Don't Stay Close to Me

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An envelope dropped when I opened my locker, I picked it up and flip it. ‘From an Admirer’ it’s the same phrase written on each envelope I find in my locker.

‘Another one?’

“Well. Well. He’s consistent, eh.” Shane said as they come close to me.

“Open it!” Mike demanded and we quickly looked at him with a raised brow.

“What? I just want to read a part of it!” He defended.

“It’s personal. That’s a big no, no.” I said as I put it in my bag.

“You’re such a kill joy!” Mike grumbled then Rich jerked his head.

“Don’t you know what privacy is?” Rich said and he just scowled and pouted.

“Well.” I said and closed my locker.

“Let’s go to our room or else we’ll be late. We don’t want to receive an award from Prof. Tan, do you?” I told them sweetly.

“Yeah, right.” Shane answered.

And so, we stroll towards our room and as usual we make our noise; our own music.

Half of my mind is with our teacher but the other half is wondering who has been sending me love letters. It was really sweet but I hesitate if it’s for real or Cristel and Ferra are just playing on me. I should not fall in their trap. I need to figure out if this is for real or another trick on me.

After the class my friends and I planned to catch who is my pseudo Admirer [I guess.]. We studied his pattern of leaving the letter in my locker—sound smart. I love playing like Sherlock Holmes.

“Based from what we discovered he puts the letter every 11:30-12:00 P.M.” Mike concluded as he taps his chin.

“Very clever, no one would notice him because everyone’s in the canteen and busy with their chitchats. . .” Shane said.

“And sometimes we have class that time…or eat lunch.” Rich added.

“Yeah…so let’s skip lunch tomorrow and catch this freak!” I exclaimed.

“All right!” They agreed and I smiled. I’m really blessed to have friends like them.

‘…But I still hope she’s here, it’ll be more fun.’

The next day, right after our class in Science research we rushed at the wall behind the lockers and peek.

“Do you see something?” I asked, tiptoeing to get the best view. Well, my 4-inch heel shoes don’t help.


“Maybe, he won’t leave a letter today.” Shane said.

“Let’s just wait.” Rich said, convincing us to stay.

“Okay.” I said.

Two minutes passed and counting but we hadn’t seen anyone go near my locker. I think it’s not yet the time for me to know who my admirer is. Nevertheless, we stay put and waited more for luck.

“What are you doing there?” A sudden masculine voice reached our ears.

We got distracted and we twitched our heads. Then, Mike got out of balance and then tumbled that gave a domino effect on us. Unluckily, they all fell down on me! Ouch!

“Hi! Professor Hanely.” Mike managed to greet and smile at him.


They are definitely heavy! Their mass is unbearable!!

Upon hearing me, Mike snapped and immediately stood up. Then, Shane and Rich followed and I gasped for breath.

“You’re so heavy!” I complained. I am straddling on the floor while they were just standing and dusting off themselves!!! Hell, of friends…

“Care to help??” I sarcastically asked waving a hand to them but they ignored me. However, Professor Hanely suddenly grabbed my hand and pulled me up.

“Thanks.” I said as I pull my hand from him and looked away.

“You’re such an insolent kid.” He said grinning on me.

’Me? Insolent? Look who’s talking. JACKASS!’

“Think what you want, I don’t care.” I turned to him with one brow raised then rolled my eyes.

“Oh, by the way…” He said and leaned closer to me and whispered to my ear then pulled away. I felt my blood rushed to my face up to my hairline and he laughed!

‘Bullshit! Was it really true? Did he really saw it?! I am so careless! STUPID JADYN!’

“Don’t worry, I won’t tell it to anyone. . .” He said, grinning.

“Pssh…Whatever!” I said and rolled my eyes, crossing my arms on my chest.

“One more thing your skirt…” He said, looking at it.

And I looked down, then pulled down my skirt that was folded halfway to my mid-thigh and then I started patting it and my shoulder and back to remove any dirt.

“I bet you’re up to something here.” He continued.

And we snapped, making us realize about the pseudo admirer that we need to catch. So, we hurry to the lockers. When I opened my locker, there was the letter.

“We missed him!” Mike said.

“Ugh! Perfect!” I said mockingly.

“Catching an admirer, eh.” Professor Hanely said from behind.

“We didn’t catch that freak because of you! This is your fault!” I said, glaring at him.

“If you didn’t act suspiciously, I wouldn’t have called your attention.” He retorted.

“WHATEVER!” I said and turned away. Totally pissed!

He is colossally good at ruining my day! Now, I need to watch for that pseudo Admirer again!


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