Don't Stay Close to Me

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Mike and Ferra walked to our table in the cafeteria, hand in hand, from the Academy Administration office.

“So? What happened?” I asked sickly worried.

“C’mon… say it!” Shane pressed.

“Mike!” Rich exclaimed.

“Cut the tension!” Jane protested and Mike rolled his eyes.

‘He still has the guts to roll his eyes now, though they are about to be suspended or whatever by the admin?!’

“Everything’s okay.” Mike said confidently.

“How?” Cristel finally spoke. And yes, we’re together in one table; she’s not being a bitch anymore that’s why also, Ferra is Mike’s, well, girlfriend now.

“What did your parents say? Ferra’s parents?” Jane interrogated and Mike just gave her a ‘The-heck-questions’ look.

“Take it easy…” Mike said and she nodded.

“Okay, they’re cool about it and even Ferra’s….” He said and looked at her then they smiled at each other.

“Really? That’s good.” I said and he nodded.

“They were really expecting a boy…but cool with a girl.” Mike said smiling.

“I really never saw you as happy as now.” Shane said and everyone turned to her.

“Well, there’s a blessing so I’m happy.” He said and we sighed in awe.

“Let me name it!” Jane cried.

“No.” Mike said.

“Why?” Jane pouted.

“I want us to name the baby.” Mike said.

“And that’s proper.” I said and she pouted.

“Why don’t you have your own baby?” Rich teased and we laughed.

“Or maybe….” She trailed off and looked at me with a very weird smile.

“What?” I asked and she smiled even more.

“I can name my niece or nephew.” She said and touched my lower abdomen and I got her message.

“I’M NOT PREGNANT!” I exclaimed with a horrified face and they laughed.

“Sooner.” Jane said.

“Shut up.”

“Who’s pregnant here aside from Ferra?” A thick man’s voice asked behind me and they all looked up, smiling.

“Oh, no one we’re just predicting.” Rich said and the guy walked and sat on the vacant seat in the end of the table near me. It’s Professor Hanely in his dark gray elbow length sleeve button down shirt, slacks and leather shoes.

“Predicting who?” He asked, curiously and they smiled at me.

“You’re all crazy.” I mumbled and scowled.

“Oh…look Feisty Chubby Cheeks is mad.” He taunted and I just raised an eyebrow to him but he just smiled.

“Ah. Seriously, you two looks good together.” Ferra said and I blushed.

“Agreed!” Jane chirped but I just looked down.

“Don’t worry we’ll keep your secret.” Cristel said and they giggled.

“Ha-ha. You guys are so funny…why don’t you get ready because anytime classes will resume now.” Professor Hanely said, successfully distracting them. I turned to him and he smiled so I smiled back.

They started to pack up and so do I. The bell rung and we all went out of the cafeteria but before that Mike bought Ferra a vegetarian sandwich and milk so she won’t starve in the class.

Professor Hanely went to the Science Center and Jane went to the Culinary Department while we went to our class with Prof. Tan. She’s not yet there but our classmates are all there and when we went in, they were silent, all eyes on Mike and Ferra. We sat together, I on my usual seat, Mike and Ferra behind me while Cristel, Jane and Rich are behind them. We were just quiet—all of us.

“Hey, Mike, congratulations!” Andrew yelled breaking the silence.

“Thanks.” Mike said turning to him, smiling.

“You’re not going to be out right? Even Ferra?” Sandy asked, worriedly.

“No, we’re not going to be out.” Mike said happily and I heard everyone sighed.

“That’s good to hear.” Some said in chorus.

“Yeah, we all thought you’ll be out…”

“Surely we’ll protest…”

“Hey, can I name the baby?”

“No, I will.”


“Me, please!”

And they all started to argue who will name the baby; others are already suggesting names while some go to Ferra and touch her not yet big bump, asking questions and all whereas Mike is just looking at them cautiously as he talks with the guys.

‘It is really nice to know that our classmates don’t judge them or discriminate them. Well, we’ve been together for four years…I guess our bond is thick now….’

Professor Tan came in and my classmates hurried back to their seats then kept quiet. The classes started and it tuned out okay, the teachers don’t talk about it and if they do, they just congratulate and ask Ferra’s condition also, remind Mike about being responsible and all.

“Bye, Mike. Bye, Ferra.” I said and they smiled at me.

“Take care.” Shane said.

“Of course, we will.” Mike said and set off the road.

“So, J we’ll be going too.” Shane said and I nodded.

“You, take care.” Rich said and I smiled.

“Yes, I will.” I said.

Then, they went in Shane’s car; actually, her chauffeur gives them a ride home. They left the school and now I’m alone, Jane’s classes were done earlier than ours so she’s not here too. I sighed and walked back in the campus watching my feet take a step one at a time.

“Hey.” Someone said and I stopped, looking up at the person who called me.

“H-Hi.” I stutter as I recognize that it’s Axel. He’s in his school uniform; white button-down shirt in a black vest with their school’s seal at the left side.

“Can we talk?” He asked and I hesitate for a moment but thought that to have a proper talk with him is better.

“Sure.” I said and his lips tugged up in to a small smile.

“Uh… where can we talk?” He asked and I looked around.

“Uhm, we can talk at the garden.” I said and he nodded.

I lead the way and he followed, awkward silence envelope us. When we reached the garden, we sat on one of the benches there. We sat a foot apart from each other; I look down on my fingers while, on the corner of my eyes I see him sits with his elbows propped on his lap, his hands entwined and his chin over it. Then, he sighed and turned to me.

“Jadyn.” He called and I turn to face him.


“I…I want to say sorry for yelling at you yesterday.” He said and I felt like my whole body lightens up.

“It’s okay Axel, I understand it.” I said.

“Thanks, Jadyn…” He said smiling but the pain in his eyes gave him away. I really don’t want to hurt him but I guess things will never be right if he won’t be hurt.

“No prob…friends then.” I said, extending my hand to him and he took it.

“Friends.” He said shaking my hand and both of us smiling.

“Well, I’ll go now…Jane might kill me if I’m not home now.” He said and let go of my hand.

“Jane? Why?” I asked and he stood up then looked down at me.

“Well, she’s cooking for a project so she needs me as her taster…” He said and I smiled thinking how nagging Jane will be.

“Oh, well…good luck.” I said as I stand up.

“Yeah, right…” He said, chuckling.

Together, we walked to the parking lot and he rode his BMW convertible and set out of the campus while I go and stroll to the Academy Auditorium for my dance practice with the troupe.

I was home at 5:30 PM, yet no one is there—odd because they are always at home before six. I looked around just to see if they are really not at home. Confirmed they are not around. I sprint up to my room and stripped off my uniform and took an off-shoulder shirt and shorts with rubber shoes. Since they are still not around, I’ll just go for a walk to the park. I went out of my room and took out my phone from my pocket and texted them all and I scampered out of the house.

I started to walk to the park enjoying the solitude on the road since cars are not usually on the road at six except for those with work at night.

“You should not walk outside in this time of the day.” A manly voice talked behind me. Surprising me, I twisted to face him.

“You scared me to death!” I grumbled and he chuckled. It’s Professor Hanely, wearing a V-neck tee and denim pants with black plimsoll shoes.

“Really?” He asked sarcastically and I just raised a brow.

“Mean.” I mumbled and turned.

“Hey, you always mad girl—chill.” He said, putting his arms across my shoulders sending chills in my system. He’s effect in me never fades.

“Whatever.” I said and through my eyelashes, I saw he was just smiling so I also smiled.

We walked in the park together, played with the school kids, feed the ducks and sit on one of the benches in the park to rest.

“That was fun.” I said and he looked down at me.

“Yup…” He said and pulled me closer to him and I put my head on his shoulder.

“Axel and I talked…we’re okay now…how about you two?” I said.

“We’re okay, we talked as soon as he went home yesterday. Plus, Jane nags on him…helped a bit.” He said and chuckled.

“Ha-ha. Jane…she’s so frank and feisty.” I said and he laughed then I lift my head to kook up at him.

“What’s funny?” I asked and he looked down at me, smiling.

“Nothing I just don’t see Jane feisty…she’s just talkative…you are Feisty.” He said and smothered my cheeks.

“Aw!” I grumbled and swatted his hand.

“You’re so cute, Chubby cheeks.” He said and I just stuck a tongue on him and then I felt my phone vibrated. I turned and reached for it in my pocket.

From: Mama

Jadyn, come home now, dinner’s ready.

****END of MESSAGE****

“Mom, wants me at home now.” I said and I looked at him.

“Let’s go then.” He said and I got up first then he followed.

We walked back home, hands interlocked with each other until we reached our house, I was about to let go his hands when he held my hands tight, surprising me. He opened the gate and we stepped in still hands together. I was like dragged because my feet don’t move properly in surprise.

‘Why is he not letting go of my hand? And why are we going straight to my house?’

We reached our house’ front door and the door opened, my dad standing there with a stern face. I keep on grabbing my hand from his hands but he just doesn’t let me go.

“Da-dad…” I stuttered and he looked at me then to Professor Hanely.

‘What now? I’m dead!’

I was expecting yelling and fight or my Dad grabbing me away from him but there was nothing, it was just quiet. I looked up at Professor Hanely, and he was just calm and witty.

“Good evening, Tristan.” Professor Hanely said then I looked at my Dad—and surprisingly, my Dad’s lips tugged up in a smile.

‘Okay, what’s happening here?’

“Good evening Kent.” He said and he stepped aside to give us way when we stepped in the house Dad closed the door.

We walked in together and when we reached the dining room, I saw Jane, Axel and Mom and Axel. They were all smiling at me while I gape in surprise.

“Hi, Jadyn, I brought some food.” Jane said and I smiled at her.

“C’mon you two, let’s eat.” Mom said and we moved in.

Dad sat on his usual seat while I sit with Professor Hanely and finally he let go of my hand. The food was passed all around so we’d all get some and we started to eat.

‘I still don’t know why they are here…the real reason. And why Dad had a different reaction when he saw us together…not mad but smiling….’ I thought as I look around the people in the table.

“So, now Kent you’re together…it’s not a problem to us but what about the school?” Dad asked out of the blue and I looked up at them.

‘They already know? How?’

“We’ll keep it until she graduates….” He answered confidently.

“What if they’ll know about it?” Ace asked.

“Then, I’ll face the consequences…” Professor Hanely answered and Dad nodded.

“Even if it means that you’ll be out of the school? Or worse your license will be removed to you?” Mom asked worriedly.

“It’s okay… aside from being a teacher I’m sort of in a business so no problem….” He said confidently.

“Well, I see you’re taking my daughter seriously…you have my blessings.” Dad said and I saw Jane grin at me while Axel gave me a smile but I am still shocked.

“Thanks Tristan.” Professor Hanely said.

“Cousin-in-law!” Jane finally bursts out and my parents grinned at her.

“The NBSB finally got a boyfriend; I thought she’ll die virgin.” Ace said, snatching me out of my trance and I glared at him while they laughed.

“You’re such a jerk, Ace! Eat and shut up or I’ll choke you!” I said and he just stuck a tongue on me.

“C’mon guys, stop that and eat.” Mom admonishes and we both went back to eating.

I felt Professor Hanely’s hand on mine, I looked up at him, and he’s smiling so I smiled back.

‘So, this is why he never let go of my hand….’

Right after dinner I helped Mom and Jane with the dishes. I did all the drying so I was left in the kitchen.

“Hey.” Professor Hanely said, standing on the doorway of the kitchen.

“Hey.” I said too as I put the utensils in the drawer.

“So, how did they know?” I asked and he smiled.

“I talked to them…” He simply said.

“When?” I asked again and he chuckled then walked towards me.

“While you’re in the practice we met in a restaurant…” He said and I nodded.

Then his arms reached out for me and pulled me closer to him, my body pressed to him and I put my arms around his waist and also his arms around my waist.

“Now, we’re official…” He said and leaned down to meet my lips.

Electricity flowed in my system as soon as our lips touched, he nips on my lip and I do the same until our lips moved in unison.

“Ahem…” Someone cleared a throat and so we pulled away from the kiss then we twist and looked back.

“Cuddle later and watch a movie with us now.” Mom said and I felt my cheeks burn. Mom was there when we were kissing and hugging each other, good thing she only saw Prof. Hanely’s back.

“Yes, Mom.” I said and she smiled at me.

“We’ll be there in a minute, Cecile.” He said and she nodded then left.

“Let’s go.” He said pulling away from our hug but took my hand.

“Yup…I hope the movie’s good.” I said and he nodded.

“I hope it’s horror.” We chorused and then we laughed.

‘Now, we’re all out with my family…no sneaking around or whatever just keeping it from the school…that would be easy right? maybe… I don’t want to lose him.’

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