Don't Stay Close to Me

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My eyes are stuck in the clock watching its fingers move, waiting for each class to be dismissed. They all started so boring. But I just raise a hand and recite, trying to be active just not to end up sleeping in the class and hoping my interest would be awaken by this way.

Every time the bell rings, I feel relieved. It’s like my life savior especially when it gets more bored and bored in the class. We went to get our things for the next class in our lockers when I noticed an envelope flew when I opened my locker. Hurriedly, I chased and got it fast. At first look, I felt averse on its baby pink color (I don’t really like pink) but then, I flipped it and saw the words ‘From an Admirer’ written on it and I felt a bit of flatter.

Nevertheless, I suddenly snap out of it and thought ‘what if someone is just fooling around on me?’ So, I threw it and gathered the things I need and slammed my locker close. Bewildered of my mood, my friends are just looking at me and followed me.

We were walking towards the laboratory room when suddenly Mike spoke.

“DEAR JADYN!” Mike exclaimed. And it made me jolt my head and was so surprised that he’s holding the envelope I threw a while ago and reading the letter inside it. I tried to get it but he held it high so I can’t reach it.

“Hey! Give it to me!” I demanded as I reach for the letter.

“No! You already have thrown it away!” He held it higher causing him to tiptoe.

“But it’s not right to read that! It’s still mine. My name’s in there!” I reason out. Playing with me he runs a distance from me and started reading it again.

“DEAR JADYN! I REALLY LIKE YOU SINCE THE VERY FIRST DAY I SAW YOU…!” He reads aloud. Glowering at him, I tried to chase him but as much as I tried to catch him, he reads aloud another line. So, I acted like I’m pissed off and conceded. He started to saunter towards me. With perfect timing, I grabbed the paper from his hand and hid it. And I laughed triumphantly.

“You’re so mean! And selfish! I was enjoying!” He complained.

“HA-HA-HA. I don’t care. It’s personal!” I teased him as I showed my tongue, annoying him.

“What was that, a love letter?” Shane asked when we got back to them.

“Yes!” He said quickly.

“NO!” I disagreed.

“It is!” Mike argued.

We continued arguing while walking down the corridor; chasing each other, pushing each other and shouting like little kids, until we reached the laboratory room.

“Why can’t you just shut up? “Cristel complained with our noise; and as usual she got her one brow raised and looking straight at me. Looking back at her, I raised an eyebrow.

“And why can’t you just mind your own BITCH BUSINESS?” I countered then turned around and sashayed towards the last table and my friends followed me grinning broadly at my act and that only made Cristel pissed even more. No one really cared what happened, they are just used to it.

“Don’t tell me, our lab professor will be late.” I complained.

“Maybe—I don’t care.” Mike responded while scrolling on his phone. So, Shane, Rich and I just played with papers, writing words we just thought of and chuckle. We shared expectations about this year and with our subjects, too.

“I really wish I COULD PASS! I want to graduate!” Shane breathed out.

“You will, you’re smart. As for me, I want to have A BOYFRIEND THIS YEAR!” Rich giggled and we all chuckled.

“That won’t happen.” Mike cut in. And Rich glowered at him and got a crumpled piece of paper to throw to him but he instantly avoided.

Suddenly, a shadow passed by the corner of my eye and everyone’s giggling and said ‘Good Morning, Sir.’ repeatedly—echoing the room. The three of us turned our heads to see who is in, though I already know who, well who else can make my classmates flirt and giggle but him, only him. Rich and Shane giggled so quick and greeted the teacher. I turned away and pat Mike’s head to get his attention.

“Keep your phone, the teacher’s in.” I said and he immediately looked who is the teacher—seeing that it is him, he grinned so big.

“Hi, Sir!” He exclaimed exaggeratedly while waving his hand. And I just thumped my hand on my forehead as if embarrassed with what he did.

“It’s you again class. I guess we won’t really miss each other.” Professor Hanely said with his playful voice making the girls giggle. EXCLUDE ME PLEASE! It’s gross!

“Okay, I’ll go get your manuals and we’ll start the activity as soon as possible.” He said and simpered before going out. And I just thought ‘what a Hell of a teacher!’ and my classmates giggled. They are just crazy!

While he’s out, everyone prepared for the activity today. They are like bees buzzing, talking about him. Then, I heard a weird or should I say ‘nonsense’ idea—it’s not that I am eavesdropping it was just ‘loud’ enough for me to hear.

“I won’t let this semester end without getting down with him.” Cristel said.

“For real?” Ferra replied.

“Yeah. I know he can’t resist me.” Cristel said smugly and they both chuckled.

With what I heard, it just made me half smile and shook my head. But then, with the thought of having Professor Hanely handling two units this semester makes me think that—this is just a joke. It should be. ‘PLEASE TELL ME THIS IS JUST A JOKE!’ I mentally screamed, madly.

“Okay. Here are your manuals. . .” He said as he comes in the room. And I snapped.

“Can you just get mine? Don’t want to stand…” I whispered to Mike. But before he can even answer, Professor Hanely continued.

“I want you to come and get your manual so you could affix your signature in my list…no proxies.” He said firmly.

“Sorry, can’t do it.” Mike whispered back to me. And I just scowled and buried my face on my arms, while the JERK started calling names.

“Miss Avis…” He called out.

I lifted my head and sluggishly stood up. I sauntered towards the teacher’s table. He gave me a pen but I refused to get it by pulling out my sign pen. I lifted his notebook or logbook—or whatever he calls it and put its edge against my chest and affixed my signature. As I sign, I can feel his eyes looking at me—unblinking— ‘what’s the matter with this guy??’ I thought. I lobbed it back on the table and he handed me my manual. Then, I turned around and was to start walking back to my seat when he ‘obviously’ cleared his throat as if to get my attention. ’What now???’ I mentally grumbled. But I just looked back with one brow raised. ’Well, I’m not really a bad girl so I’ll just give this JERK a chance.’ I thought.

“Forgetting something?” He asked. I thought for a sec and I got it! The ‘thank you thingy.’ Whatever! I rolled my eyes and turned around again and started walking.

“Okay. Thanks.” I said, waving the manual above my shoulders and I felt him grin on that. When I got back to my seat—I was right! He was grinning. JERK!!!

After distributing the manuals, we immediately started with our first activity. As we perform the activity, he roams around the room looking on us. Being so lazy, I took the job of jotting down observations and let Shane, Rich and Mike perform the experiment. Every time he stops behind me and look down on my notes, I feel this different kind of creeps…and I hate it!! So, I walk away from him and go to Mike and Shane as if so curious about the results (Well, I’m really curious.) and by that time, he continues to walk around the room. When he reaches Cristel’s table, I can really hear them flirt on him…they are really more flirt than the other girls in our class. Resisting to look at them, I shook my head and concentrated on the experiment.

We were almost done in the experiment so I arrange the observations I gathered, while they prepare for the last part of the activity. With a glimpse I saw Shane is about to put a concentrated sulfuric acid on a damp test tube—this is bad! —so I tugged her hand holding the test tube away from the dropper and she just looked at me; puzzled.

“You can’t put concentrated sulfuric acid into a damp test tube…” I said as I take the test tube out of her hand and took an old clean cloth from my bag and cleaned it carefully.

“Why can’t I put concentrated sulfuric acid into a damp test tube?” Shane asked curiously.

“It’s because it will— “

Before I could finish a sudden popping, sound echoed in the room accompanied with a crashing sound of a fallen test tube and the scream of the girls. And that made me pause and all of us looked at Cristel’s group Professor Hanely calmly went to them to look if someone’s hurt. Unfortunately—I mean—fortunately, no one was hurt. In spite what happened Cristel and Ferra along with their other group mates still managed to flirt with Professor Hanely. ‘HELL, OF BITCHES.’ I thought.

“That will happen.” I continued, turning to Shane.

Then, suddenly another similar event happened—intentionally? So, Professor Hanely went to them after assuring that Cristel ’s group were alright. —Idiots.

“Why?” Shane asked and I snapped.

“Because concentrated sulfuric acid is highly reactive with water.”

“Ahhh…” She cried as if enlightened. Then, she gave to me the dropper with sulfuric acid to me and I took it with confusion on my face.

“You do it.” She said with her cutest smile and puppy eyes.

“Alright.” I said, rolling my eyes and she is just smiling. Her blue eyes really make me give in easily every time.

After I dry the test tube, I wore my laboratory gloves and did the right procedure that I know. AND IT WAS A SUCCESS!!! No foolish clumsiness, phew! I’ve done it correctly and then I gave it to Mike so they could finish the experiment. Unconsciously, I caught Professor Hanely looking at me, our eyes locked, then he half smiled and I took my stare back—UGH! I just hate that!! I went back to my work just not to catch a stare with him again.

Few minutes before our time end but after we kept our things away and cleaned up, he announces another burden to our lives. HE REALLY ENJOYS THAT!

“Alright class. Aside from your activity sheets I would like you to make a laboratory report, by group, about today’s experiment.” He said. And everyone groans about the idea. Well. I can’t blame them we really have too many things to do…not everyone can multi-task! You know!

“Sir that’s too much!” May exclaimed, and everybody nodded in approval.

“We have too many requirements with other subjects.” Dixon added and everyone also agreed. But he just posed a smile. And it just made me raise an eyebrow in annoyance. How could he smile on our situation??? WATTA JERK!!! If only I could kick his ass I would!

“You’ve been here for almost four years now. I know you can do this simple task.”

‘What are we, super humans? The heck!’

“But, Sir!!” Cristel finally spoke.

“Okay” He said as he raises a bit of his voice and his forehead creased making him look serious.

‘Well. Well. Well, the Jerk is losing patience! Hahaha!’

“It’s fixed; you’ll make a laboratory report—It’s actually made easy because it’s by group—Do you want it to be individual?” He threatened. And everyone whined but was forced to agree with his latter idea.

‘Okay. He’s good in turning tables. Bullshit!’

“All right then.” He said with the sound of victory in his voice and his cocky smile is back.

“The due will be tomorrow at the faculty room at exactly five o’clock. Late write-ups will not be accepted.” He instructed and another groan echoed the room making my classmates to be noisy—as usual. And so, he clapped his hands to get our attention and to make us shut up.

“Okay. Okay. Are there any questions or clarifications about my instructions?” He waited for about a minute if someone will raise a question but there was none.

“I guess we’re okay now. You’re dismissed.” He said.

‘Yeah, you’re okay—but we’re obviously not!!! You are so pressuring us! Jerk!’

And my classmates vacate the room buzzing about the laboratory repot we need to do.

“So, what are we going to do?” Mike asked us.

“Let’s just go to the library now, so we could answer the activity sheets and do some parts of the report, I’ll just fill it in when I get home.” I answered.

“Sounds like a plan. Nice idea. So, let’s go?” Rich invited.

“Yeah, let’s go!” Shane exclaimed. So, we hurriedly went to the library to start the crap that Professor Hanely had given to us.

After that very serious—almost—reading, well, we laughed more than reading…we finished answering the activity sheets and got some parts of the report done. Satisfied with what we accomplished we treated ourselves a delicious snack! And we went on our own after school activities afterwards.

When I reached home, I noticed that Mom and Dad’s cars are not yet in the garage; it means I got home earlier this time. I searched the house if Ace is already around but he is not. I guess he has a basketball practice today. *Sigh. *

I went upstairs to my room and threw my bag on the couch and let myself slump on my bed; face first, burying it unto my pillows. I feel like a drain battery—or BORED—totally exhausted! Then, I felt like grime is all over me so I decided to refresh myself. I jump out of my bed and went to the bathroom, taking off my silly uniform.

I let the water run to fill the tub and I put a quarter of my favorite vanilla scented liquid soap. When it was done, I dipped in and the feeling is a BLISS!!! I felt the water wash away the grime I was feeling and the scent took away the stress that this day had brought. I closed my eyes as I savor this moment when suddenly an irritating image came into my mind—his smug smile, his freaking stare!! Damn! Why is Professor Hanely in my mind?? Maybe because of fatigue? I quickly opened my eyes—Why did I thought of him? —that CONCEITED JERK! I shouldn’t give time thinking of him! HELL! THAT WAS TOTALLY CREEPY! Goosebumps on my nape, I feel it.

I immersed my head and shook it several times, thinking ‘I don’t want that cocky ass jerk in my mind!’

I took few minutes in the tub until I had enough of it and rinsed; then, got dressed up. I pulled my laptop out of my bag and started finishing our laboratory report. Darn it! THIS JOKE WILL NEVER BE FUNNY! HE IS A JERK!!!!!!

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