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Fernanda is an A plus college student looking for means to fund her tuition due to her recent loss making her an orphan, she takes up a job as a waitress landing her in the arms of CEO and playboy Gavin Velazquez because he decided no other man but himself should have the pleasure of touching her. Gavin's thirst for Fernanda grows and they end up with an unexpected surprise. Torn by the news, Fernanda is left to choose whether she should roll with it or focus on her studies.

Romance / Fantasy
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Disclaimer and Prologue


Just a disclaimer, I'm not too good with grammar, I've had tons of complaint about it and I correct where I can. But the story is good, I hope it captures you as much as it captured me. Enjoy


Gavin pulled Fernanda back in response to her stubborn answer, wrapped his arms around her thin waist, looked her straight in the eyes, and lowered his lips on hers as his life depended on it.

Fernanda, taken by surprise, could not resist the heat his arms and lips emitted on her already captured body. Her eyes remained wide open as he feasted on her lips for a good ten seconds, her body finally gave in to the tower of pleasure of a man and returned his kisses. She runs her hands through his silk black hair and pulled him in closer as they began to sink in deep pleasure.

Clothes began to fly and drop as their lips connected like opposite magnets, Gavin pulled away and held Fernanda firmly by her arms to look at the flesh he was about to indulge in and lay her on the bed to finish stripping her. He towered over her as she lay there completely bare waiting for his next move and totally out of breath, Gavin backed away and slowly gets his pants down as he stared at her laying helpless and desperate for more of his kisses and his body.

Fernanda bite her lip as she crossed her very bare legs to hide what Gavin could obviously for his angle, she started having second thoughts but the way he kissed her made her want to discover what it’s like to a man. And for a man as passionate and sexy as Gavin, she could tell he knew how to open her eyes to the world of desirable pleasures. She had no second when she got up help him undress, got down on her knees, and took his member all in. Daring...

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