Forbidden Love

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Hannah's Birthday - Part 2

Me and Jennifer relaxed the rest of the morning by the pool. After a few hours, Zoe joined us as well. Liam didn’t show up until the afternoon. We had some snacks for lunch and then around 6 pm we went upstairs to get ready for dinner.

When we finished with hair and makeup, Jenn and I made a mess in my room trying to find what to wear. I decided to put a floral summer dress on and a pair of flat sandals. Jen wore a baby pink shorts jumpsuit with a nude pair of sandals.

We went downstairs at the back yard where Peter had already started the grill. Jenn took a seat around the table at the patio and I went in the kitchen to help my mom with the salads. When everything was ready, me and mom went outside and joined the others. That’s when I saw Liam and Mark talking to Jenn. Zoe was standing next to Peter by the grill.

Mark greeted me when I stepped outside. “Hey Hannah!”

“Hi Mark, how are you?”

“I’m good. Happy birthday! By the way you look nice...”

I gave him a shy smile. “Thank you very much.”

From the corner of my eye, I saw Liam glaring at Mark. What the hell is wrong with him? I walked to Jenn. “Let’s have a walk at the garden and show you the greenhouse.”

“Okay.” She stood up and followed me. We took the path from the side of the house and the garden that led to the small greenhouse.

“This place is my favorite.” When her eyes made contact with the greenhouse, they smiled and her face lit up. “Oh! wow! Hannah this is awesome...”

“I know. One of the perks living here.”

“Peter’s house is like a dream...”

“Yeah... He designed it himself. He is a very good architect.”

“What’s the deal with Liam and Mark?”

“What do you mean?”

“Well I noticed Liam tense up when Mark came and talk to you.”

“I really don’t know. I’ve seen Mark two times only. He came to wish me happy birthday.”

“Well when you came outside with your mom, he was totally checking you out. He is cute but I like Liam more.”

“You like Liam?”

“Oh Yes! I have eyes you know... What’s not to like? He is tall with broad shoulders and nice abs. Kind face with honey green eyes.”

“Let’s get back. I’m hungry!”

“Haha! Okay.”

We walked back to the patio by the pool where Peter was grilling the stakes and the burgers. Mom was setting up the table with Zoe and Liam was talking with Mark.

“There you are girls! Everything is almost ready. Why don’t everyone take a seat.”

Peter brought the platter with the meat around the table and served everyone. We had a wonderful dinner, everything was delicious.

“Now time for the cake!” Mom said smiling at me and disappeared inside. A few minutes later she came out holding a chocolate birthday cake. I gave her a big smile.

“Mom this cake looks delicious...thank you!”

After we cut the cake it was time for the presents.

“This is from me and your dad.” She handed me a small box that had a keyring inside with a gemmed “H” and a key attached to it. When I realized what I was holding... “Oh my god! Really?”

“Yeah... It is parked out front.”

I rushed to the front door with everyone following. When I opened the front door and saw it, I let a scream of joy!

“The car’s audio system is a gift from me and is already installed.” Peter said.

“Thank you! Oh my god! I can’t believe it!”

“Why don’t you guys take it for a ride?” Mom suggested.

Me and Jenn looked at each other and moved to the car at the same time. “Yeah... Let’s go.”

The boys joined us as well. We all four got inside the car and I started the engine. I couldn’t contain my happiness...

“So where to?” I asked excitedly.

“Don’t care...just drive!” Jenn told me from the passenger’s seat. We put seatbelts on and hit the road. After a bit of driving around I recognized the small park and the ice cream shop that Liam took me after the party. I parked the car.

“Let’s hangout at the park.” Liam looked at me and smiled. “Ice cream anyone?” He asked.

“I don’t have my purse with me.”

“It’s okay.”

He whispered something to Mark and left. I saw Liam crossing the street and open the ice cream shop’s door. Minutes later he was back, two big cups filled with ice cream and four spoons in hand.

“Jenn I didn’t know what kind of flavor you like but i guess vanilla and chocolate is okay...”

“Yeah... Chocolate is one of my favorite flavors.”

I looked at the other cup and smiled when I realized that it was filled with strawberry cheesecake and vanilla. He remembered... We ate the ice cream and then got in the car and drove us back home.

“I am off guys.” Mark said and then turned to Liam “Talk to you later man.”


The three of us went inside. Zoe was already upstairs to her room. Liam excused himself also. Jenn and me went to the family room where Peter and mom were watching a movie.

“There you are... did you have a nice time?” Mom asked me smiling.

“Yeah... Best birthday ever!”

“I am going up to take a shower and change.” Jennifer said and went upstairs.

I went in the kitchen to drink some water. When I was about to turn off the lights and leave, my mom came and told me that Peter wanted to talk to me.

I went back in the family room and sat across from him. “What is it Peter?”

“Well, a little bird told me that you were looking for a summer job to get a car. If you are still interested in getting a job even though you have a car now, I can give you a position at my company.”

That was unexpected to say the least. He continued ” It’s not necessary to answer me now. Think about it first.”

“Okay Peter... Thank you.”

I went outside in the garden more confused than ever. How did he know? Only Jenn knew and that’s when it downed to me. Liam... He must have told his dad. Mom came outside to find me. “Where is your mind travelling?”

“Nowhere.” I said.

Mom looked at me “We have left a discussion in the middle.”

“Yeah... about that …there’s nothing to say. Really!”

“Hannah please... Don’t lie to me!”

Damn it! How can she always see through me? I didn’t want to have this conversation with my mom.. She saw how nervous I got.

“Honey you can tell me everything... You know that, don’t you?”


“Okay. A few days ago you asked me if the wedding is still on. Why?”

“Believe me mom, no reason... it was just a silly question. Please forget I ever asked you that.”

“There must be a reason behind your question Hannah... Tell me!”

Damn it! Mom was grilling me. She won’t going to let it down. “Well... I...”

I felt my throat getting dry but I managed to say what I thought all along about Liam and making me feel unwelcome. Mom looked at me surprised. “I don’t think that is true.”

“I am not lying! Maybe he even hates me... I don’t know. He has been rude to me many times.”

“Hannah he doesn’t hate you... He was the one that told Peter you were looking for a job so that you could get a car. He asked Peter to help you. If he didn’t care he wouldn’t do that, don’t you think?

I was left speechless. I didn’t know what to think. Maybe I misjudged him after all!

“I guess I was wrong.” I said finally.

“Yes. I think that’s the case. Let’s end this matter here. Try to get closer to Liam. If you get to know him better you’ll see that he is a nice young man.”

“Okay mom. I’ll try.”

I said goodnight to my mom and went up to my room. I’ve found a gift box on my bed and Jenn was sitting there waiting for me.

“C’mon open it!”

I opened it and a gasp escaped my lips. “Oh my god! A leather covered sketchbook...”

It was amazing. I took it in my hands, felt the leather with my fingers and smelled the blank pages. Jenn interrupted “Who is it from?”

I searched the box and soon enough I saw it. Inside there was a hand-written card saying ” Let your imagination and talent to fill these pages. Happy birthday! Liam.”

That brought a smile on my face.

“See? He did say happy birthday to you after all!”


She laughed at my comment. “That was a really nice gesture and a very thoughtful gift.”

She was right. Liam confuses me. I mean I can’t understand him. Some times he gives me the impression that he doesn’t like me and other times he does sweet things for me like the gift or putting a word to his dad for a summer job. Don’t know what to think anymore.

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