Forbidden Love

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Liam - part 2

Hannah's P.O.V

Something was off but I wasn't sure what yet. For the next two days I haven't seen Liam at all. Haven't seen him at home or school.

When I got home from school I went straight up to my room. I finished my homework and then went downstairs in the kitchen to see if mom wanted any help with dinner.


"Yes honey!"

"What are you making for dinner?" I asked hovering over her shoulder to try and catch a glimpse of what she was cooking.

"Meatballs with pasta and also made some chicken soup for Liam."

"Why? Is he sick or something?" I asked a little worried.

"Yeah...but he is a little better today."

"Oh! That's why I didn't see him at school and skipped dinner the past two days... Is there anything I can do to help?"

"No dear... Just let him rest. Please don't disturb him!" She said looking at me intensely.

I found it a bit strange the fact that my mom looked at me that way but I didn't comment on it. "Okay... Want a hand with the dinner?"

"I won't say no. Thank you honey... Just set up the table and call your sister for me please." She said and resumed cooking.

After I finished with the table I went upstairs to let Zoe know that dinner was almost ready. I passed by Liam's door and was itching to check on him but I didn't. Mom was right, I should let him rest.



"Dinner is ready."

"Okay, I'll be down in a few..."

After dinner, me and Zoe helped mom tidy the kitchen and then went upstairs to our rooms. Next morning I woke up and after my usual morning routine I went to school. I saw Mark and Kira in the cafeteria. They waved at me and I when I went to sit with them, they started asking questions about Liam.

"Is he going to skip school today again?" Mark asked.

"Why don't you call him? I don't know... I think he is still recovering."

"I would call him but his phone is turned off." Marked said a bit irritated by my remark.

"Is he down with the flu?" Kira asked next.

"Not sure... maybe a stomach bug. To be honest I haven't seen him. He is always in his room and mom told me not to disturb him and let him rest."

"Okay... Maybe I will send him a message. When he feels better and turn on his phone, he will answer me."

"So I guess he isn't coming with us tomorrow..." Kira said.


"At the Faire. Don't tell me you have forgotten about it...?" She asked looking at me surprised.

"Oh! Is it tomorrow? I thought it was the day after..."

"Haha.... what love can do to you..." She said laughing.

I didn't say anything to Kira's comment, I just got up...

"Sorry guys I have to get my book from the locker... See you in class, okay?"

"Yeah..." Mark nodded.

My mind was constantly on Liam... I was hardly paying any attention in class. The only good thing about Liam being sick is that maybe tomorrow he won't be able to come with us at the Faire and then at Lexie's place. Can't say that I will feel sorry for Lexie though... I was about to leave school after my last class when I heard Kira calling me.

"Hey... Hannah..."


"Where has your mind been running to? You didn't respond when I called you the first time."

"Oh sorry... I was thinking about..."

"Hey guys! Any news from Liam?" Lexie interrupted us.

Damn... not her again! Asking about Liam... Why does she care? Kira's response disrupted my train of thought.

"He is still sick as far as I know."

"Is he that bad? Will he come tomorrow at the Faire?"

"I really don't know... " I said. " Anyway, I've got to go now." I made a quick exit. Both of them had a surprised look on their faces when I left them. I went to my car and drove off. When I got home the first thing I wanted to do was to check on Liam.

Mom wasn't around so I went straight upstairs and in less than a minute I was standing outside his door. I took a big breath and knocked on his door. There was no answer so I knocked one more time.


There was no answer so I decided to open the door. when I entered his room it was dark because the blinds were closed. I turned the light switch on and I realized that the room was empty. what the hell? Where is he? I thought that he was too sick to go anywhere... But then again, his car is parked outside so he must be somewhere in the house. Maybe he is at his studio. I climbed down the stairs and made my way to the basement.

"Liam?" I called in a low voice.

At first I didn't hear anything but as I approached at his studio door, I heard him coughing.


Before I manage to reach the door, it opened and I came face to face with a surprised Liam.

"What are you doing down here?" He asked a bit irritated.

"Are you okay?"

"Yeah... but that doesn't answer my question!"

"I wanted to check on you and when I didn't find you in your room I thought to try at your studio."

His face seemed to calm and a small smile appeared on his face. "Were you worried about me?", he asked.

I stared at him... he had that stupid grin on his face and there was a glint in his eyes. Is he for real? I think he is enjoying this too much! I crossed my arms in front of me and answered him trying to look as much uninterested as possible.

"Don't flatter yourself! I didn't worry more than I would for any other human being..."

Before I turn away to leave I saw how his face fell. He didn't expect that answer, that's for sure!

I didn't see Liam next morning or at lunch. Now I was getting ready for my "date" if you can call it that, with Carter. I wore my favorite white pair of fitted jeans, a black crocheted cropped top with a low V cut and a white knitted cardigan on top of it. I kept my makeup simple and my hair in a ponytail. I took the bag with the costume's accessories and opened my door to leave.

That's when I came across Liam. "Where are you going? Isn't it a bit early?"

"I am meeting with Carter first then we are going to the Faire..."

"And you're wearing that?"

"Yeah... why? what's wrong with my outfit?" I asked defensively.

"It's a bit..."

I cut him off , "Whatever... I have to go... bye!"

I met Carter and told him that even though I have tried to see him differently I just can't do it. I couldn't lead him on so I told him that I only see him as a friend. He took it well enough and told me that he still wants us to hangout as friends. I couldn't argue with that because I enjoy his company to be honest. An hour later we headed to the Faire to meet the others.

"Hey guys!" Mark greeted us when we closed the distance.

"Hi. What's up?" Carter said.

"Good." Kira added , "Girl you look awesome!"

"Thanks!" I said giving my friend a smile.

"By the way... where's Liam? I texted him and called but no response yet. I thought he was feeling better and was going to join us." Mark said a bit confused.

"No idea." I walked a few stepped away from our group and called Zoe in case she knew anything. After the third ring she answered my call.

"Hey sis! Is everything okay?"

"Yeah all is good. I just called to ask if you saw Liam. Is he still at home? He isn't answering his phone."

"Well.... Yeah..." She chewed on her words. I heard some yelling in the background from over the phone.

"Wait a minute... What's all that noise? What's going on?" I asked worried.

"I don't really know yet but I think it's Liam and Peter..."

"Oh! They are fighting?" How strange I thought to myself. All these months I got to know Peter I haven't even heard him raise his voice ever.

"It seems that way..." Zoe said. "Gonna check what's going on."

"Okay... we'll talk later." I said ending the call.

(A/N: What do you thing is happening? Why Peter is fighting with his son? Looking forward to reading your comments.)

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