Don't Stay Close to Me

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“Jadyn, Kent is here already! Hurry up!” Mom yelled at me, while I’m fixing myself on the mirror.

“I’ll be there in a minute!” I yelled back.

Okay. I think I look okay. I wore a sleeveless gray blouse and skinny white pants matched with my ivory white wedge while, I just put on a lip gloss and my hair is ponytailed. I guess, this look is okay since it’s not really a formal date—just a Sunday date.

“Jadyn!” Mom yelled again.

“Coming!” I yelled back, grabbed my purse and scampered out of my room.

“For the first time, she’ll have a Sunday date.” Ace taunted when I passed by his room and I just stuck a tongue on him.

I practically sprinted down the stairs and as I descend, I see the man that will be my date today. He’s in his white tee, denim jeans and converse shoes with his usual tussled but neat-looking hair.

“Hi.” I greeted and they turned to me both smiling.

“Hi.” He said and I smiled.

“Sorry for taking so long.” I said as I stepped down of the last step.

“No worries, I just came.” He said and I smiled.

“Okay, you two go now.” Mom said and I turned to her.

“You really want me out of here?” I said, pouting and acting sad. And, my Mom just raised an eyebrow at me. Yes, I got it from her.

“You’re nuts. Go now.” She said and I smiled.

“Love you Mom.” I said and I kissed her on the cheek.

“Love you too, Sweetie.” She said.

“Let’s go?” Professor Hanely invited and I turned to him then nodded.

“We’re going now, Cecil…I’ll bring her home before six.” He said and my Mom nodded.

“Just have fun.” She said and we smiled at her.

“So, where do you want to go?” He asked as soon as we exit our house.

“To the movie theater, please.” I plead; making puppy eyes and he chuckled.

“Sure, my Feisty chubby cheeks.” He said and I almost glared at him but I just ignored his nickname.

“Whatever.” I said then he took my hand.

He opened door of his Bugatti Veyron for me then let me climbed in without letting go of my hands until I sit properly in then kissed the back of my hand before closing the door making me smile. I watched him walk to the driver’s seat.

“Buckle up.” He said as soon as he settles in.

“Yes, Sir.” I said as I buckle up.

He started the engine and we pulled off my house’s grounds.

“Hey, are you serious about this?” I asked and he took a quick glimpse at me.

“Yes, I am.” He said and I felt happy but sad.

“What about your work? Don’t you love teaching?” I asked a bit worried.

“I love teaching, Jadyn that’s my chosen career. But, what can I do …? you made me love you more.” He said, smiling.

“You are playing around with me.” I said and he halted.

“Why did you stop?” I asked, surprised of what he did. He turned to me, face stern and eyes beaming with much solemnity—making me feel guilty of what I said.

‘Be careful of your mouth!’

‘Thanks for the LATE reminder!’

“I’m not playing around, Jadyn…I’m serious.” He said and I felt my whole body weaken on his sincere words.

“I know…I just feel….” I started to say but he cut me in.

“Don’t. Don’t feel like that. Jadyn, if I’ll lose my teaching job, it doesn’t matter as long as we can be together, alright?” He said and I felt nothing but bliss.

“Alright.” I said and he smiled—the dimpled smile; the smile that I first took note of him.

“Don’t overthink, though girls do intend to do that.” He said and I glared at him but he just chuckled. Then, he leaned forward, and that very moment I thought he’ll kiss me—and yes, he kissed me but on the forehead. And yes, I mentally pouted, I wanted his lips on mine. It’s my energizer.

“I’ll not kiss you on your lips now…we might not reach the movie theater and be stuck here if I do.” He said like he had read my mind.

“I didn’t think of that.” I said and he sat up straight again then started to drive again.

“Really?” He sarcastically asked and I just rolled my eyes.

Like what he always does, he went out of the car first to open the car door for me when we already parked in the movie theater’s parking lot. We walked in hand in hand in the theater, careless if anyone from the school will see us. We bought popcorns and lemonades before we went in the theater room.

It was really dark when we came in, and so he guided me along the way. We settled on the tenth row in the middle, there are only few people in maybe because theaters are not so popular now plus, we’re going to watch a suspense horror movie with lots of gruesome scenes—those we both like.

Few minutes before the film starts to play the crowd thickens a bit, then I saw him look at his phone, I guess reading a text but he immediately put it back to his pocket then concentrated in the movie that’s about to play.

The movie is already in a quarter of it when I saw him looking at his phone, messages again then it lit up, notifying an incoming call.

“Go on and answer it…that may be important.” I whispered to him and he turned to me.

“No, it’s not important…sorry if it gets your attention.” He said and I shook my head.

“It’s not a bother.” I said and he smiled then turned to his phone and put it off.

“Now, I’ll be in peace.” He said as he put his phone in his pocket and concentrated on watching the movie.

‘Who’s calling him that he doesn’t even bother to answer? Axel? Or maybe Jane? maybe, who else would do that…’ I thought then went back to watching.

The movie almost lasted for two freaking hours and the effects were awesome so it didn’t bore me plus the gruesome scenes are totally bloody.

And now, we’re in Jollibee, eating lunch—my request that he granted. He bought for me a two-piece burger steak meal, extra-large fries, burger and large coke float; I think he’s planning to make me fat but I’ll just do dancing to burn them while he got a two-piece chicken meal, large fries and a soda.

“I don’t know why horror characters are always stupid.” I said as I sip my large coke float.

“So, the killer would have a victim and we can enjoy the bloody deaths.” He retorted and I smiled with the drinking straw nipped between my teeth.

“Hey, help me finish the fries!” I said and he chuckled.

“I’m full.” He said and I glared at him.

“You’re making me fat.” I said and he leaned forward making our face close, and I can smell the powering mint breath as it fans me.

“I’d love to see your cheeks chubbier.” He said and smothered my cheek.

“Aw!” I grumbled and swatted his hand then he laughed, sitting back.

“Meanie.” I said and he slowly stopped laughing but smiling now.

“And you fell for that.” He said and I felt my cheeks redden.

‘It is true…I fell in love with him because of his jerk attitude…’

“Blushing for me? That’s fourth or fifth in a row?” He said and I snapped.

“Jerk.” I said and he smiled.

‘Hey, I missed saying that to him…’

“I missed that…” He said and I just stuck a tongue on him.

“Who’s been calling and texting you, by the way?” I asked out of the blue, after eating some fries and I saw his expression was like he was caught off guard.

“Huh, that’s nothing…. random person….” He said shrugging as if it’s nothing but I felt like it is something.

“Ah okay.” I said just to let go of the topic, I guess it’s not important for him since he ignored it and didn’t bother his thoughts.

“So, what will we do next?” He asked me, taking me away from my trance.

“Do you want me to monopolize this date?” I asked but he just shrugged.

“How about you decide?” I asked and he smiled.

“Watching you all day in this date already makes me happy.” He said and I tinged.

“Don’t be so cheesy…it’s not so like you, Jerk.” I taunted but he just chuckled.

“All I want to do is walk.” He said and I put on a bewildered face.

“Walk?” I asked reassuringly.

“Yes. Walk with you anywhere, hand in hand.” He said.

“So, we’ll leave your car here?” I asked and his lips tugged up in a smile.

‘What is he smiling at?’

“Jane already got the car.” He said and I gaped in surprise.

“When? How?” I asked and his amused smile spread in his face.

“While we’re talking here and by driving.” He said, sarcastically at the end.

“What I mean is…”

“I texted her a while ago.” He simply said and I was just dumbfounded.

“You’re different.” I said.

“Yes, I am.” He said and stood up.

“Let’s go?” He asked as he reached out for my hand and I gladly took it.

I put down my coke float and we left the place with our hands together. We walked around the city like that, hands interlocked, looking at some shops and even candy stores. We even stopped to sit on the benches near the fountain where we enjoyed watching kids playing with the fountain’s water. Then, we went to an antique shop, museum and many more places. I never enjoyed walking around the city until now—with him.

“Enjoyed?” He asked, looking down at me as we make our trek home.

“Yup…I enjoyed your sense of fun.” I said teasingly and he chuckled.

“Great if that’s so.” He said then looked up again but then stopped instantly making me look in front of us.

“Kent.” A girl called as she walks toward us. She has a heart shaped face with brown a bit curly shoulder length hair, wearing a pinkish white sleeveless doll dress.

“What are you doing here?” He asked with his voice serious and impassive. I looked up at him and his face was blunt, then I turned back to her.

“I’ve been texting and calling you but you’re out of reach.” She said; her voice sweet and caring.

‘So, it is her that’s been disturbing him…who is she?’

“I’m busy…” He said and tightened his grip with my hand then the girl’s attention moved to me.

“Oh, hi…Sorry, I forgot my manners.” She said and moved towards me.

“I’m Phoebe Fayt, by the way, Kent’s ex-girlfriend.” She said and held out her hand.

‘She’s the girl who dumped him…but why is she here now?’

“Jadyn Avis.” I said as I take her hand and shook it, smiling—sarcastically.

“My girlfriend.” Professor Hanely added and she looked at him, surprised.

“Oh.” She said, letting go of my hand.

‘Yup, I’m his girlfriend now….’

“I never thought…”

“It’s been three years…” He cut her.

“Can we talk?” She asked, forgetting his statement.

“No, we need to go home.” He said and we walked again, leaving the Phoebe behind.

‘So, Phoebe is the name of the girl who dumped him…but what does she want now?’

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