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So here I was a girl from a middle class family , holding a gun to the love of my life .Well atleast I thought he was...

Romance / Action
Broken pen
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Newbie vibes

First times we're always the worst part of my life.I hated them because everything was always so new and most of them meant change.I hated change a lot mostly because I had everything in my life planned out.Baseline, I was always prepared.Pardon my manners I couldn't introduce myself properly due to the paranoia of my first day f school. My name is Bianca Styles.

First day of school...

Me: I'm really going to miss you Ben nice
Bennice: me too but trust me college is going to be fun.You're a freshman now don't get your head locked in books for the first time in your life...

I wasn't really listening anymore.Bennice was my big sister.She was the best sister anyone could ever have.

She had taken care of me ever since our parents died.We had moved in with grandma when I was in middle school but gradma passed away when Bennice was a freshman and I was just in my first semester at highschool.Bennice had started working then , our aunt would help her with finances sometimes.I remember she almost dropped out of school just so she can afford my school fees.As I enjoyed hugging m mly sister , a girl with a black butt rider, a pink crop top and some glasses tucked in long silky hair walked in.

Bennice : I guess your Roommate is here !

Bennice walked to her and whispered something in the girl's ear and they both giggled, and she made her exit.Well that was my sister for you.She was always the one who was best at making friends. She would hang out with the cool kids all the time. Styles was our surname but if you asked anyone from East high where Styles was they would point at my sister like I don't exist. To be completely honest I liked who I was.

Girl : hello...( she waved her hand in my face)
Me : oh sorry
Girl: so you must be Bianca
Me: and that makes you Kate, my roommate.
Kate: exactly
Me : nice to finally meet you

The conversation just started flowing and I felt like we had been friends for years.
Kate and I chatted all day.She seemed to be pretty nice.She was a more let's have fun girl but unlike Bianca she had limits.We ate dinner at the hostel dining hall.

Kate : oh my gosh Bianca, I'm so full I could die.

Me: what do you expect you drank a fizzy drink, but don't worry according to Hazel Buttfort your rectum...

Kate: whoa whoa slow down there kiddo FYI lessons start after 2 days. Wait a minute did you just say 'Butt-fort' (she laughed so loud I bet the whole hostel heard it)

Me: seriously

Kate: I mean it's funny don't you think ( she giggled a little more)

Me: no, it's just childish

Kate: okay so you don't have a sense of humor but I hope your atleast nocturnal because we are going to the welcome party tonight !

Me : Noway Kate I haven't finished unpacking.

Kate: please , pretty please ( she fluttered her huge eye lashes at me )

Me: okay fine

Kate: I heard there will be hot guys...

I wasn't listening anymore as I was concentrating on locking our rebellious room door. I didn't want to go to the party but I didn't want to look uncool either so I just agreed. Kate had forced me to wear makeup.When we arrived at the party everyone was paired up and Kate soon disappeared into thin air. I was really uncomfortable and I was starting to regret the whole idea of coming to the party. I wasn't a party person. The last party I attended was when Bennice threw one for her graduation. “Watch your way loser” a drunk girl cursed as she passed making sure to spill her alcohol on my new Pierre Card red dress. I didn't want to start a fight so I just walked away. I made my way through some stairs as I struggled to find a bathroom. There where quite a bunch of bathrooms giving me an idea that this might be a frat house. Alas I finally opened the right door where no one was making out. I looked myself in the mirror as I tried to remove the stain from my dress. “ Cute dress” a voice from the unknown spoke making me scream from panic.

Me: oh geez I'm gonna die ( I screamed facing the direction where the voice was coming from)

A guy was sitting in the tub reading a novel. He was wearing the latest nike sneakers that were extremely white and clean. He had dimples, a pair of expensive studs and such a gorgeous face...

End of chapter

Our hero is finally here.
Find out in chapter two what happens next between the two in the bathroom😃.
Please vote and follow me.This is the first time I'm posting so show me some love guys.

I love you,❤
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