Don't Stay Close to Me

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We were outside the faculty room fifteen minutes before five o’clock. Obviously, we are earlier than the other group. And, I was just looking around, observing—he might pass by, I hope.

“Go now! It’s better to be early.” Mike said as he pats me on the shoulder that only distracted me on what I was doing. ‘Where is he? Isn’t he coming?’

“Don’t be in a hurry. He said pass it at exactly five o’clock and it’s still 4:58, two minutes more.” I retorted, still looking around.

“Yeah, but—” Mike paused when he noticed that I was up to something else. ’Damn! He’s a really good observer! And why did I make it obvious? STUPID!

“Who are you looking for?” He said as his eyes narrowed and one brow rose.

“Huh?” I replied, acting innocent.

“It’s HIM you are looking for!” He concluded and I double take. ‘C’mon Jadyn, change the topic!’ I looked at my watch. Perfect!

“It’s five o’clock, I’ll pass this now.” I said as I squinted and scoot in the faculty room. *Sigh. * Saved!

I was forced to pass this DAMN report because Mike just noticed me looking for him! I hate it! I’m so stupid! Before I looked for Professor Hanley’s table, I searched the room if he was around but he’s not. Unlucky me. *Sigh. *

“Looking for me?” A sudden masculine voice reached my ear that made me jump a bit from surprise. ’Maybe it’s him! I thought it was him but when I turned around my smile faded away and I just raised an eyebrow and scowl at Professor Hanely—the cocky ass jerk is so smirking! ‘FYI, I am not looking for you!!!’

“Oh, it’s you…” I muttered dryly.

“Here” I continued, handing him our laboratory report. He looked at his watch before he takes the report. ‘Can’t you take it first before looking at your watch?? Conceited!’

“On time.” He grinned and took the laboratory report from me. And I just noticed his cheeks puckered; his dimples revealed but I really haven’t noticed it until now…

‘WHOA!!! Wait a sec! What am I saying?? I should leave this room at once! I think there’s an evil in here and I am saying such things!! Waah!’

“Our report’s there already. I’m leaving now.” I said as I walk pass by him.

“Miss Avis, who are you expecting to see here other than me?” He asked that made me stop from walking. ‘How did he notice that?? Was I obvious again? But he was behind me...Ugh! Hate it!’

“It’s none of your business.” I responded.

“Well, okay…” He said. Thank goodness…He didn’t think of anything else.

“But it’s my business to remind you about the case study you need to pass to me tomorrow.” He said. And I double take, looking at him with one brow raised.

‘What the heck is he talking about?? What case study??----wait! I remember! It was in the lecture class—the case study about my made-up allergy! Damn! How could I forget it?! STUPID, Jadyn!’ I mentally punched my forehead.

“Don’t tell me you forget it, Miss Avis and— “He spoke and I snapped.

“No. I didn’t forget it.” I cut in and gave him a confident look. I don’t want him to think that he could win over me this way. Hell NO!

“Okay, I’ll expect it tomorrow then.” He said with gloat in his voice. ASSHOLE!!

I turned around ignoring his plague at me. JERK! And stupid me for forgetting that case study. I should think fast. I won’t like that Smug would win over me. NO WAY! I’ll screw him up! I won’t let him BEAT ME!

I was itching to go home get the case study done! And so, when the last period was over, I hurriedly got in my car saying quick good byes to my friends.

When I got home after 10 freaking fast minutes beating the traffic…I rushed in my room, turned on my computer and started making ‘my case study’.

Words and ideas just kept on coming into my mind like an unending flow of river—yeah, this is what I like…my brain works pretty well in screwing people. My hands are working like a pro typist and I found myself halfway done. But I need data—data and testimonies to support this crap! Damn! ‘What’s the use of the internet, Jadyn? Duh! Stupidity?’ So, I logged in to my different accounts in different social networking sites and gathered the needed data NOT ONLY THAT, I’ve got this case study defended and approved in an instant! Impossible? Nothing is impossible with me. BRILLIANT! I love my internet connection!

After an hour or two, I’ve got myself the case study in ‘Allergies with BITCHES AND ASSHOLES’ all I need to do is to read it thoroughly so he can’t say anything about this against me. A grin grew on my face feeling satisfaction with my work. He’ll surely enjoy reading this, as if he is describing his own self. Hahaha!

I printed it and bind it afterwards I put it in my bag. I turned off the computer and stood up from my seat and stretched my muscles and joints. And I finally breathed out in relief. I’ve got many things to thank about; first, our Writing the Discipline Professor when we were freshman for not being lazy in teaching us how to make those kinds of thesis or research papers and my online connection, of course, also to my brilliant thinking. Ah, I am so blessed!

After I refresh myself, I went downstairs and helped my Mom in cooking for dinner, believe it or not I know how to cook…and bake! I do miss this bonding with my Mom, we’re always busy.

“Ya know what, the Hudgekins are leaving next week.” My Mom broke the news to me as she sets the table and I felt a little hurt.


“Yes, sweetie…” She said and looked at me pitifully; she knows how close I am with the Hudgekins.

“Where are they going?”

“They’ll migrate in Canada.”

“Wow. But, what about their house? Will they sell it?”

“Actually, it’s already sold.”

“Oh. I wonder who bought it.”

“We’ll know about that when they’ll move in.” She said as she goes in the kitchen and I nod as a reply to her. I was left standing beside the dining table.

The Hudgekins had been our friends since I was a child and they’d been like a family to us. They are really kind and friendly; generous, too! And it’s sad to know that they’re leaving but maybe it is good for them to live with their children in Canada. However, I hope our new neighbor will be like them. I wonder who they are.

After our movie marathon bonding, I went upstairs to my room. I took a quick glance on the case study I had made. And I thought how funny he would look like when he’s reading this—this beautiful case study of mine.

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