Don't Stay Close to Me

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‘How did I end up with this?’

‘Why now?’

‘I hate it when things get complicated.’

It’s a beautiful Sunday afternoon, and if I were to choose, I would like to be with him not with this guy that I sit opposite here in CBW—I mean he’s not that bad yet I would like it if I’m with Prof. Hanely than with Axel in this date.

Yes, you read it right. I’m with Axel, Professor Hanely’s brother. How? Let me tell you what and how it happened.


“Hey, guys!” Mike said as he saunters in the kitchen.

“Hi.” I said, sitting on the counter, lolling my legs.

“Where’s Professor Hanely?” He asked then everyone came in.

“I’m here.” Professor Hanely said as he stands up, rising behind the fridge door.

“Why did you just go running away from the court?” Shane asked and I just rummage in my mind for reasons.

“It’s because Feisty Chubby Cheeks is being naughty.” Professor Hanely said saving me from Shane’s inquisition.

“Yeah, whatever. You deserved that from snatching my phone.” I said and turned to him to stick a tongue to him.

“Ha-ha, you’re being childish Jadyn.” Rich said and I faced her, pouting.

Then they all laughed and it’s so contagious and I started laughing too then I turned to look at Professor Hanely then we locked eyes. We were not caught thank goodness. He pulled away when we heard Mike coming but instead of a worried face, he gave me a smile and so I smiled back, then kissed me quick before running to the fridge as Mike’s footsteps came closer while I sat on the counter. What a naughty deed but fun.

The next day we saw each other in class and I don’t know why I just felt so shy with him looking at me but he just plays it cool and starts taunting me and for my sake I always talk back. And then, I noticed what he does make my friends thought nothing is really happening between us. Though, there is. Since that day, we see each other as often as we could when I’m free and him too; and when my friends are not around. We have snacks in the school garden every afternoon before I go to my dance practice or after I have my bonding moments with my friends, when people are already on their way home, we talk when we’re alone in the library or in the biology section and taunt each other after classes with my friends or when he comes home to play with Ace. We do more of talking than kissing or making out, not like what I had with Sir Vex. I think he only wants me for play not like Professor Hanely—yet he never said anything…if he likes me or not. Was the kiss another incident? Another mistake? I don’t know.

Saturday afternoon, I went out of the house to walk to the park when I saw Axel, sitting on his red and black motorcycle, an unknown model for me, parked in front of our house. He’s wearing a plain white V-necked tee that goes with his ragged pants and rubber shoes.

“Hi.” He greeted me with a smile.

“Hi.” I greeted back with a smile too.

“Uh, hey…are you free tomorrow afternoon?” He asked and I tilted my head a bit, showing bewilderedness on his sudden query.

“Yes, I’m free on Sunday afternoon. Why?” I answered, anyway and he smiled.

“Can I ask you out that day? At three.” He said, surprising me.

“Ask me out?” I asked skeptically and he smiled, nodding.

“Yes, I ask you out.” He said.

“You kidding, right?” I asked and he chuckled.

“Nope.” He said and rode his motorcycle while I am stun, surprised.

“I’ll take that as a yes. I’ll fetch you at three.” He said tucking his helmet and ignites the engine.

“W-wait, I didn’t say yes…yet.” I said but I think he didn’t hear me because of his motor’s noise then he just drove away—leaving me in a hopeless situation.

*End of Flashback*

So, that’s the reason why I’m here with him in this Sunday afternoon. We just came from the arcade and movie house; and watched a brutal horror movie. He complained about the gross scenes of the movie while I loved them. I wonder what Professor Hanely would say about it….

“Did you really like the movie?” He asked, dragging me out of my trance.

“H-huh? Yeah…I love it.” I said and smiled.

“Even with those gross scenes, body ripping…intestines and others?” He asked and I chuckled.

“Yes, I enjoyed everything in it.” I said and he shook his head.

“Like Kent…” He mumbled and with just his name I felt my system liven, his magic to me.

“Like Professor Hanely?” I asked curiously.

“Yup, he loves those scenes too.” He said and I just nodded, feeling a spark in myself.

‘We have similarities…’

Then we eat quietly again, but I can feel every girl’s eyes in me—well, I’m with Axel the Quint’s Academy heartthrob slash playboy maybe scrutinizing me; looking for a reason why I am with him. Yes, why did he ask me out?

“Axel, why did you ask me out?” I asked and he snapped his head up to look at me and then smiled.

“Simply because I like you…I seriously like you.” He said, looking straight at my eyes.

“You like me?” I asked, cynically.

“Yes, I do a lot seriously.” He said and I felt my chest tighten.

‘I should be honest…I should tell him that I don’t feel anything for him…’

“Axel, to be honest I…”

“Don’t say it….” He cuts in.

“Don’t say it now…let me prove myself a week or two before you say anything.” He said to me, sincerity evident in his eyes and I felt helpless in this situation. He wants chance and he want it sincerely.

“Okay.” I agreed reluctantly.

“Thanks.” He said smiling at me and I gave him a small smile.

After having dinner in CBW, he brought me to my house and I went in heavy heartedly. I don’t really dislike him; it’s just I don’t feel anything special for him.

From that day, he sends me flowers or chocolates and or fetches me to school with his BMW and I just don’t know why of all girls in school, Cristel glares at me when she first saw me with Axel.

“Everyone’s so envying you because you’re dating the QUINT’S ACADEMY HEARTTHROB!” Rich said in a sing song and I just rolled my eyes on her.

“You seem not to like it…. You don’t like him?” Shane said and I looked at her, making my answer obvious.

“Oh, Shane!” I whine, hugging her.

“What’s the matter?” Rich asked and we walked to the nearest bench to sit.

“Tell me.” Shane said and Rich looked at me from Shane’s back.

“Okay, he said he likes me but…” I trailed off.

“But what?” Rich asked.

“…I don’t like him… I just don’t feel anything special for him.” I said and looked down.

“Haven’t you told him?” A man asked and I looked up to see it’s Mike.

“I tried but he just keeps on cutting in and ask for chance and I just felt…reluctant…he’s so sincere.” I said and they sighed.

“Oh, Jadyn…I don’t know what to say…you’ve always been our adviser…” Shane said hugging me.

“I wish she’s here now… I just know she can say something…you’re the duo.” Rich said.

“Don’t worry that’ll just pass…” Mike said comfortably.

‘*Sigh* I do really wish she’s here… I wish Jane is here.’

After that comforting drama we went to our class, it’s a class with Professor Tan. She is in a good mood and is not a terror monster today. The day had gone pretty easy and that’s because we’re already done with our thesis which means we have more free time. We went to the canteen to grab chocolate milkshakes and walked around the campus as we chat on random things but they don’t mention about Axel. And I’m thankful for that.

“Oops, it’s already four I need to go now guys.” Mike said after looking at his watch.

“Ah, okay…that would be fine.” Shane said and we nodded.

“Thanks, see ’ya tomorrow.” Mike muttered as he run off the hall.

“Sure!” We chimed and chuckled.

We continue to stroll again and talked about some girly things until Sean came and took Rich from us then there is Shane left for me to talk with.

“Now, it’s just you and me….” I said and she smiled at as she nods.

“…and Drake will come to get you.” I said and she pursed my lips.

“Yeah…sorry.” She said apologetically.

“Don’t be. I’m happy that he’s really taking care of you.” I said and she smiled.

“Thanks J.” She uttered and I smiled at her.

We arrived in the school garden but before we can even step out, her phone buzz.

“Hello.” She said and her lips tug up in a smile.

‘I bet it’s Drake…Shane is so adorable when giggling.’

“Now? But…” She said looking at me

And so, I mouthed, ‘Go, I’m okay…’ smiling at her.

“Okay, I’ll be there.” She said and then giggles.

“I love you too.” She said and hung up.

“That’s sweet.” I said and she smiled at me.

“Now, go…Drake is waiting for you!” I said encouragingly.

“I’m sorry if I have to leave you…” She said, looking sorry.

“I’m going to be okay, alright? So, go now.” I said and she smiled.

“Thank you so much J. You’re the best!” She said and grabbed in a hug.

“Awe, you too.” I said and I tickled her so she pulls away from the hug.

“Go now.” I said and she nodded then turns to scamper away.

‘*Sigh* I wish had more less complicated situations in my life… like them.’

I stepped out of the garden then when my eyes started to look around, I caught a very familiar physique. He’s in his tight gray polo shirt, hugging his body curves, showing off three fourths of his well-built muscles in the arms, his bottom is a black denim pants and black plimsoll. He’s sitting on the bench near the bushes of roses, reading a book.

At his sight, I felt a spur of joy and energized my body, forgetting everything. His black hair, perfect nose, black orbs that intently looking at the book and his so attractive lips… I am stuck here looking at him. Admiring everything I see in him.

Then, suddenly he looked up and we locked eyes, surprising me. His lips pursed into a smile and I just felt myself smile back.

‘I really love his smile…’

“Alone again?” He asked and I snapped.

“Yeah, I am…they got snatched from me.” I joked and he chuckled and so do I.

“Come, sit.” He said and I nodded.

I walked towards him and sat beside him. We were just an inch apart and I can feel the tension it brings in me. We were just quiet, looking at the surroundings tainted with orange color as the sun sets.

“So, you and Axel are dating….” He said, breaking the silence between us then I felt a sudden squeeze in my chest.

“Yeah…” I choked out of the word as if I don’t even want to say it.

“He likes you seriously…” He said and I looked down fidgeting my fingers.

“He kind of said that.” I said and I looked at him through my lashes and saw that he just nodded.

“He’s really in to you…he never talks about a girl so much.” He said and the squeeze in my chest tightens.

‘He likes me but I like you….’

‘Why do we have to talk about him??’

He sighed as he stands up and stretched.

“I need to go now…Aren’t you going to your practice?” He asked looking down at me.

“Y-yeah…I need to go now too.” I said forcing my feet to take a stand but for clumsiness will I stumble. Yet, arms caught me swiftly.

“Being Klutz again…” He said and I looked up at him.

Then, locked eyes and he was silent as if he’s in trance…suddenly he blinks and put me up to stand.

“You should always be careful…I’m not always there to catch you.” He said and started to walk away from me.

I don’t know why but I felt a pang when he said those words….

‘I’m not always there to catch you...’

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