Don't Stay Close to Me

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It’s three in the afternoon when Axel and Professor Hanely came to fetch me up. The ride to the airport was quite strange plus the silent atmosphere among us three. It continued even until we reached the airport. If someone will talk to me it’s Axel but Professor Hanely ignores me, if he smiles it’s just quick and then turns his back again to me.

“Here.” Axel said, giving me a soda and sandwich.

“Thanks.” I said as I take it.

“Her flight is an hour and half delayed now.” Axel grumbled but Professor Hanely just shrugged.

“You’re bored? We can stroll outside.” Axel offered but I shook my head.

“I’m okay.” I said.

“COUSMAN!” A girly voice reached my ear and I looked up to see a girl clinging on Professor Hanely and giggles.

“She’s here.” Axel said exasperatedly, standing up and I followed him.

“How could you make us wait so long?” He asked grumpily to the girl.

Then, she turned and my eyes almost popped out, my jaw dropped and she also made the same expression. A grin grew in our lips and he jumped off Professor Hanely.

’Brown locks…

Black eyes and bubbly attitude…

It is her!

My best friend!’

“Jadyn!” She squealed.

“Jane!” I shrieked in unison with her and we run into each other’s arms, squeezing ourselves in a hug.

“You, bitch, why you didn’t tell me you’re going home now?!” I said and she laughed.

“Surprise bitch.” She said, pulling away.

“So, you know these guys.” She said looking at the two men, shocked of what they just witnessed.

“So, you know each other.” Axel said and Jane turned to him.

“Isn’t it obvious, stupid?” She said and I laughed.

“You never changed….” I said and she faced me.

“Of course. So?”

“Well, Professor Hanely is my Genetics Professor and new neighbor so Axel tags along…” I said and I saw his face scrunched up.

“I’m actually dating her.” He interrupted and Jane looked at him then to me and I just shrugged.

“Oh, that won’t last….” She said and drags me along to get her suit case.

“Here, take this.” She said to Axel and he gave her a ‘What?’ look.

“Carry it for me.” She said and smiled sweetly before turning to Professor Hanely.

“So, Cousman, how does Jadyn do in the class?” She asked as we start to walk out of the airport.

Axel loaded her things in the trunk while Professor Hanely waited for him. We sat comfortably at the backseat chatting about her experiences in France, how much she wished that I accepted the exchange student thingy, how she missed us then I shared to her about Rich and Sean, Shane and Drake then whispers about Mike’s confession to me. There are so many things that we talked about and joked around and we didn’t even notice that Professor Hanely and Axel already rode the car and started driving. I miss my best friend so much.

“Hey, why don’t you call them and let’s have a reunion today?” She said, her eyes sparkling with excitement.

“You’re a genius! I’m calling them now.” I said pulling out my phone from my sling bag.

“Say, we’ll meet them in the mall. Usual place.” She instructed and I nodded, dialing.

“Cousman, can I ask a favor?” She asked turning to Professor Hanely.

“What is it?” He asked without removing his eyes from the road.

‘I really never heard much of his voice today… I did miss it—a lot.’

“Can you drop us to the mall and just bring home my things? Please. And also fetch us afterwards? Please.” She pleads and he chuckled.

“Sure thing.” He said and she cheered happily.

“I’m coming with you.” Axel said, looking back and she scowled.

“It’s a reunion of all my best friends; I don’t see you in the list.” She said sarcastically and I snickered while on the phone with Mike.

“Let them have their bonding time Axel.” I heard Professor Hanely said then Axel grunt like a kid, sitting back to his seat.

“So, what did they say?” Jane asked to me excitedly.

“They are all on their way now!” I said as excited as she is. Then in the corner of my I saw Professor Hanely smiled from the rear mirror.

They dropped us in the mall and said quick goodbyes before we went to stroll in the mall meeting Mike, Rich and Shane.

“Oh, my Jane welcome back!” Rich chirped grabbing Jane in a tight hug.

“Thanks.” Jane said happily then pulled away.

“I miss you Jane.” Shane said and hugged her.

“Awe! I miss you too!” She cried hugging her back.

“Well, long time no see.” Mike said and Jane pulled away from Shane’s hug and grin on Mike.

“Yeah, it’s been a year.” She said.

“So, what’s in our list today??” I asked jumpily and they all turned to me.

Shane, Rich, Jane and I looked at each other and then grin.

“I think I don’t like the looks you’re all giving.” Mike said.

“Shopping!!” We chorused and Mike groaned.

“C’mon Big Boy…we need big hands to help!” Jane said and linked arms with Mike, so do I in the other side while Shane clings with me and Rich clings with Jane.

“Let’s go shopping!” We cheered, ignoring the stares we get from the people in the mall.

We dragged Mike to all the shops we drop by. We tried on different dresses, shoes, and jewelries, making Mike our juror as we go in and out the fitting room. Sometimes we would walk around him; modeling the clothes we chose and mixed and matched then grab him, dress him up and take pictures of us when the sales ladies are not around.

It was so fun having all your best friends together. I miss Jane. I miss our bonding moments. I miss our insane trips. I miss everything.

After we had much walking around and checking out things, we stopped in the food court and grabbed some chicken biscuits and milkshakes. Then, we took the table near the window, our ever-favorite place.

“So, I heard that you two are having the “time of your life” already.” Jane said, making air quotations and Shane and Rich giggled.

“Not really.” Shane said shyly and I smack her head playfully.

“Aw!’ She protested and we laughed.

“It was really out of the blue…all of a sudden.” Rich said tingeing.

“Awe. How about you Mike?” Jane asked, taking him by surprise.

“Me? ...Uh…Nah…I know you know…” He said bashfully, scratching the back of his head while looking on the floor.

“He’s “friend zoned”.” Rich said and he glared at her and she just stuck a tongue on him.

“You know what; I really thought you two will go together but maybe the odds are not with me.” Jane said and they both looked at her with a ‘What-did-you-just-say?’ look.

And we all burst out of laughter almost spilling our milkshakes. Then slowly our laughter died and I took a bite with my chicken biscuit.

“What about you Jadyn, why are you dating Axel?” Jane asked and I almost choke. I coughed helplessly and Shane gave me a tissue.

“You okay?” Shane asked and I nodded.

“Jane! I was eating!” I grumbled and she just raised an eyebrow.

“What? I was just asking.” She said bluntly and I just rolled my eyes.

“I was just caught off guard…like he asked me out then run away with his motor without letting me say no or yes.” I said then wiped my mouth with tissue.

“Jerk.” She mumbled then sipped her milkshake.

“And the thing is, he doesn’t listen whenever Jadyn says that she doesn’t like him. Stupid.” Rich blabbed.

“Right. Sometimes his brain is too small for just one single truth.” Jane said then bites her chicken biscuit and I snickered.

“Excuse me.” Mike said standing up from his seat. His face stormed with seriousness. He already walked away before we could even speak.

“Oops…I think we hurt someone….” Jane said in a sing song and I tut.

“Poor Mike.” Rich said teasingly.

“You and your mouth, Jane.” I admonish and she just stuck a tongue on me.

“I think that’s not it why he walked away.” Shane said and puckered her lips to point a direction. Rich looked up while Jane and I turned to look at it.

It’s Mike talking with a red-haired girl.

“Who’s that girl?” Rich asked and we just shrugged.

“Let’s wait and see.” Shane said and so we do.

Mike moved a little and the girl’s face is revealed. It’s Ferra. She looks annoyed and wants to walk away from Mike but he held her and then we saw Mike’s face turned into adamant looking and she looked at him, eye to eye. He spoke again and she reluctantly agreed and they walked away. When we felt that he’s going to look at our direction we turned instantly and pretended that we’re laughing and joking around.

“They’re gone.” Shane said.

“Sure?” I asked and she nodded then we all sighed in relief.

“That was so heart stopping!” Rich exclaimed.

“Yeah, but the question is why does Mike so eager to have a talk with Ferra?” I said.

“…but doesn’t want us to know?” Jane added.

“In time he’ll say it…for now we need to pretend we didn’t see anything.” Shane said.

“Yeah… let’s give him the benefit of the doubt.” Rich said and we nodded.

“By the way, how did you know Axel?” Shane asked, the usual curious.

“Oh, he’s my cousin even Kent or Cousman.” She said and they almost dropped their jaws.

‘Yeah, I know the feeling too.’

“How?” Shane asked.

“Yeah, how?” Rich added and Jane chuckled.

“My mother is their father’s sister. I’m Jane Hanely McWells. Duh!” She said and they just ‘ah’ in unison.

“So, Cousman is handling your genetics class.”

“Yeah…and he could be so mean.” Rich grumbled.

“There was a time that he gave us tons of home works and research works. Plus, the laboratory reports we need to submit. Ugh!” Shane added.

“But, the most enjoyable thing is when Jadyn taunt him but he just retort.” Rich said giving me a weird looking smile and I just kept on sipping my milkshake as if I didn’t hear anything.

“What now?” Jane said and then turned to me.

“Sorry, but he’s being a jerk and an asshole.” I said before she could even speak.

“Mean! But really you are taunting him?” She asked and I nodded.

“Oh my!” She giggled and I was like ‘what’s with her?’

“Then, just recently he calls her “Feisty Chubby Cheeks” to counter her taunting.” Shane blabbed and Jane squealed and giggled more.

“Hey, what’s with you?” I finally asked. I really can’t contain her reaction.

“Okay. Here’s the thing… Cousman never as in NEVER gives pet names unless there’s something.” She said then turned to me and winked.

“Oh, I love you, my cousin-in-law!” She added hugging me.

“What?! Shut up!” I said pushing her away from me and they all laughed.

“Look at you, Jadyn you’re blushing red than ever!” Rich teased and I can’t deny it my cheeks are burning in red now.

“Shut up you three!” I said and sipped again my milkshake while they keep on teasing me.

‘Why am I reacting so much in that?’


“What am I missing here?” Mike asked as he comes back in our table.

“Making Jadyn blush.” Jane chirped and I glared at them while biting my milkshake’s straw.

“About Professor Hanely?” Mike asked.

“Mike! Even you?!” I protested and they all laughed.

“I hate you!” I exclaimed.

“Really?” They asked in unison and I just rolled my eyes.


“Aha. By the way, I want you to come with us on Saturday. We’re camping! Cousman already said I can bring my friends along… it’s already planned before I even come back here from France.” Jane said and they cheered.

“You really need to go Jadyn, so you can have some time with Professor Hanely.” Rich teased and I just rolled my eyes on her.

“Not just some time but a “quality time”.” Mike said wiggling his eye brows on me and I just gave him a ‘What-the-hell-are-you-saying?’ look.

“Oh, I don’t want to be an aunt, yet. But it’s okay if it’s with Jadyn.” Jane said patting my shoulder and I turned to her with the same look.

‘Okay, I get it…but damn! What are they thinking? They could be so silly and stupid.’

“We have one prob―Axel.” Shane said and Jane turned to her, grinning.

“I’ll take care of that jerk.” She said reassuring them.

“I’ll take care of the plan.” Mike said.

“I’m still here you know.” I said sarcastically and they just turned to me gave me a quick grin then talked again among themselves.

‘This is what happens when they are being nuts…totally insane and freak.’

They talked there for about an hour while I take my time playing with my empty milkshake cup.

“So, Jadyn…all you need to do is follow the plan.” They suddenly said, turning to me.

“I’m actually not listening to you.” I said but they totally ignored me.

“Okay then!” Jane said and clapped her hands.

“So, what time are we going to meet?” I asked and thank goodness they took it seriously.

“Hmm. We can all meet up at one!” Jane said and we all looked at our cellphones.

“Cool.” Mike said first.

“Check!!” Shane said.

“You bring your boyfriends!” Jane demanded and Shane snaps her head on her.

“And you too, Rich!” She said and she just gaped.

“I need to know them.” She said and they smiled.

“I’ll try…” Shane said and Rich nodded.

“I’m okay too.” Rich said and they all looked at me.

“I’m fine.” I said and dropped my cellphone in my bag.

“Good! We’re all set!” She cheered.

We walked out of the mall while Jane text Professor Hanely to fetch us up.

“It was really fun having you back here, Jane.” Shane said as she rides Mike’s Mercedes Benz.

“Yeah, I know…I love to have you guys.” Jane said and smiled.

“See ya tomorrow in school, before the camping.” Rich said and she nodded.

“Bring them or I’ll lose you in the woods.” Jane threatened playfully and Rich chuckled.

“Sure thing.” Rich said then rode the car too.

“See ya. Take care girls.” Mike said and went in.

“You too.” We chorused and waved our good byes and they went off the mall parking lot.

We walked to the mall’s entrance space to wait for Professor Hanely. He was there after three minutes. The drive was quiet since both of us are so tired to giggle and goof each other. After a minute or so, we reached my house.

“Thanks for the ride.” I said and he just smiled no words at all.

“See you tomorrow Jane.” I said and I kissed her cheek, then her to me.

“Yeah...” She said.

I climbed out of the car and sauntered to my house’s gate to open it.

“Wait, Jadyn.” Jane called and so I looked back.

“What is it?” I asked bewilderedly.

“Always…always flip the coin and see the other side… there are too much possibilities that you haven’t seen.” She said and I just held a confused face.

“Good night. Love lots!” She said and I just nodded.

Then the car went on to the next house.

‘…. flip the coin and see the other side…there are too much possibilities that you haven’t seen….’

The thought remained in my mind until I got in my bed.

‘What does she mean? What does she want me to know?’

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