Don't Stay Close to Me

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I arrived in England at six in the evening and Mr. Harley welcomed me, he’s the head master of Adison Prep the school where I came from before Brookswind, a man in his forties, ash colored hair, almost as tall as me and pale white skin.

“Kent! It’s good to see you!” He said as I walked towards him.

“It’s good to see you too, Mr. Harley.” I said and we shook hands.

“Well, let’s get in the car and have a nice talk.” He said and I nodded.

Once we’re in we started talking about how excited are the stuff to know that I’m coming back in the school. He doesn’t know of the real reason of my transfer though. What he just knows is that I missed England so I’m back.

“Well, see you tomorrow in school Kent.”

“Yes Sir.” I said and he went in the car while I went in the condominium.

I went to the elevator and pressed the up button. I didn’t wait for long because the elevator door opened immediately. I pressed on the 3rd floor button and it started to ascend and as it does, I took my phone and unlocked it, a picture popped out. It’s our picture: Jadyn and I in our date. Suddenly, I felt myself miss her—even more even I want to stare on the picture for long, I still need to text Jane and Axel that I had arrived already plus to ask about Jadyn since I can’t talk to her as what Mr. Writher and I dealt.

I walked through the foyer and when I opened the door to walk in my living room the room lit up and someone just welcomed me surprisingly with a hug.

“Welcome back!” A girly voice chirped and it snapped me from my surprise.

“What are you doing here?” I asked angrily as I shove her off me.

“Welcome you, babe.” She said sweetly and hugged me again but I pushed her away.

“Leave.” I said firmly, looking at her impassively.

“But I want to be with you…” She said, gripping my arm but I pulled my arms from her grip.

“Leave now, Phoebe.” I said as I walk pass by her.

“No, I’m not leaving.” She said and hugged me from behind. I put down of my hand bag and let go of my luggage; removed her hands from hugging me.

“Leave now, Phoebe. I really don’t want to see you…and even be with you.” I said as I turn to face her.

“Now, that you’re back here, we can start again.” She said taking my hands together but I took it back.

“No, there will be no us anymore, Phoebe.” I said and her face scrunched up in a disapproving face.

“That girl is not here; you can’t be together anymore. She’ll find someone else and forget you…she doesn’t really love you!” She exclaimed.

“And who loves me? You? You who broke up with me through text? And remember, it is your foolishness brought me back here.” I shot at her and she was dumbfounded.


“Leave now Phoebe before I forget my manners and push you out of here.” I said adamantly.

She weakly turned, grabbed her bag and walked towards the door then looked back before she opened the door.

“You don’t love me anymore, do you, Kent?” She asked with her pleading eyes.

“I don’t love you anymore, Phoebe. You are part of my past but Jadyn is my present and my future.” I said.

She nodded, “I guess I can’t do anything about that anymore. Well, I need to be happy if you’re happy with her…. Bye.” Then turned; opened the door and left.

“Bye…” I whispered and then I felt my phone vibrated.

“Hello.” I answered the phone and there were rumbling noises.

“I’ll talk to him first!” I heard Jane shouted and then there were rumbling noises again and Axel curses.

“Hi, Cousman!” Jane chirped.

“Brat.” I heard Axel said.

“Don’t kill yourselves there.” I joked and Jane chuckled.

“Don’t worry Cousman, we won’t…I’ll just break his leg or so.” She said perkily.

“So, how is she?” I can’t help but asked and she giggled.

“You miss her!” She teased and I smiled at myself.

“Well, she’s coping up…she’s doing fine.” She said and I felt relieved.

“That’s good. Well, I don’t have to worry because you’re there now.” I said and she giggled.

“Yeah, we will cheer her up for you.” She said and I chuckled.

“I have no doubt.” I said.

“Let me talk to him.” I heard Axel said.

“Hey!” Jane grumbled and I heard noises again.

“Hey, Kent… How are you?” Axel said with Jane grumbling and taunting at the background.

“Just fine, thanks.” I said.

“So, what are your plans?” He asked to me seriously.

“You’ll know eventually.” I said and he chuckled then went silent.

“Just be sure not to hurt her or else I’ll take her from you.” He said, more likely threatening.

“That won’t happen.” I said and I felt him smile at the other line.

“Well, I’ll hang up now. I need to rest.” I said.


“No killing in my house please.” I joked and I heard Jane chuckled.

“I’ll be clean if I’ll murder her.” He said and I heard Jane swore at him.

“Aw!” Axel grumbled then the phone went off.

I put down the phone and looked at my wallpaper.

“I’ll be back soon.” I said to myself, smiling.


“Class dismissed.” Professor Vex said and my classmates packed their things then vacate the room.

“We’ll go ahead, now…we have an appointment with the doctor today, and need to go to the wedding planner.” Mike said to us, his arms draping on Ferra’s shoulder.

“Sure, you two take care.” Shane said.

“Bye, baby….” Rich said rubbing Ferra’s a bit obvious baby bump.

“Where’s Cristel anyway?” Ferra asked and we exchanged looks.

“Uhm... She said she needs to do things.” I said and she looked no believing.

‘I haven’t been a good liar these days…. they always ask me twice when I say that I’m okay after snapping from my trance… I miss him but we can’t talk because of our deal with Mr. Writher… However, Jane tells me what Kent wants to say to me and Axel accompanies me too along with others…. I just don’t know what will happen to me if my friends are not here for me…’

“That’s true, Ferra…Cristel said she needs to do things about…” Rich supported, with a thinking face to end her sentence.

“About cheerleading!” Shane burst out and Rich nodded.

“Yeah, cheerleading! You know finals are coming so they need to do things.” Rich said.

“Okay…” Ferra agreed and we unanimously mentally sighed in relief.

“Let’s go?” Mike asked and she nodded.

They turned and when Mike looked back, he winked at us while we grin at him, he turned again and paid attention to Ferra.

“Ah, Jadyn…” Shane said and I looked up at her.


“We need to pee!” They chorused with funny scrunched up faces making me smile.

“Okay, go now…I’ll just meet you in the parking lot.”

“Okay.” Rich said and they literally ran out of the room.

I went back to packing my things, humming quietly Stick around, the song Kent sang when we were in the camp.

“So, the Admin knew your relationship…I thought he is righteous.” A manly voice said. I forgot he’s still here. Professor Vex. I threw my things in, without minding to arrange them and put the sling on my shoulder and looked at him.

“Yes, they knew about it and if we do have a relationship, what’s the problem with that?” I snapped and he smiled.

“He was acting righteous when we were together but end up doing the same as what I did. He’s just like me.” He said.

“No, he’s not like you Professor Laine, he loves me unlike you that only want me for good time behind your wife’s back.” I shot back and stormed out of the room, leaving him stunned.

‘I have faith in him…I trust him… I know he will come back he promised.’

I met up with Shane and Jane in the parking lot and rode my car. We went to the mall to buy the remaining things we need for the baby shower slash bridal-groom party. Afterwards, we went straight to Mike’s house. Cristel, Shane and Rich did the decorations with Axel, Sean and Drake and also Mike and Ferra’s dads while Jane and I helped their moms in preparing the food.

“Everything’s ready?” I asked as their moms and I come in the party room that has tables and chairs arranged, there were balloons of different colors ribbons and a banner saying “Bliss of Blessing” since we can’t identify yet the gender of their baby and for sure everyone’s going to be busy on the next months, so we decided to do it today instead while everyone is free.

“Yes, we’re done.” Shane said.

“Well, this is the last.” Jane said as she came in with a tray full of tarts and put it down on the table.

“Wow that looks delicious.” Axel said and tries to get one tart but Jane smacked his hand.

“What the! What is that for?” He grumbled but Jane was glaring at him.

“You should not get any, they are not yet here!” Jane said and Axel leaned forward making his face close to hers. And I noticed her change of mood then, snub him and Axel just smiled then walked towards my direction.

“What was that?” I asked and he looked at me with a ‘What?’ face.


“You just flirted with your cousin.” I said and his brow shoots up.

“No, I did not…I just intimidated her. Just like how I do with other girls.” He said, surely smug.

“Not good, Axel.” I admonish and he put his both hands up.

“Whoa, relax sis-in-law…. that’s the only way to make her shut up.” He defended but I just raised a brow at him.

“Don’t do it again.” I said and he smiled.

“Yes, Sis-in-law.” He said, wiggling his brows at me and I just rolled my eyes on him.

Our classmates gradually arrived, the crowd thickens and they all have something for Ferra or for the couple and for the baby. Well, they bought baby supplies that are unisex. Also, Mike and Ferra’s relatives came.

“Guys! Mike texted. They’re coming!” Cristel announced and we all grouped ourselves in front of the door.

“What is this all about?” We heard a faint voice of Ferra.

“Just open the door.” Mike said.

And after a sec, the door opened.

“SURPRISE!!!!” We chorused and Ferra gaped, speechless at the moment.

“Oh my God, thanks guys!” Ferra finally said.

“Like it?” Mike asked and she turned to him then nodded.

“So, you know this all along?” She asked and he just smiled.

“Well, actually it’s his idea.” Mike’s mom said so Ferra looked at her and smiled then turned back to Mike who was tingeing.

“No problem, anything for you and for our baby.” He said and Ferra gave him a quick peck on the lips.

“Ahhhhh.” We cooed and they both blushed.

“Well, come on. We have plenty of gifts for you.” Jane said and they walk in.

The crowd surrounds them, greeting them, telling them to open their gifts first, some hug or kisses either the two of them.

We all ate chat, the guys had beer but only light then we all got to see what the gifts are when they started to open the gifts. It was a perfect party with perfect scene, Mike and Ferra happy with each other.

‘I really wish he is here…. I really miss him.’

“Hey.” Axel said who stood beside me.

“Hey.” I answered looking at the people in the party.

“Thinking about Kent?” He asked and I nodded.

“Yeah, I can’t lie that I miss him so much.” I said and he smiled.

“I’m sure he misses you too.” He said and I smiled back at him.

“Hey! There are still many foods here!” Rich called and I nodded.

“He’ll be back soon.” Axel said before he leaves to get some food and before I knew it, he’s already quarreling with Jane. The two of them can be a couple if they are not cousins.

Months had past, we finished our first semester, had gone through Practice Teaching on and off campus even Christmas and New Year came plus Valentine’s Day had past but I never heard anything about him, he never went home for holidays. I madly miss him, now.

‘Had he forgotten me? Did he make up with Phoebe? Found another girl?’

‘Don’t be silly. Trust him! He promised!’ My ego shot back at me.

‘What if…’

‘No, have faith in him; trust him…that’s what you should do.’

I sighed, maybe I should listen to my ego… and I should not stress myself. Today is my special day. I should be happy!

Then, a light knock sounded from my door, taking me away from my muse.

“Jadyn, are you done? You wouldn’t want to be late today.” My mom said.

“Ah, I’m almost done Mom.” I said, looking at the mirror.

“Okay, we’ll wait for you downstairs.”

“Yes, Mom.” I said and I heard her footsteps went away.

I wore a white halter sheath dress that went down just above my knees matched up with my silver pumps. I applied a smoky eye shadow to emphasize my eyes then lip gloss, mascara and a pink blush on. I turn around one time and smiled at myself on the mirror then took my black graduation gown held it on my arm and my cap plus my hand bag.

I went out of my room and strode down the stairs, my parents and even my brother looked at me as I make my way to them.

“You just look beautiful, Jadyn.” My Dad said as soon as I stepped down.

“Thanks Dad.” I said and hugged him.

“Congratulations, sweetie.” Mom said and I smiled at her and gave her a big hug too.

“Thanks to you two.” I said as I pull away from our hug.

“Congratulations Sis.” Ace said and I smiled at him.

“Thanks.” I said and he paced backwards.

“Please no hugs.” He said and we chuckled.

“Okay, big boy.” I said.

“Well, here’s our graduation gift for you.” Mom said as she pulled a box from her shoulder bag. It’s a red long box with silver ribbon. I took it and just stared at it.

“Open it.” Dad said and so did I.

It is a silver customized pen with my name imprinted on it in golden color. I stared at in awe for a minute or so.

“Thanks, Mom, Dad!” I said and pulled them in a hug again.

“You’re welcome.” They said but not in unison then I pulled away and looked at it again.

“Well, let’s go.” Dad said and I nodded then closed the box and put it in my hand bag.

We went out to the garage and went in our family van. The drive to my school was quite quick and when I arrived there my Mom and Dad let me look for my friends. I spot them together, I guess, I’m the only one that is not there. Shane is wearing a cute pink doll dress and she’s with Drake, that’s in his white button down shirt and black slacks, Rich is wearing a red sheath dress falling down at her knees with Sean, that’s wearing a navy blue button down shirt with black slacks then Mike on his gray button down shirt and black slacks while Ferra’s wearing a flowy brown dress that fell down on her knees and perfectly shows off her round baby bump and Cristel is wearing a baby blue tube that only went down her mid-thigh while Jane is in her green doll dress and Axel is wearing a polo shirt and black jeans since he’s a visitor. I went to them and chat until we were told to wear our graduation gowns and cap.

We all seated in alphabetical order on the right side of the auditorium except for Mike who stayed with Ferra, while all the parents are on the other side.

Shane and I were ranked as Magna Cum Laude. Rich and others from different major and course are ranked Suma Cum Laude and included to the Cum Laude list is Mike.

The Ceremony lasted almost two hours but ended with an around applause and threw our caps up.

“Congratulations!” We chorused.

Before we went out of the auditorium, we had picture takings with our parents and all of us together and even when we went out of the auditorium. Then I looked around, and saw everyone gets a bouquet flower.

‘He’s not here…. He hasn’t come back yet.’

“Guys, I’ll just go walk around.” I said and they nodded.

I was walking and looking around when I bumped on someone making me look straight, he’s a guy wearing a blue three fourth sleeve polo shirt and black slacks with a big bouquet of red roses that covers his face. I’m about to say sorry but the guy spoke.

“WHAT THE! ARE YOU BLIND?” And my brow shoots up in annoyance.

“Well, it is your fault too. If I know you’re walking with that bouquet stuck on your face.” I said and then I heard him chuckle.

“What’s funny?” I asked and he stopped chuckling.

“You never change.” He said and my face scrunched up in confusion.

‘What is he saying?’

“You’re still Feisty….” He said and my heart responded with his words. Throbbing like crazy.

‘Why do I feel like this?’

“You’re still feisty…” He repeated.

“My chubby cheeks.” He said as he put down the bouquet and I was stunned.

“You’re back!” Those are the only words that I said in this time.

‘He is back! He really is back! He made his promise true!’

“Yup I’m back just what I promised.” He said as he walks close to me.

“I’m glad you did.”

“Me too.” He said and he leaned forward to kiss me, I wrapped my hands around his neck, pulling him closer to me while he pulled my waist closer to him. The taste of his mouth in mine; the minty flavor, the warmth our heat, his scent and his breath and HIM…I missed them all. I missed him.

“Ahhh…” I heard the crowd cooed but I didn’t care.

“Jeez, you two get some room!” Jane complained and they chuckled.

“No, I’m enjoying the view.” Rich said and giggles.

“Yeah, me too.” Shane said and they all giggled.

We pulled away, both panting but smiling.

“I miss you.”

“I miss you more…I’m sorry if I hadn’t communicated with anyone for a while, I had been so busy.” He explained but I don’t really care about it anymore as long as he’s here now.

“It’s okay.” I said and he smiled.

“Uhm, if not a bother, can you do that cuddling later and go now to our graduation ball?” Mike asked in his ever whimsy tone.

“Sure.” I said, grinning he pulled away from the hug but kept his one hand on my waist.

“Your flowers.” He said and I took it.


As we walk, we met my parents and Ace.

“Well, we’ll leave her to you now.” Dad said and Kent nodded.

“Sure Tristan. I’ll take care of her.”

“We know you will.” Mom said.

“Now, Jadyn… have some fun.” Mom said to me.

“Sure Mom.” I said and then they walked away from us.

I rode with him in his car since I came here with my parents and he is automatically my date. The graduation ball is held in one of the five-star Hotels in the town. We partied ’til the sun sets but Mike and Ferra had to go home ahead since she’s easily exhausted.

After the party, we went to a hill top and stayed there for a while enjoying the view of the city lights and the starry sky. We sat on the hood of his car; my head resting on his chest while his arm drape on my shoulder.


“Hmm?” I looked up at him meeting his eyes as he looked down at me.

“Just want to say it again…”


“I love you.”

“I love you too.” I answered and he leaned down to kiss me, deeply.

‘I must say and admit…. love do find its own way.’

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