Don't Stay Close to Me

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“Are you sure about this Cristel?” Ferra asked me as we halt in front of the black towering gates of a big mansion-like house with white and black theme.

“Yes, I am sure.” I said irritatingly to her, sometimes she could be so annoying, and then I went out of the car.

“Now, go get yourself drunk in Zayn’s party.” I said and slammed the car’s door shut.

She hovered out of my site and before I went to check on the security of the house I fixed myself; my halter black satin dress that went down in my mid-thigh looks good, its neckline went down my sternum, showing my cleavage, my pumps match its color and my hair are perfectly done curls then I pushed my boobs up and I’m set.

‘Tonight’s the night that I will get him down…I will let him beg for more… Kent Hanely, be ready for tonight….’

I strode to the house and saw the guard is awake and to get in I used my ever-popular charms. Men are easily tricked but it’s just Kent that gives me the hard time.

Once in, I stroll around the house and went up to the second floor, opening each door I can see.

‘Where is his damn room?’

I continue to search the house and saw a room which lights still lit. I twist the knob and it’s not locked. I pushed it open then went in, closing it quietly and looked around the room, it has maple and chocolate brown mix as theme, the bed is empty but I know he’s here. I just know. I sat down the bed’s edge and run my hand on its sheet.

“Who are you?” An unfamiliar voice said. I turned and saw a guy on his boxers with towel draping across his shoulders, water droplets rolling down his body following the lines of his abs. He’s definitely hot…but I’m not here for him.

“You’re not Kent. I’ll leave now.” I said, standing up and turned on my heels when he laughed and so I stopped and looked back at him. He turned to me, stopped laughing and smiled.

“So, you’re his admirer.” He said and walked near me and I raised an eyebrow.

“I don’t have time for this.” I said and I start to walk again.

“Do you really think he’s hotter than me?” He asked and I turned to him, and then checked him out. Well, he’s good looking too but no, I’m in to Kent now.

“I think.” I said and he strode in front of me, towering me.

“I’ll change your mind.” He said, capturing my lips with his, his hands held both side of my head in place. His tongue came into my mouth demandingly and I respond to wrestle with his tongue, I snaked my hands around his neck and pulled him closer to me, deepening more the kiss. His hands now run down my curves pulling my body nearer to his and I can feel his bulge on me, running his hand up and down my side, he finally reached in the hem of my dress, he traveled up my body then his other hand pulled my leg up so I can shin on him then he carried me to the bed. He was above me but I rolled over him, straddling on him, I can feel his cock on my apex, we continue to kiss until I pulled away to take off my dress, revealing my fuller breast I saw him smile. He grabbed and unhooked my brasserie then started to run his mouth from my neck and down to my breast suckling and massaging each. Then, he rolled over me; I reached out to remove my pumps as he continues his mouth work on me. His hands run down the side of my body and hooked his finger in my panty then pulled it down without stopping his mouth in suckling me. Then, he runs his hands on my thigh pushing them apart. Then he pulled away from me, and pulled his drawer open, taking a silver foil.

“Now, this will prove you wrong.” He said, undoing his fly and ripping the foil open with his mouth. ‘Oh, he’s so hot now….and I want him in me.’

He slid it down to his and slowly, agonizingly slowly he sinks in to me and I moaned.

Then he leaned down on me and kisses me as he picks up a speed. I moaned and grunt, I moved my hips to meet him, thrust to thrust and I heard him hiss. Both panting but we didn’t stop to move.

All through the night I spent my time with him, a man that is not part of my plan.


Another Kent’s admirer fell in to my bed. I kind of like this bitch; she’s so horny and knows how to drive sex. She straddles now on me, moving up and down taking control of our third time, she had twenty orgasms and all are with me.

She collapses on me as soon as she gets her climax and then I followed, I slip out my fly from her.

“So, is he hotter than me?” I asked and she smirked.

“You proved your point…you’re hotter than him.” She said and I kissed her again.

Seven in the morning and I stir, waking up because of the morning sunlight invading my room, I propped my elbow under my head and stared at the girl beside me. I still don’t know her name. Well, it doesn’t matter. She moves, facing me and as she wakes up, I smiled at her.

“Good morning babe.” I said and she smiled.

“Good morning.” She replied, smiling back at me.

“Had a great night, did you?” I asked, running my finger from her face to her chest.

“Of course.” She said, biting her lip.

‘Oh, she wants more….’

I jumped over her and started kissing her, my hands travel on her body while she runs her fingers through my hair and tugging it. I can feel myself turned on, and then I pulled away. Both of us are panting.

“Sex in the shower, shall we?” I said and before she can even answer I grabbed her up, kissing her all the way in to the shower room.

She went home right after taking a sex shower with me and pulled on her clothes. I saw Kent looking at us from the far end of the hall where his room is. I smiled at him and he just smirked and shook his head then went in his room. I walked her out of the house and drove her to her house.

“I’ll see you again.” She said and I smiled,

“We’ll see…” I said and drove away.

‘Oops, I’ve been so good that she wants more…didn’t she know I’m just playing around? Poor girl.’

I went back to the house; I sauntered in the kitchen and saw Kent sitting on a stool in the kitchen counter eating Caesar’s Salad and G his brown black German Shepherd dog eating in his bowl on the floor next to him. He looked up to me and I walked towards the fridge to get a box of orange juice.

“Wrong room again?” He asked and I turned to him.

“As usual.” I said, pouring the juice in my glass.

“And I know you like it.” He said as he puts a forkful of veggies in his mouth.

“Yeah, you know what she’s a horny bitch.”

“I know. She stripped in front of me last time.” He said and I chuckled.

“That’s hot, I bet you dumped her.”

“As usual.” He said and I smiled, walking towards the cupboards and grabbed the box of cereals.

I put down the box on the counter and went to the fridge again for a box of milk.

“Put the Orange juice back in the fridge.” He ordered and I rolled my eyes.

“Aye, aye Sir.” I said sarcastically, putting back the orange juice.

I took a bowl then sat opposite to him, poured the cereal and milk in the bowl. I started to eat while Kent is finishing his meal. Then, his phone vibrated, he quickly took it before I do.

“Not so quick, maniac.” He said.

“I’ll get that soon.” I said as I put in a spoonful in my mouth.

As he reads his message, I saw him smile, walking towards the sink he types on his phone.

“I haven’t seen that smile before…since you two broke up.” I said and he turned to me with a ‘what-the-hell-are-you-saying?’ look.

“You’re talking nonsense Axel. Just eat there.” He said walking out of the kitchen.

“Just tell me who the girl is!” I yelled at him.

“Shut up!” He yelled back at me and I just smiled and shook my head.

‘It had been years since that break up…I’m happy that he’s moved on.’

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