Don't Stay Close to Me

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‘I have to clear up things. I don’t want anything about her to bother Jadyn anymore.’

My phone rung and I picked it up at the first ring.

“Where are you now?” I asked to Phoebe.

“I’m in the Café next to the flower shop.” She said.

“Okay, I’ll be there in a minute.” I said and I hung up.

I want to end settle this once and for all. I walked fast to the café and immediately spotted her; she’s in the table next to the window. She’s wearing a peach colored doll dress with raffled sleeves—her usual attire.

The doorbell tings as I come in the café and the receptionist of the café looked up at me.

“Good morning, Sir.” She said, grinning and I just smiled at her then walked to Phoebe’s table. She’s smiling when she saw me walk to her.

“Thanks for coming.” She said and I just regard her impassively.

“I just want to clear things…” I said and sat down the chair opposite to her.

A waiter walked to us but I gestured that we won’t order now and so he walked back and went to the counter.

“Does she know about this?” She asked when I turned back to her.

“Yes, she does know.” I said and she smiled, nodding.

“You never keep secrets…you never change Kent.” She said, her eyes beam with pain and full of memories.

“It’s because there’s nothing to hide, Phoebe.” I said and her eyes were tinted with much pain.

“I miss you…I miss how you care…” She said and I felt a sudden squeeze in my heart. I may have moved on but I still care for her even a bit.

“You’re the one who broke up.” I said and she looked at me contritely.

“Yes, I know…and I regret it.” She said.

“You already have a fiancé.” I said and I can see tears pooling in her eyes—and I suddenly felt sympathy for her.

“We broke up just a year ago…he said he’s not satisfied with me.” She said as she gets a handkerchief and dump on her teary eyes.

“Why are you here?” I asked to change the topic. I won’t be moved by her cry.

“I want to make up with you…. I want you back, Kent.” She said with pleading eyes and I felt my heart became heavy—but I don’t need that now. I’ve chosen already. I chose Jadyn. She’s my present; I’m not going back to the past.

“Phoebe, we can’t be together again. You know why.” I said and her fingers gathered in a fist.

“Break up with her.” She said and I snapped.

“What? What are you saying?” I asked, bewildered of what she said.

“Break up with her, I know you still love me and she’s just a rebound.” She said and it rung my ears—how could she say that? Jadyn is not my rebound.

“Phoebe, Jadyn is not my rebound. I love her and I won’t break up with her.” I said and her eyes widened.

“No, you still love me. I know because I still love you.” She said and reached for my hand but I took my hand.

“I’m already over you, Phoebe.” I said and I saw her eyes smoked in pain and sadness.

“No, please…say that you love me.” She said but I shook my head.

“No, Phoebe. I don’t love you anymore but we can be friends.” I said.

“Friendship is not what I came here for.” She said firmly.

“It’s a no, Phoebe. Learn to accept it.” I said and stood up.

“Be friends with us or leave us alone.” I said and walked away from her.

I didn’t look back—I don’t want to look back because I might do something wrong—or something I’ll regret.

“So, what happened? You look distracted.” Jadyn said as we walk home from the park.

“Hmm. It’s just she’s a bit pushy.” I said and her brows knitted. I sighed. I have to tell her.

“She wants me back…she said she still love me.” I said and I saw her face held a confused or mixed emotion.

“Don’t worry…” I said and pat her head.

“I don’t love her…I love you.” I said and her lips tugged up in a smile. That’s why I’m attracted her, she’s perky. But I’ve already seen her hurt and I don’t want to hurt her.

I want her happy. Always.

“My Feisty Chubby Cheeks.” I mumbled and she glared at me.

“Jerk!” She taunted and I laughed. And, that made me fall in love with her.

“What? That’s cute!” I said and she elbowed me.

“Jackass-hole.” She said and stuck a tongue on me.

“I will never want that smile fade on your face.” I said and she tinged.

“Sixth in a row.” I said and she smacked my chest playfully.

“Ha-ha. I love it when you blush because of me.” I said.

“Whatever.” She said and rolled eyes.


‘I don’t love you anymore….’

Those words hurt me like I was stabbed with a million daggers. He was cold to me. I’ve never seen him like that before.

I walked out of the café downhearted. I felt my world has crumbled under my feet. I came back here with high hope of getting him back and marry him.

But what did I get? Rejection.

’I can’t believe that he had moved on and totally forgotten me. I thought that girl—Jadyn was just a rebound but no, she’s not.

What’s with her that he can’t leave her?

I’m more beautiful than her.

And we were together longer before and I know they’re just a new couple.’

I thought as I wander around the mall. I don’t feel like going back to the hotel. I might just sob there endlessly.

Suddenly, someone smacked my shoulder and made me stepped back, I glared at her.

“I’m sorry.” She said apologetically.

“Are you blind? Didn’t you see me?” I said angrily at her and she grimaced contritely.

“I’m really sorry.” She said and turned her heels but I noticed her uniform.

“Wait.” I said and she stopped then turned.

“You’re a student of Brookswind Academy?” I asked and she nodded.

“Yes, I am…” She said.

“Do you know Jadyn?” I asked, thinking that this student may know something about Kent’s girlfriend since he always had the charisma with girl students.

“Well, I only know one Jadyn…That’s Jadyn Avis.” She said.

“Really?” I asked and she nodded again.

“Yes, she’s one of the most active students in Brookswind.” She said and it struck me.

‘Jadyn is a student? Kent went in a relationship with a student impossible….’

“She’s a student?” I asked and she held a confused look.

“Yes, she is.” She said and I turned, walking away from the girl.

‘I should know if this girl is just a student…and if it is true…I can get what I want…’

I drove back to the hotel I’m staying and checked on the Brookswind Academy website for the student lists or any news related to the students. I browse again and again until I found one article. The Brookswind Academy Dance troupe. And bingo, she’s there, Jadyn Avis, the stunt leader of the group plus the Science Circle Chairman. A consistent Dean’s Lister.

’So, if she’s a student …why is Kent having her as a girlfriend? I know he knows that it’s against the rules…

Is he going out of the boundary?

What does this girl have that made him do that?’

But this is an opportunity for me, right?

I can use this.

Because No is not the answer that I want, I’ve traveled a thousand mile just to get rejection? Of course not.

I would do anything to get him back.

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