Sorry, I’ll try to control it—but I am not promising.” I said firmly. And she nodded.

“He’s so handsome to be rude at.” Mike said. And that only made me look at him bitterly.

“Okay. Okay. You don’t like him. Fine!” He retreated. Then, I put a sweet childish smile.

“Let’s forget about him and have snacks. My treat!” I invited.

“That’s more like it!” Rich exclaimed.

And we started to saunter to the canteen with our usual noise. This is just what I need to forget about the meeting I had with that freak. I LOVE MY FRIENDS!

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