Forbidden Love

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It’s been ten years since my parents got a divorce. I was six years old and my sister Zoe was only two when they decided to separate. I don’t know what exactly happened between them, I guess, like most adults that get divorced, they grew apart at some point. For all we know, it was a mutual decision.

They agreed that it was better for us to stay with our mom and my dad moved out. I was always a daddy’s girl, my sister Zoe on the other hand was more attached to my mother. Thankfully, my dad managed to get a place close by so that he could see us on the weekends. A new reality started for us that we got used to it quickly. I was glad that I could still see my father often. To be honest, our parents tried their best to make me and my sister Zoe feel loved and taken care of.

That was until two years ago when everything changed. My dad got a new job offer as a football coach that he couldn’t turn down, so he had to move to another city. Although we talk on the phone almost every day, I really miss our weekends. Even though we visit him on holidays and during the summer, it’s not the same. That’s life! You can’t always have what you want and sometimes you don’t have any control over what happens or any knowledge of what the future holds for you. Little did I know that more changes were about to come.

It was another boring afternoon at home and as usual I was in my room doing my homework for tomorrow’s math class when I heard my mom calling me and my sister.

“Hannah... Zoe... can you come downstairs please?”

I got out of my room and looked at my sister standing next to me in the hallway. We had no idea why our mother was calling both of us but I had a feeling that it wasn’t something good. When we climbed down the stairs and joined our mother in the living room, we found her sitting on the sofa waiting for us.

“What is it mom?” I asked, the curiosity getting the best of me. To be honest, I can’t help it! I am curious by nature.

“Girls please have a seat. There is something important I want to talk to you about.” She patted the seat on the sofa next to her. Zoe took a seat next to mom and I sat a little further on the sofa’s armrest.

Me and Zoe looked at each other quizzically. We had no clue what this was all about. I looked curiously at my mom but her expression didn’t give anything away so I waited for her to break the silence.

“Well, as you know the past six months I have been seeing Peter. He is a very good man and I am really happy with him.”

“Well no news there... ” I said sarcastically. To be honest I have seen the guy a couple of times but I am not interested to get to know him. I don’t care who my mother dates as long as it stays that way... Only a date.

“Please, let me finish.” She said clearly annoyed by my attitude.

“Okay, sorry.”

“We are invited tomorrow for dinner at his house. I haven’t mentioned it before but Peter has a son at your age Hannah. His name is Liam and he will be present at the dinner. I just want you girls to put some effort to get to know him.”

My sister spoke first. “Okay mom.” Of course she would be okay with that. She is the easy one. I on the other hand... I am not like Zoe. I always question everything. So when my mom asked us that, the first thing that I wanted to do was to learn the reason behind her request.

“Why?” I asked her a bit annoyed.

“It’s important to me. Can you please do what I ask?” She looked at me in a way that said I am not going to put up with your bullshit. Just do what I ask!

“Okay... Okay. Don’t bite my head off!” Obviously she wasn’t going to tell me anything else so I dropped it!

After that conversation with my mom, me and Zoe went upstairs to our rooms. I couldn’t shake the feeling that there was something important that mom wasn’t telling us. Why all of a sudden she wants us to get to know Peter’s son? What if this thing between her and Peter is more serious than I thought. I didn’t even want to think of that scenario. I had a million questions in my head that made it impossible for me to focus on my homework. After a while, I gave up and decided to do the rest of my math exercises during the lunch break tomorrow at school.

In the meantime downstairs Betty Miller, Hannah and Zoe’s mom heard her phone ringing. On the second ring she answered the call.

“Hi Peter.”

“Hello darling! Any news?”

“Yes. I talked to the girls. We’ll be there tomorrow around 7 pm. Did you tell Liam?”

"Well... Yeah... We..."He said with a stutter.

“What is it?”

“He didn’t seem to like the idea of having this meet and greet over dinner.”

“Do you think that we’ll have a problem?”

“Honestly, I don’t really know. I hope not. After Sarah died... Well, I’ve told you how hard it was for us both. Liam really closed off after Sarah’s death. Anyway, I need to go and make dinner.”

“Okay. I love you!”

“I love you too sweetheart!”

The next morning I opened my eyes before my alarm went off. I still had a bit of a headache. All night I was replaying on my head the conversation with my mom and I couldn’t stop worrying about the dinner at Peter’s tonight. I got up and went to the bathroom to take a shower in hopes that It will make me feel better. I was standing below the showerhead letting the warm water envelop me and hopefully I managed to relax for a bit. A few minutes later, I heard my alarm and got off the shower to turn it off. I towel dried my hair, brushed my teeth and got dressed in a pair of black skinny jeans, a long sleeve baseball t-shirt and my all star sneakers. When I got ready, I went to check up on Zoe.

I knocked on her door twice but she didn’t respond. I opened the door. ” Zoe are you up?”

“Yeah... In the bathroom! Just need to brush my hair.”

“Okay. Going down for breakfast.”

I went downstairs for breakfast and as usual my mom was already in the kitchen having her coffee but she seemed preoccupied.

“Good morning mom!”

No reply, just silence! She didn’t even acknowledge my presence. Okay, now I am sure that something is seriously going on.

“Mom? Is everything alright?” I asked her again a bit worried.

She turned and looked at my way her eyes now focusing on me. “Hmm.... Good morning sweetheart! Everything is fine don’t worry.”

“Are you sure?”

“Yes. Where is your sister?”

That’s when I heard Zoe rushing in the kitchen. “Here... I’m here! Morning mom!” She ran and kissed our mom on the cheek.

“Good morning sweetie! Now girls eat your breakfast because in fifteen minutes we’ll have to get going.”

We ate our breakfast in mere silence and soon enough we were outside school. When mom dropped us at school, I texted Jennifer. Jennifer is an interesting and a bit more outgoing girl but even though we are like total opposites, we kind of clicked. She is my best friend, my only friend actually, ever since I met her in the kindergarten.

Me: Morning! Where are you?

Jennifer: At my locker.

Me: Okay. Stay there... I’m on my way.

I walked through the entrance and down the hall and soon enough I’ve found Jenn by her locker and I told her about tonight’s dinner and how I have the impression that my mom is hiding something.

“Don’t worry. I am sure that if it was something important she would tell you.” She noticed that I had worry written all over my face so she changed the subject in hopes that my mood will swift.

“By the way do you believe that we have the school dance in a month? I am so excited!!!” She said almost with a squeal.

I couldn’t understand why she was that much excited... I wasn’t !

“Uhm… I guess! I am not going...” I simply said to her.

“What? Why?” She was looking at me like I was crazy or something...

“Because there isn’t a guy that interests me to go with.”

“You are being ridiculous right now. We have so many cute guys in school and you don’t like anyone? Not even Carter?”

Of course every girl in our school likes Carter... I am one of them but Carter is way out of my league so I keep it to myself. I tried to seem a bit indifferent but I don’t think I succeeded because Jenn was giving me a funny look.

“Even if I liked him Jenn, and I am not saying that I do , I don’t think he is aware of my existence.”

“But you have to admit he is hot! Look at him Hannah...”

I followed her line of sight to where he was standing. He was across the hall by his locker looking great as always. Of course he hadn’t notice me or Jenn looking at him... He had his eyes fixed on Lexie, the most popular girl in our school. To be honest, I didn’t mind because I knew deep inside that guys like him would never be interested in a girl like me.

We heard the bell and went to our class. On lunch break just before the last period I managed to finish my math exercise with Jenn’s help. The day at school flew by easily and now it was time to go home. As I was heading down the stairs with Jenn, someone clearly being in a hurry pushed me while passing us by and my books dropped. I was trying to collect everything that has scattered to the stairs when someone kneeled next to me and helped me get my things. First, I saw his hand and then his eyes. It was him, Carter Hayes.

“Forgive my friend, he has no manners. I believe these are yours Hannah.”

I wasn’t expecting him to help me with my books what’s more to talk to me. And wait a second.. He knows my name? I stood there stunned like an idiot.

He smiled at me and handed over my books. I smiled back at him shyly. Seconds later I managed to speak. ” Erm... Thank you!”

“No problem. Cya!”

When he took off Jennifer was all smiles and I knew what she was thinking.

“I guess he does know your existence after all...”

“Oh... You’re so funny! Don’t get any ideas... Talk to you later!”

“Hahaha... Okay. Text me when you get home from dinner tonight.”

“I will. Bye!”

I walked outside school, mom was already there waiting for me and Zoe to drive us home. We spent the short drive home in silence. I wasn’t in the mood for small talk with mom. I didn’t know what to make of this dinner tonight. When we finally got home mom told us to be ready by six pm.

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