Don't Stay Close to Me

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He is surprisingly ahead of us and my girl classmates were really hooked to him; even my girlfriends and Mike—crazy…

‘What the Heck?! Is he that appealing? Sorry, I don’t feel it. Hahaha!’

They are really greeting him and he just posed his sexy smile…

‘Wait! What did I say? Sexy? Where did I get that? That can really make me puke!’

I mentally shook that off my mind, that’s not a good thing to think…especially if it’s about him…

When I came in, I welcomed him with a ‘WHATSOEVER’ look no smile at all and lobbed the case study on the table and went straight to my seat without minding him. I sat on my seat and looked outside; I don’t want to see his freaking cocky look…

“Thank you, Miss Avis, I’m sure I’ll enjoy reading this.” He said as I see him from the corner of my eye, glancing on it.

‘Yeah, right. You’ll really enjoy it…because it’s about you!’

I mentally laughed at it while I keep my eyes outside.

He started the class discussion based on the assignments he had given to us last meeting. And I made myself busy on jotting down notes but we seldom catch stares and I take back my stare, as usual, and start writing again…Sometimes I do participate in class discussions ‘voluntarily’ but often times he calls me to answer questions that my classmates can’t—and Cristel and his other fan girls glare at me—well, they don’t like that their ‘ever beloved Prof. Hanely’ notices me, only me.


Sometimes I laugh with them in class but when I catch him smile at me, I stop and give him a ‘WHAT-DO-YOU-WANT-JERK?’ looks but he just kept on doing it, smiling at me irritatingly! Heck! But from time to time I treat Professor Hanely like he doesn’t exist though it’s hard because he’s a total SMUG that gets in my nerves!

While in the laboratory sessions, I keep myself busy with the activity, writing observations or do the experiment myself…but there would always be the time that I can’t avoid him because he’s my FREAKING TEACHER! He asks questions as he roams around the room while we do our experiments.

‘HECK! What does he want us to do? Multi-task? What are we robots?’

He occasionally stops behind me and throws a question at me…nevertheless I shut him up when I answer his question more detailed than others— ‘DUH! I AM NOT THAT STUPID!’

And then he just smiles and praises me—I know he’s just goading… I seldom plague him whenever I felt doing it so especially when I am in the extremes of annoyance. I really find no words to describe how his whole existence annoys me plus the flirtatious act of the BITCHES and how they get mad when he notices me…well, maybe their egos are hurt when he sees me even, I don’t flirt—BUT I DON’T LIKE IT!


I hate it but I need to bear with it… *Sigh. *

“You’ve been quite a quiet girl these past days.” Mike teased at me after the laboratory class and I just gave him my ‘DUH’ look.

“Don’t you know why she’s acting like that?” Rich said as she circled me. ‘Okay. That’s weird.’

“She’s hungry?” Mike responded that made us chuckle.

“You’re so slow, Mike!” Shane taunted playfully.


“She’s missing someone!” Rich exclaimed at him. And I was- ‘WHAT? WHAT IS SHE SAYING?’

“Huh?” I asked, so puzzled.

“AHHHHH!” Mike cried as he gets the point but I HAVEN’T!

“What the HELL are you talking about?!” I exclaimed. I want to know what they mean!

“YOU miss Sir Vex…” Mike muttered. And I felt my blood rushed to my face up to my hairline that made me tinge.

“I HATE YOU!” I shouted and we all laughed at that moment and then Mike paused.

“Speaking of which, he’s coming.” He said looking on a direction and so we looked, too. And there he was walking towards us in his usual look: black slacks, peach colored button-down shirt under his black suit like other teachers. As he drew closer to us my smile grew into a grin. ‘Yeah, I did miss him.’

“Good afternoon, sir.” I greeted but he SNUBS me!

“Oh! I HATE IT! He snubbed me!” I exclaimed and stomped away but before I could even step on my second pace, a hand grabbed my arm and tugged me closer to him. My heart throbbed in his closeness to me.

“Hey! I was just kidding!” He said but I just scowled.

“Oh, you’re such a kid.” He said as he let go of my arm and ruffles my hair and I smiled. I can’t stay mad at him; his brown eyes are just so cute to give in.

“Yeah, I am. But stop messing my hair.” I complained and he removed his hand on my head. So, I fixed my hair then he rested his arm on my shoulder…

“So how are you guys?” He turned to my friends.

“We’re fine, Sir.” They chimed with a smile.

“Totally!” Rich added and he smiled.

“You’re heavy, you know.” I grudge and he turned to me; our eyes met…oh, his eyes are so warm.

“Na, I know you can take that…you’re strong.” He said, grinning at me.

“Ha-Ha. I know right.” I said sarcastically.

“Sir, ya know what, Jadyn missed you!” Mike suddenly blabbed and I felt that I tinge again but I managed to control it. I gave Mike an ‘I’ll-get-you-later’ look yet he is just smiling with Shane and Rich.

“What’s the problem with that? Right, Sir?” I retorted and stuck a tongue on Mike.

“Nothing. Besides, I also missed Jadyn.” He said as he gave me his sweetest smile and a wink. Now, I am melting…Then, my friends giggled and screamed and I can’t help but blush.

Then, we started talking again. We’re already having a great talk when Professor Hanely walked by from his fan girls. Professor Vex’s arm left my shoulder; I felt its weight gone. He turned to Professor Hanely when he saw him. And I just hate it! So, I just turned to my friends.

“Good afternoon, Sir.” Professor Hanely greeted and I saw from the corner of my eye that their hands clasped.

“Likewise. So, are you done with your class today?” Professor Vex asked as they release their hands.

“Yup, I just dismissed them.” He said as he looks at us.

“You mean you handle them?”


“So, have they given you headaches already?”

“Nope.” He answered quickly.

Then Professor Vex put his arms around my neck and pulled me to him, making me face Professor Hanely. The cocky ass jerk!

“You’re choking me.” I joked as I look at him.

“You’re exaggerating.” He said and ruffled my hair. Then I playfully smacked his hand and fixed my hair while his hand rested on my shoulder.

“What about Jadyn? Has she been a good girl?” He turned to Professor Hanely.

“Not really, to be honest.” He said and I looked at him deviously but he just smiled so I looked away and crossed my arms on my chest. He’s really a JACKASS! Then, Professor Vex spun me, facing him.

“So, you’ve been a bad girl.”

“I’ve always been.” I said with a brow raised. And he laughed.

“Yeah, right…” He said then turned to Professor Hanely.

“Well, Kent you’ll surely have a problem with her attitude… Her hormones are somewhat unstable.” He said and I playfully elbowed his side with a scowl but he just laughed.

“Just kidding…But no need to worry about her in class, she’s definitely good!” He said with a grin.

“You really know them, Sir.”

“Yup. Because these kids were my students twice.”

“That should’ve been thrice…” I cut in giving Professor Hanely a quick evil stare.

“Don’t worry, Jadyn. Kent can give you challenges as much or more than I can do.” He said then pats my shoulder.

“Yeah, right.” I said sarcastically and Professor Hanely just smirked.

“Well, I have to go now.” Professor Vex said after looking at his watch. Then, gave me another quick tap on the shoulder.

He smiled at Professor Hanely then walked but stopped in the midway and turned.

“Jadyn!” He called out and I looked at him.

“You take care and—don’t be a bad girl!” He continued and I just smiled.

“I’ll try!” I shouted back at him and he smiled then went on walking again. While I turned to my friends that started teasing me.

“Stop that! Let’s go to the--” I can’t finish my sentence because of their teasing.

“To the? To the? Oh! You’re speechless!” Mike teased.

“Shut up!”

“You’re blushing Jadyn!” Rich took note of it. Then, I looked away. I can feel my cheeks are burning—I am really blushing.

“No, I’m not!” I denied and started walking.

“Yes, you do!” Shane said.

“Oh, by the way Sir, can I ask something?” Mike asked to someone.

“Sure.” Professor Hanely replied to Mike. I totally forgot that he was there. Hearing his voice made me feel a sudden chill. He was there all along when I was all but blushing!! DARN IT! I don’t want him to see me like that! I hate him!

“Do you have a girlfriend or you’re married?”

“Mike!!” Rich exclaimed in embarrassment with Mike.

“What? I am just asking.”

“You’re totally insane.” Shane said.

And I just looked back at them then I saw Professor Hanely smirked.

“I don’t have a girlfriend neither married.” He answered.

“Yes!” Mike gushed and fist pumped in the air.

“As if you have a chance.” Shane shot back.

“What did you say?” Mike asked as he raised an eyebrow.

“Nothing, I said you’re nuts.”

“Well, I’ll go ahead now kids, see you around.” Professor Hanely said as he went towards the faculty room.

“Bye, Sir. Love lots!” Mike flirted. He’s crazy! And that’s gross!! While Professor Hanely just smiled.

If I’ll get to see him every day, I’ll surely get used to this crap routine of classes with Professor Hanely!

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