Don't Stay Close to Me

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Months after the graduation Ferra gave birth to a cute baby boy, they named him, Dylan. He is practically looked like Mike but got Ferra’s reddish hair which makes him so adorable. While Shane and Rich are still with their boyfriends, Sean and Drake who are working in a company in our place while Shane and Rich are working in Brookswind Academy; Cristel went to Nebraska to work there and fully stay with her parents. Then, Jane is now an assistant head chef in one of the biggest restaurants in France, she doesn’t date anyone but I notice something about her and Axel—they are just so acting weird lately and speaking of which, Axel had graduated a year after us since he took a five-year course; and he was immediately employed in a German Company and now working there as the Head of his own department in the company.

Did I forget anyone?


Aside from being out of our picture, she’s not insisting herself back to Kent and I heard she’s traveling around the world along with other models for a worldwide fashion show.

Oh, well as for me, I’m happy now.

After the graduation, I took the opportunity to apply with several schools but I didn’t really have to bother to do so since Kent already arranged my papers with Adison Prep so we will be working together in one school and he that’s the reason why he hadn’t have any communication with us before our graduation.

“Hello, soon to be Mrs. Hanely.” Kent said as he pulls my waist and took me close to him, pressing my back on his front.

“Hi, my hubby to be.” I said and he nuzzles on my hair.

“So, let’s go now?” He asked and I nodded then turned to face him.

“I don’t want the wedding dress waiting.” I said and he smiled.

“Well, maybe it could wait after a kiss.” He said and leaned forward to kiss me, deeply.

We’re now engaged after two years of relationship he asked me to marry him in our anniversary. He just rented a private dining room that day, it was filled with red roses and a string quartet in the background; he proposed right after we eat and with no hesitation I said ‘Yes.’ I just can’t explain what I felt that day and to look back those days we were just student-teacher enemies but now…we found ourselves in love. And now, we’re hands on organizing our wedding on the fourth of April.

I stayed away but I was still caught in the hands of love and will always say it again and again….

“I love you.” I said after we pulled away.

“I love you too, Jadyn.”


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