Forbidden Love

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A song goodbye

Hannah's P.O.V

Even though we were having a wonderful time at the Faire my mind was at home. A phone call from my sister brought me back to now. I stood a little further from the group and answered the call. "Hey!" I said sounding a bit cheerfully.

"Hannah? Something is wrong..." I heard my sister say sounding anxiously.

"What's wrong?" I asked alarmed.

"I don't know any details but Peter and Liam had a huge fight. Liam trashed his studio and now he took off." Zoe told me full of worry.


"Yeah... He got in his car and took off and he's not answering his phone. I don't know why they fought. They don't tell me anything. Just told me to stay in my room."

"Okay... Calm down. I am coming home sis!"

I got home but Peter and mom weren't telling me shit about the fight. It was a little after midnight when I decided to go to bed. No signs of Liam still. I hope he is okay and come home soon cause I really worry about him.

When I woke up it was almost 11 am. Was I that tired to sleep that much? I got up and the first thing I did was to check if Liam was back. I tried his room but he wasn't there. I went downstairs and checked outside to see if his car is still missing. Liam's car was parked outside at his usual place... Good! He came back home!

When I stepped in the kitchen to make a coffee , I saw my mom sitting on the island stool.

"Morning!" I said yawning a bit.

"Hey honey!"

"Where is everyone?"

"Zoe is with her friend Tara, Peter and Liam are out."

"I hope they worked things out... Whatever it was that they fought about..." I said while pouring myself a coffee.

"Everything is going to be better for everyone. By the way, Liam asked me to give you this."

She handed me a USB stick. I looked at mom with a puzzled look.

"Any idea what this is?"

"He didn't say."

"Okay... Thank you!"

I took my coffee upstairs to my room and opened my laptop to check what was inside the USB stick. Why on earth did Liam ask from my mom to give me this and he didn't wait to give it to me himself when he gets back, I had no idea. I opened the folder and it was a video inside. I pressed play. Soon enough I heard him playing his guitar. From the first few notes I recognized it. It was that sad tune... I instantly remembered the first time I heard him play this. He promised to play it again for me when it's finished.

After the intro I heard him sing. The lyrics were talking about love that was unexpected... how something so pure and beautiful can be so wrong and forbidden. How love can cause so much heartache and pain when is unreturned...

When the song ended, he said that he was sorry for not being able to keep the promise he gave me all those months ago. He promised that he would never leave me and that I'll never be alone again. I was so touched from his song that I haven't realized the tears running down my cheeks. The lyrics though confused me. It was like he was professing his feelings to someone... But why he wanted me to have this? And why talking about forbidden and unreturned love? And then it hit me! OMG! Is he talking about him and I? Does he have feelings for me? And what was all that about at the end of the video saying he can't keep his promise? I need to find him...

I dried my teary face and went downstairs.


"Yes honey?"

"When Peter and Liam are coming back?"

Before my mom could utter a word, we heard the front door and within seconds Peter joined us in the kitchen.

"Where is Liam? I thought he was with you!"

"He was but he won't be around for some time." He said in a dead serious tone.

"What do you mean by that? Where is he gonna be?" I asked anxiously.

"He's going to his grandparents. He will finish school there."

"Are you serious right now? You sent him away?" I asked sounding unconvinced.

"Look Hannah... It's better this way for everyone. Liam was unhappy here."

"How is this better for everyone? Don't talk on my behalf like you know how I feel!" I sneered. "Oh God! This isn't happening..."

Peter and mom exchanged some confused glances but didn't say anything else.

"Where is he now?" I asked looking at Peter.

"I left him at the airport. He is waiting for his flight." Peter said looking at me questioningly.

I took my car keys and my phone and ran as fast as I could. I need to get there and talk to him... He can't leave... No! He promised me! I kept calling him on his cellphone but no luck. Every time I tried it sent me to his voice mail. C'mon... c'mon! Please god let me be there on time!

I was driving over the speed limit but I didn't care. In less than 20 minutes I was outside the airport. I went inside and checked the fright board. I was running to the gate. He was going for the security checks when I saw him from afar and started calling his name. I was yelling from the top of my lungs.


I was running not caring that heads were turning and people were looking at me weirdly.


I was a few meters behind him when he must have heard me calling him and turned around. He had a surprised and confused look on his face like he couldn't believe in his eyes...


I was in front of him now bending forward with my hands on my knees trying to catch my breath...

"Wait!" I only managed to say trying to get my breathing back to normal.

"You shouldn't be here." He said flatly not meeting my eyes.

"Liam please don't leave!"


"Because... because you are too important! Because you promised!" I said in one breath.

"That's not enough... Sorry I can't keep that promise. It's better if I go." He said sounding sad. He turned to leave.

(A/N: Liam is in love with Hannah and he thinks that she is with Carter... What a big mess! Parents know about his feelings and sending him away. What do you think it will happen now that Hannah caught up with him at the airport? Looking forward to reading your comments.)

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