Don't Stay Close to Me

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As soon as I reached home, I ran up my room and rummage in my closet, taking out my back pack and started packing; sweat pants, t-shirts, shorts, tank tops, undies and kits that sort of things that you’ll need in a camping.

I stripped off my uniform and changed to traveling jeans and white tee with my ever-reliable rubber shoes.

“Hey!” Jane chirped as she walks in my room.

“Hey. You’re done packing?” I ask as I walk in my room from the closet, carrying my back pack.

“Yup.” She answered popping the ‘p’.

“Ha-ha. Good, I just finished too.” I said and she grinned at me then looked around my room while I wander to the shower room as I remember to get some toiletries.

“Jane…about last night…what do you mean about what you said?” I ask her as I walk back in my room.

“Hmm?” She muttered inattentive to me.

“About you saying that ’… always flip the coin and see the other side… there are too much possibilities that you haven’t seen…” I said and she looked back at me.

“You’ll know what I mean.” She said and I just grimaced, confusion etched on my face.

“Who’s Mr. Jackass-hole?” She asked and I snapped.

I ran onto her and grabbed my phone.

“Hey!” She protested and I just stuck a tongue on her.

“Who’s that guy??” She asked marching to me and I hid my phone at my back.

“Hahaha. Secret!” I said and she reaches for it and I dodge.

“Unfair! Tell me!” She whined, pouting and I laughed.

“Let’s go down now; they must be waiting for us.” I said.

“I’m so going to get that for sure!’ She said and stuck a tongue on me.

“Yeah, right.” I said as I get my back pack. We went out of my room and strolled to the stairs.

“Race?” Jane asked and I smiled.

“On three.” I said as we position ourselves before the stairs.



“…3!” We chorused and we sprinted down the stairs then out of the house.

She was ahead of me and looking back to tease me but I just smiled at her. When we turn to get in to their house I ran pass her and reached for the SUV van parked in front of the house.

“WINNER!” I exclaimed, breathily.

“I… so…hate…you.” She said, panting as she stops just in front of me and I laughed.

“Hey, you two come in now.” Mike said and we nodded.

“She’s sitting with me.” Jane said clinging on me as we meet Axel on the way in the van.

“Brat.” He mumbled as he sits in the passenger seat next to the driver’s seat.

We climbed in, Jane sitting with Mike and I while Shane and Drake at our back and Rich and Sean behind them.

“Hi, guys! Nice meeting you.” Jane said, looking back at them and they smiled.

“Don’t forget the plan.” She added and I saw her winked at them then sat properly.

“What plan?” I asked and she smiled.

“The Plan.” She said and grinned at me.


“Buckle up…” Professor Hanely said and so we did.

He ignited the engine and drove off the premises of their house, the journey to the campsite was beyond—noisy. Jane and I goof around with Shane and Rich and Mike; tease them with Sean and Drake who were shy boys with us.

“We’re here.” Professor Hanely announced as he halts in an open ground.

“Yes!” We cheered and went out of the van as fast as possible and raced for a spot on the ground.

The place was so stunning! There are so many tall trees around and the air breeze is so fresh, clean and warm. I took in the fresh air and it was so pleasing within.

We started to put up our tents, the girls in one tent and the boys in one tent except for Axel and Professor Hanely that will have their individual tents.

“Here are the woods for the bonfire.” Professor Hanely said as he carries a bundle of woods, making his muscles flex. He’s wearing a tight light blue tee and traveling jeans and rubber shoes that really looks good at him.

Drake and Sean took the bundle of woods from him and he helped Axel with the chest boxes for our food and drinks. Then, they built outdoor showers, one for girls and one for boys. We all had finished our tents and the boys grabbed some logs so we could sit on it.

“Hey, why are you bringing your motor?” Jane asked Axel.

“In case I needed to run away from your bratness.” He said and we snickered.

“Whatever.” She said and went to walk to us.

“Stupid.” She muttered when she reached us.

“You’re so mean.” I said and she sat beside me.

“Don’t worry he’s used to it.” She said as she opens her potato chips.

“So, when are we going to do the plan?” Mike asked and Jane livens.

“Maybe later.” She said and winked.

“Here they go again.” I said.

They started to talk about their plan and I thought of walking around.

“I’ll just walk around, guys.” I said as I stand up but they just ignored me.

I went through the woods and was fascinated to more tall trees surrounding me and the sparkling lake that I see from afar.

“Hey!” Someone called and I looked around but no one is there.

“Hey! Up here!” Someone said and I looked up.

It’s Axel, sitting up on the tree, looking down at me, smiling like a kid. Well, he’s cute and attractive but I just don’t feel anything for him. And that makes me sad—because I don’t want him to be hurt in the end.

“What are you doing there?” I shouted at him.

“Just chilling.” He yelled back.

“Wait there. I’ll come down.” He said and started to move down.

“Be careful.” I said.

He almost fell and I squealed.

“Just kidding.” He said as he jumps down in front of me.

“You scared me.” I said and smacked his shoulder playfully.

“A-ha. I’m happy.” He said and I held a confused face.

“It’s because you care for me.” He said and as if the time stopped.

We stared each other, eye to eye for a minute then I noticed him lean forward, putting his face close to mine. I watch as he moves closer to mine, his lips intending to touch mine—when instantly Professor Hanely’s face popped in my mind then our kiss replayed, our first kiss.

“Don’t.” I said and he stopped in midair.

“I…I’m sorry.” He said and pulled away.

“It’s okay… let’s go now, they might be looking for us.” I said and turned my heels to walk ahead of him.

“Jadyn! Food’s ready!” Rich called and I smiled at her.

I sped up my walk and went to them, Shane gave me a plate and spoon and fork. Our food is grilled steak and asparagus and mashed potato.

“Thanks.” I said and she smiled.

“Enjoy the meal, Cousman cooked that!” Jane said and Professor Hanely smiled.

‘Wow, he cooks…’

They all took their places Rich and Sean, Shane and Drake, Mike and Jane; so, I decided to sit next to Jane. I walk towards them then Mike saw me and elbowed Jane that looked up at me and hurriedly swallowed her food.

“Hmm…hmm. Axel, sit with me!” Jane said, grabbing Axel by his arm almost spilling his food.

“Fuck, Jane! What’s the matter with you?” He grumbled as he slumped on the log, sitting beside Jane.

“Nothing, I just want you to sit with me because I’m sorry of what I’ve done a while ago.” She said sweetly to Axel and he just shook his head and eats his meal.

‘Okay, now where will I sit?’

“Jadyn, go on and sit.” Mike said and I gave him a ‘Duh!’ look.

“Here, you can sit beside me.” Someone said behind me and I looked back. It’s Professor Hanely, he moved a little to give me a space to sit.

“Thanks.” I said as I sit beside him and he faces me then smiled—a smile with his dimples. And I just felt my heart sped and my knees weaken.

‘That smile…how I missed that!’

“So, who’s cleaning the dishes?” Rich asked and I snapped.

“I’ll do it.” I said.

“Okay, me too.” Shane said.

“Me too!” Rich added, raising her hand.

“We’ll help fetching the water.” Drake and Sean chorused and we laughed.

I started to eat my food, cautiously. I don’t know why but I feel so uneasy with him beside me. I finished my food ahead of them and so I went to put my plate on our made-up lavatory and when I turn around, I saw Professor Hanely yet instead of talking to him I walked pass by him.

‘Stupid move!’

I scolded myself as I went back to the group. After few minutes, he came back and sat beside me and I felt the tension in me building up again.

They were all finished eating so I had the excuse to stand up and stay away from him now. I don’t know why but I feel so different when he’s around me—I’m happy but sad when he doesn’t talk to me.

‘What the heck is going on with me?’

“Jadyn, don’t focus in one side…” Rich said, dragging me out of my muse.

“Yeah, always remember there’s always a different side of the coin.” Shane added and I just held a confused face.

“What are you saying?” I asked and they exchanged looks then smiled at me.

“You’ll know.” They chorused and went back to their work.

‘Okay, it’s confirmed, they are all acting weird today! This is really Jane’s fault…she’s always the mastermind.’

After we finished cleaning the dishes, we went to join the group sitting around the bonfire, singing songs already. We sat in the same place where we sat a while ago when we were eating. It means I’m sitting beside him again. I sang along to ease a bit the uneasiness I feel.

“Hey, who’s next to sing?” Drake asked, holding out the guitar.

“Ah, me!” Jane said, raising her hand.

“Please not her.” I said and she shot me death glares and I chuckled.

“I can agree with that she’s hyper okay but don’t let her sing she can crack and demolish a house with her voice.” Axel said and she pushed him off the log and he fell laughing and so do we.

“You sing like a frog a while ago!” She taunted while Axel stands up.

“At least, I can’t put down any house.” He said and she just stuck a tongue on him.

“So, who’ll sing then?” Sean asked.

“Yeah, who?” Mike added.

“Kent.” Axel said as he settles back to his seat and we all turned to him.

“Ha-ha. Why me?” He asked, smiling.

“Uhm… because save the best for last?” Mike said.

“Yeah!” We agreed.

“But…” He spoke but was cut in.

“C’mon, Sir just now! Please!” Rich plead.

“Please!” We chorused and he sighed.

“Okay…Okay.” He said and Drake hand him the guitar.

“…But let me tell you I’m not good...I warned you.” He said as he tunes up the guitar.

“It’s okay, Jadyn can just push you off the log so you’d stop.” Shane said and they laughed. I felt my cheeks burn, thanks to the flame and it’s not obvious.

“Whatever.” I said and they chuckled.

“Okay. Let’s listen to Professor Hanely.” Sean said as he clapped. Then, I heard him chuckled.

“Okay, here it is.” He said and started strumming the guitar chords. Everyone’s quiet and listening.

I watch him play; his hands touch the guitar chords producing sweet melody. I can see his eyes glistened on the flame’s light and his fair white complexion reflect the flame’s color. I don’t know why but I feel so happy that I can look at him this closely.

“How many times do I daydream

About making love to you

And take you to a special place

Where it’s only me and you

I’ll put away all your troubles

On the other side of the world

And run my arms around your heart

And tell you, you’re my girl

So, let’s go steal away in the night

And we’ll go far away from here

To the place where our love is right.” He started to sing and his voice was so good to the ears, smooth and gets through my system.

“Can I take you to my world?” He sang as he looks up at me, smiling.

And all of a sudden, in a snap, I felt my heart throb so hard, pounding and deafening me—I don’t understand it but I felt so strange when he looked at me as he sang that line. He looked away still the feeling is there, I can vaguely hear them singing along with him, I’m stuck looking at him, singing.

‘The other side of the coin….’

“Falling deeper in love with you

Will you be there to catch me girl?

Are you falling deep with me too?

Can I keep you in my world?

Whenever you’re sad

Whenever you’re crying

I’ll be the one who wipes away your tears

Whenever you call

Whenever you need me

I’ll be the one who runs to you

Giving my love

Well you know how much I love you

So, you better not let me down

I’m not asking for too much baby

Just stick around….

Forever... forever

Oh, would you come on baby

Let’s go steal away in the night

And we’ll go far away from here

To the place where our love is right

Oooh coz….” He trails off for instrumental and then looked back again to me eye to eye.

“Whenever you’re sad

Whenever you’re crying

I’ll be the one who wipes away your tears

Whenever you call me

Whenever you need me

I’ll be the one who runs to you

Giving my love

Well you know how much I love you

So, you better not let me down

I’m not asking for too much baby

Just stick around

Forever... forever….” He sang again, finishing the song with a smile. His eyes not tearing from mine, taking my breath away—making my heart throb beyond its limits. I don’t know how he do this to me—how he affects me so much.

‘The other side of the coin…. Do they mean I need to know what he thinks? His side?’

‘Possibilities? —the way he looked at me…the song? A possibility?’

“Wow! You sure can sing Sir.” Someone shouted and it took me out of my trance.

“Yeah, not like the frog singer here.” Jane sneered at Axel.

“At least I’m no house demolisher.” He shot back and she just rolled her eyes.

“Okay, let’s wrap up and sleep.” Professor Hanely said.

“Yeah!” They chorused as they stand up while I struggle to stand up because of sitting too long.

“Need a hand?” Someone asked and I looked up. It’s Professor Hanely offering a hand and I took it. He effortless pulled me up and for being a klutz these days, I almost stumble on him.

“Careful now.” He said and I smiled at him.

“Thanks.” I said and he let go of my hand.

“No prob.” He said then walked off to Drake to give back the guitar.

‘Is he the other side of the coin? And the possibilities are with him?’

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