Forbidden Love

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Old faces among the new

The fire at my old school was the talk of the town. At least the fire started when school was closed for the weekend so there weren’t any casualties but the building suffered a lot of damage.

Monday morning when we got to school, the Principal made an announcement but I didn’t hear any of it because I froze in my tracks when I heard a familiar voice saying my name.

“Hello Hannah!”

What the hell? I turned around and saw her. Is this some kind of a sick joke? No no no no… this isn’t happening! I’m sure that the blood has left my face and I seem like I have seen a ghost. I stood there still staring at her. She is here... She is actually here! Why the fuck is she here?

“Well? Aren’t you going to say anything? No welcome?” She said with a smirk on her face.

All this time Liam was standing by my side. “You must be a student from Hannah’s old school... Welcome!” He said politely.

“Thanks. At least you talk unlike her... I’m Lexie by the way.” She said all smiles in a flirty tone that made me cringe.

“I’m Liam. Any idea how many of you are going to attend here?”

“No, not really but it was really nice of your Principal to take us in.”

Am I hearing correctly? Oh my god! I turned to Liam. “We have to go. Mark is waiting for us, remember?”


We turned around and went down the hall to meet Mark in the cafeteria as usual. I was sure that Liam had a million questions about the way I acted. I saw him from the corner of my eye that he was about to ask but I spoke first. “I don’t want to talk about it Liam... Please... Not now!”

“Okay Hannah.” He said in a resigned tone.

One thing was sure... I dreaded the idea of Carter coming here as well. We finally met Mark at the cafeteria. He was sitting there with Kira.

“Hey guys! Did you hear the announcement?”

“Yeah...” Me and Liam said in unison.

That’s when a new announcement came through the speakers. Apparently we had to go to the amphitheater. After a few minutes, we took a seat in one of the back rows of the amphitheater and were waiting for our Principal to speak. Liam all of a sudden tensed beside me. I followed his line of sight and that’s when I saw him.

“Shit!” I blurted out.

Carter was looking at me. That’s my fucking luck! I should have played lotto or something... Of course this is the way of the universe to mess up with me! I took a quick glance over Liam who was sitting beside me. His left hand had turned into a fist. His eyes were still focused on Carter. Oh my god! Why is he like that? Is it for me? I covered his fist with my hand. “Liam... it’s okay! I don’t care about him being here...”

He relaxed almost instantly under my touch. Of course I was lying through my teeth. Even though it’s been months, having Lexie and Carter here still had an effect on me. It won’t be easy to see them every day at school.

“You never told me what happened that night at the party.” Liam said in a low voice.

I leaned closer to Liam and whispered “That’s because I don’t want a reminder of how stupid I was to ever believe that a guy like him would be interested in me.”

He turned and looked at me as serious as a heart attack “Don’t you ever belittle yourself! You are beautiful, smart , kind, talented...”

I was surprised hearing that “Do you really believe that?”

“Um... Of course I do!” He looked a bit uncomfortable... Oh my god! Is that a blush on his cheeks?”

“Thanks for being here... I felt so alone when Jenn left.”

“I’ll always be here for you. I promised!” I smiled at him “That you did!” I said and leaned my head on his shoulder.

During that week at school, I caught Carter a couple of times, from the corner of my eye staring at me but he kept his distance. Maybe because I was always with someone by my side. Mostly Liam , he was glued to me. He was like a guardian angel... My guardian angel!

It’s already Friday and I can’t wait for this class to come to an end. I look at the clock above the blackboard and sigh... Ten more minutes... Then finally my weekend can begin.

Mark invited us to his family’s cabin an hour drive from town for the weekend. The bell rang and now I was finally free. When I heard Kira calling me, I turned to face her.

“Hey! Are you excited about the weekend?”

“Are you coming with us?” I asked surprised.

“Yes. Mark invited me.” She said cheerfully.

“What is going on with you two?”

“Nothing...“She avoided my eyes and I saw her blushing... That’s when Rick interrupted... “Bullshit! Don’t listen to her...”

That made me laugh.

“Okay...Okay! Let me rephrase... Nothing yet but hopefully soon...”

“That’s better!” Rick said giving Kira a wink while putting his arm over her shoulder .

“Are you tagging along Rick?”

“No way! I have a hot date tomorrow.” He fanned himself being unable to hide his smile.

“Do we know the guy?” I asked full of curiosity. “I don’t think so...” He replied with a voice full of uncertainty.

“Okay. Well have a nice weekend Rick! Kira I’ll see you tomorrow.”

When Rick and Kira left, Liam was still at his photography class so I went to my locker to leave my things before I walk outside to my car. On my way there, I saw Carter from a distance standing by my car waiting for me. Fuck!

I took a big breath and walked to him. “Hey Hannah!”

“What do you want Carter? ” I asked irritated.

“To talk to you.”

“I don’t think there is something to talk about.” I said flatly.

“Please Hannah, hear me out this once and then If you still think you don’t want to have anything to do with me, I won’t bother you again!”

“Okay fine! You’ve got yourself 5 minutes. Use them wisely.” I told him while tapping my foot to the ground impatiently.

“What you saw at the party... it wasn’t what it looked like. I mean you saw Lexie and me kiss but it wasn’t like that. She was the one who kissed me, I didn’t. I swear she caught me off guard. You are the one I like Hannah... not her. Not that way at least.”

I was looking at him trying to decide if he was full of bullshit or not. Is he actually telling me the truth? To be honest I haven’t seen him around Lexie at all this week. He got no reaction from me so he continued... “Please believe me. I am telling you the truth.” I didn’t know what to believe... He seemed sincere... I walked to the driver’s door to open it and he followed me.

“Wait! You are leaving?!” He asked in panic.

“Yes. You wanted to talk to me, I heard you and your 5 minutes are up. Have a nice weekend Carter...” I unlocked the door, got in my car started the engine and rolled down the driver’s window.

“So you believe me? Will you give me another chance?” He asked in distress.

“I have to go Carter. Bye.” I drove off the school’s parking lot leaving Carter with a shocked expression on his face behind. I was even surprised at myself! I have no idea how on earth I managed to be so calm and strong... Can I allow myself to believe him? He wants me to give him another chance! Oh my god! That was something I didn’t expect to hear from him. I parked outside my house and called Jenn.

On the second ring I was met with the lovely voice of my best friend that I miss so much.

“Hey girl! What’s up?”

“I really miss you...!” She laughed at that “Okay... tell me what happened?” She knows me so well... I thought to myself.

“Well, I talked to Carter today.”

“You what?” She screamed through the phone.

“Yeah... I tried to avoid him all week but this time he was waiting for me by my car.”

“And what did he say?” She asked. “He wanted to explain himself about that kiss. He told me that Lexie was the one who kissed him and caught him off guard. He also told me that he still likes me and wants me to give him another chance.”

There was some deafening silence coming from the other end of the line for some minutes until I heard her screaming again “Oh my god! Tell me you didn’t do anything stupid...”

“Stupid like what?” I asked her irritated.

“You believe him?” She asked me intrigued.

“Well he seemed to be telling the truth to be honest...”

“Jesus Hannah...” Jenn spat “Are you actually considering to give him another chance?”

“I don’t know...” And to be honest I was telling her the truth. I didn’t know.

“Don’t make any haste decisions. And Liam?”

“I won’t. What about him?” I asked curiously. “You know what I mean... “She continued... “You need to talk to him at some point about Carter and everything else because I think Liam... ” My relationship with Liam lately is a subject that I don’t want to analyze... Let’s just say that we are closer than ever!

I interrupted her. “Sorry but I have to go Jenn. Talk to you later, okay?”

“Sure. Later...”

When I ended the call with Jenn, I went inside the house and up to my room. I packed a bag for the weekend and then started on some homework. Thankfully, I managed to distract myself with homework until it was time to go to bed.

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