Don't Stay Close to Me

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I was walking in the empty hallway when somebody spoke…the bitches.

“Well, look who’s here—our bitch classmate.”

“The attention-seeker whore.” Ferra seconded.

‘Me? Whore?! Wow! Are they talking to themselves?’

I just gave them an impervious look—then grin on them.

“Don’t you have any slut business, today and you’re tripping on me?” I retorted.

Then, I saw Cristel got pissed and walked towards me that made us face each other. Well, thanks to her five-inch heel it made her an inch taller than me.

“Every guy chases me because I am beautiful—” She said, grinning.

‘What’s the connection??’

“They all want to be in my pants… how about you?” She continued, gesturing to herself.

“No need to ask that Cris, no one would like to be with an ugly face like her.” Ferra said and they burst out of laughter.

‘Ha-ha. Yeah, funny! You really have the guts to say that as if you two are really beautiful. If I know, they all want you for fun and because you’re flirts! These bitches are really crazy.’

“You are totally right, Ferra. An ugly girl with an unsatisfying figure. . .” Cristel said, making an insulting look at my body especially on my chest.

’Hell! I may not have that watermelon sized breast at least I don’t have to say thanks to padding or push up bras OR ENVY THEM FOR THAT!! ‘BECAUSE I AM NOT A WHORE LIKE THEM!’

“No one would like her with that…” She continued.

‘Okay, this is nonsense…I know they are up for something…why can’t they just spit it out?!’

“Get to the point—stop going around the bushes. I hate wasting time with you.” I demanded.

“Stop flirting with Professor Hanely.” Cristel said quickly, glaring at me.

‘So, it ends up to him. ME FLIRTING with him?? HELL NO! WHERE DID THEY GET THAT?’

“Flirting?? With That Jackass?” I asked and laughed sarcastically. Really, it’s funny.

“As far as I know, flirting is your talent not mine…” I said.

“And Professor Hanely? HE IS ALL YOURS! You two suits together—A BITCH AND AN ASSHOLE!!” I finished and turned to walk away from them.

“Good because an ugly girl like you don’t deserve to be with him…”

“Yeah, right. Bitch...”

“And, you and your friends are ugly asses.” She taunted.

‘How dare she is to taunt my friends? They are not involved in this Shit!’

I turned around, looking back at them with a stoic stare.

“If my friends and I are ugly asses…well, we’d rather be like that than to be pretty but brainless like you two.” I taunted then turned away again.

But, suddenly, Ferra grabbed me and slapped me, my face swung on the other side. Okay, that was painful; I felt my left cheek burn afterwards. Crap! —alright, they were offended! I clenched my fist; DAMN! I really want to punch her freaking face right now!!!!

‘But on the second thought, why should I step down to their level? And get myself into trouble? Maybe later I could get a slap to her…but not now.’

I looked back at her and gave a half devious smile.

“So, you are offended. Well, it is true. You, flirty fan girls, why don’t you do your own slutty business where you are good at?”

“You really piss me off!” Ferra said as she strains on her hold on my upper arm that made me wince a bit.

“Well, let’s give her a lesson.” Cristel said as she looks at me with her devilish shit face.

“Hold her.” She said and Ferra held my arms behind. Then Cristel started slapping me left and right. Until her nail scratched my lower lip and bled. I can feel the warm blood drip out and flow to my chin.

“Oh, my! My nail wounded your lip…” She said with a fake concerning face.

“THAT SERVES YOU RIGHT!” She said and laughed. ‘Damn bitch!’

I kept my head down cogs starting in my head.

‘Why not fight back? This is too much…Stand up and kick their ass! It’s time!’

I felt Cristel squeeze my cheek, her nails piercing on my skin, and tugged my head to look at her face to face. ‘Whatta thick make up! Unnatural.’

“An ugly ass like you must never talk to us like that. Got it?’ She said then, shove my head. I look down again.

‘What the Hell? What are you a god? FML! I won’t bow down to your slutness!’

“I’ll talk if I want to—I don’t take orders from you!” I said and took a full force to remove myself from Ferra that made her tumble. And before Cristel can land her hand on me I caught it and twisted it unto her back; putting my face near to hers.

“The next time you involve my friends and try doing this again to me, I’ll not hesitate—I’ll break you.” I threatened then shove her away from me and she tumbles down; almost face first. I glowered at the two of them then smiled deviously.

“BITCHES.” I uttered.

I gait away from them as I clean myself from the blood of my wounded lower lip.

‘DAMN, FLIRTY FAN GIRLS! I could’ve broken their bones—if my good side didn’t take over at first. Well, I am not really a trouble maker that’s why…’

The next day, Cristel and Ferra are still giving me those rude looks and insulting head-to-foot stare but barely speak about my friends. I guess that did the trick! I knew I scared them and the things that they are doing is just for the show—yeah, they really have this capital “P” in them…PREIDE! Well, for me, if they are to something to bully us or me, I won’t hesitate to fight back. HELL, WITH THE BITCHES! If enjoying my last year in school means beating them. I am more willing to do it!

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