Don't Stay Close to Me

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We’re all in the class room already, waiting for Professor Kate. The class is as usually noisy and some are running around the room. But all went silent and stopped when Professor Tan came in—stern face.

“Miss Avis.” She turned to me and I stood up.

“Yes, Ma’am.” I said and her brow rose.

“Go to the Administration office now.” She said and I was surprised.

“Y-yes, Ma’am.” I said and grabbed my books.

As I turn to walk out of the room, I saw my friends faces worried but I just smiled at them; saying it’s going to be okay. Then, they nodded and I went out of the room.

‘Why does the Administration want me in their office? Is it because they already know about us? I hope not…I don’t want him out of the school…. No. Maybe they want me in the office for other reasons…maybe. I hope so.’

I came to stop in front of the Administration’s office; I took a deep breath before I knocked. Then, the door knob twisted and the door opened, Ofelia the Chairman’s secretary opened the door.

“Miss Avis come in…” She said and stepped out of my way so, I walked in.

“Thank you.” I said and she smiled then, she closed the door.

“Go on, walk in the office they are waiting for you.” She said as she walks beside me and gestured to the door of the Chairman’s room.

“Ah… Okay.” I said and I gingerly walked towards the door then she opened it for me.

“Thanks.” I said as I walk in and I saw the Chairman sitting in his chair, he’s quite an old man with a pointy nose, and a bit fat. Then, I saw a man sitting on the left chair opposite to the Chairman’s table.

“Good morning, Mr. Writher.” I said my voice is shaky. I can feel my stomach churn and my hands wet from sweating. I’m nervous, really.

“Have a sit, Miss Avis.” He said and I walked to the chair, beside the man.

“Thank you, Sir.” I said then when my eyes went to the corner, I saw him.

It’s Professor Hanely.

Are we caught?

Now, my heart is starting to throb terribly.

‘What will happen to us, now? What will happen to him?’

“Now, I received a report yesterday that you two…well, are having a relationship.” He said as he leans forward.

“May I know, who reported, Sir?” Professor Hanely asked.

“I reported it.” A girl spoke behind us; the Mr. Writher looked up while both of us looked back.

‘It’s her…. she’s a bitch. Jane’s right.’

“Miss Fayt, please sit.” Mr. Writher said and she sat on the couch behind me.

“Now, Mr. Hanely?” He turned to Professor Hanely that was actually glaring at Phoebe then turned to Mr. Wither.

“It is a yes, Mr. Writher.” He said and Mr. Writher was stunned, gaping of what he heard. Even I was shocked of his frankness and when I looked at him, he’s just serious and impassive.

“What did you say?” Mr. Writher asked still surprised.

“Jadyn and I are in relationship.” He said and Mr. Writher turned to me.

‘He’s going to ask me now.... if he said the truth…I will too…. I don’t care what will happen…’

“Is this true, Miss Avis?” He asked and I looked at him eye to eye.

“Yes, Sir.” I said and he held his temple with his both hands.

“This is not happening.” He mumbled, shutting his eyes in vexation. Then, he opened it, turning to Professor Hanely.

“How could you do this? You know the rules.” He said a bit high pitched.

“I know. But, there’s no rational explanation how it happened.” He said and then he turned to me.

“And you, Miss Avis, you know it too.” He said and I held my bag tightly.

“Yes, Sir…” That’s all I can say in this situation.

“How will we resolve this?” He asked no one in particular.

“Maybe, Kent can leave the school and be transferred back to England.” Phoebe interrupted and it rung my ears.

‘She really wanted to get him….’

“Yes, that would be a good idea… Mr. Laine can take your place.” He said.

“I would only do that if you’d assure that Jadyn would not be affected on this.” Professor Hanely said and I looked at him.

‘What is he saying?’

“But she violated…” Mr. Writher started to say.

“No. It’s only me who violated a rule…that’s my only request Mr. Writher.” Professor Hanely cut in and he sighed.

“Very well then, I will exempt her but only because you requested it and with conditions.” He said and Professor Hanely nodded.

“Tell me your conditions Mr. Writher.” He said.

“First, I want you to be out of the school tomorrow, immediately; second, I want you to avoid Jadyn and lastly you must not have any communication with her until she graduates.” He said.

“But, excuse me Mr. Writher, maybe I can talk to him before he leaves. That would be unfair for me if not.” I said and he looked at me.

“Okay. But only if he’s already leaving, not today.” He said and I nodded.

“Aren’t you going to confiscate his license or suspend her?!” Phoebe exclaimed.

“Ms. Fayt, I’m thankful you reported about this but this is school matters. I will handle it my way.” He shot back on her and she kept quiet.

“So, we have a deal, now.” Mr. Writher said, turning to us.

“Yes.” Professor Hanely said, and then Mr. Writher looked at me.

“Yes, Sir.” I said and he nodded.

“Very well, you can move out now, Miss Avis and Miss Fayt.” Mr. Writher said and I stood up.

I went out of the room first and then followed by Phoebe. When I finally stepped out in the hallway, I sighed.

“You should break up with him.” Someone said and I turned, only to see Phoebe standing behind me.

“No, because I love him, we love each other.” I said and she glared at me.

“If you didn’t flirt with him, he doesn’t need to do this.” She said accusatively.

“I didn’t flirt with him. And, we already talked about this.” I said and walked away from her.

“What? How did they know about it?” Jane “whisperedly” shouted at me.

“Phoebe reported it.” I sighed and she groaned exasperatedly.

“What the…Hell!” She cried, vexed.

“Well, can’t do anything but to do what Mr. Writher said.” I said as I close my locker.

“Let’s go to the canteen they’re waiting for us there.” Jane said and I nodded.

We through the hallway and as the crowd thickens, I can hear the murmurs of Professor Hanely’s fan girls—they are talking about his sudden transfer. They still don’t know what really happened, though.

“So, what happened?” Shane asked as soon as I sat with them.

“The Admin already know about us.” I said and they gaped—as expected.

“So, what will happen to you now?” Mike asked worriedly.

“To Professor Hanely?” Cristel added. And I sighed.

“He needs to leave the school and go back to England….and we can’t talk until the day he leaves.” I said then felt Jane’s hand pat my shoulder.

“Everything’s going to be okay.” She said and I gave her a small smile.

“Who reported it, by the way?” Ferra asked.

“Phoebe…” I said and her brows furrowed.

“Who’s that Phoebe?” She asked.

“Cousman’s ex-girlfriend.” Jane said and I saw Shane and Rich rolled eyes irritatingly.

“Now, I agree that she’s a bitch.” Shane said and we all turned to her.

Shane never bad mouths unless she’s totally pissed and that made me smile.

“What?” She asked and I shook my head.

“Nothing. Let’s just eat.” I said and they nodded.

We ate quietly and once we’re done, we carried our trays back to the counter. We walked out of the cafeteria and walked to the school grounds when we met Phoebe on the way.

“Hey.” Jane called to her when she passed by us and she looked back.

“What do you want?” She asked and Jane walked to her.

“So, you’re Phoebe…I thought you’re as pretty as what I saw in the pictures but not.” She said and Phoebe gaped on what she heard.

“Who are you?” She asked, angrily.

“Jane, stop.” I said, holding her arm. I don’t want her to be in trouble.

“Oh. You’re one of this girl’s friends.” She said, looking sarcastically to me.

“Let go of Jane, Jadyn.” Mike said.

“Let her have what she deserves.” Shane said.

“Ha. Why, what will you do?” Phoebe asked mockingly and in a snap Jane’s hand landed on her face.

“After dumping my Cousin, you’re here ruining things?! You’re such a Bitch!” Jane snarled at her and she looked back cupping her face.

“Who the hell are you?!” Phoebe shouted and Jane smirked.

“I’m Jane Hanely McWells. Kent’s cousin.” Jane said and her brows knitted.

“You’re Jane?” She asked.

“Yes, Bitch.” Jane said.

“I’m going to be your cousin-in…”

“No. I don’t want you to be my cousin-in-law…and I swear that will never happen.” She said and turned to us.

“Let’s go. I’m relieved.” She said and started to walk away from Phoebe and we followed her.

“That’s awesome!” Mike said and we chuckled.

“Yeah, her face really looked funny.” Shane said.

“You’re such a troublesome person, Jane.” I said and she turned to me, with one brow raised.

“Look who’s talking.” She said sarcastically and I chuckled.

“Yeah, yeah…. I’m more troublesome.” I said and rolled my eyes.

“So, the school in England is still open for you?” My mom asked and he smiled.

“Yes, they don’t want me to leave in the first place.” Professor Hanely said, smiling.

“Well, we’re sorry you need to leave.” Dad said but Professor Hanely patted his shoulder and smiled.

“It’s okay; I told you I’m ready for this.” He said and my Dad smiled at him.

And then, my friends and Axel and Jane came to say good bye to him but I’m stuck in my place unmoving. I still can’t believe that he’s leaving now.

“Hey.” He said and I snapped from my trance. I looked up at him, meeting his eyes.

“Hey.” I said and I can feel my tears wet my eyes. I know I’m going to cry.

“Don’t, please.” He said cupping my face with his both hands and wiped my tears with his thumbs.

“I’m sorry.” I said.

‘I really feel guilty that he’s leaving today…because of me…. though we talked about this already…I still overthink, I guess he is right…girls do intend to overthink things.’

“Hush, now. I don’t want to leave if you’re crying.” He said, rubbing his thumb on my cheek bones.

“I won’t cry, Jerk.” I taunted and he chuckled.

“That’s my Feisty Chubby Cheeks.” He said and he smothered my cheeks.

“Aw!” I grumbled and he instantly pulled me into a hug, and so I hugged him back. I inhaled with his scent—the scent that I will miss; the arms that I will long for, surely.

“I will miss you.” He said and I hugged him tight.

“I’ll miss you more.” I said and he smiled.

“I promise, I’ll be back…. just promise me keep smiling.” He said and pulled away.

“I promise.” I said and he leaned forward gently pressing his lips on mine, and then pulled away.

‘And yes, his lips…. I’ll miss them…so much.’

“Passengers of flight to England, please proceed to the boarding area now, please.” The tannoy said.

“Well, that should be my flight…. see you soon, Jadyn.” He said and he turned but keeping his one arm on my waist, took his hand bag and luggage.

“I’m going now. See you soon.” He said to them and they smiled.

“Take care.” Axel said and he nodded.

“Cousman, you know what I want.” Jane said grinning.

“Yes, I do.” He said.

“Mr. and Mrs. Avis.” He acknowledged them and they smiled.

“I’m going now.” He said and turned to me, then kissed my forehead.

“Bye.” He said.

“Bye, take care.” I said and he smiled.

He removed his arm on my waist and walked to the boarding area. He looked back and we waved to him goodbyes then he waved back to smiling.

‘Everything’s going to be okay…he’ll be back soon….’

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