Forbidden Love

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The dinner

It took us almost twenty minutes to get to Mr. Wilson’s house. When we finally got off the car and took a good look outside two things were obvious to me. The first one was that he must be rich because the house in front on me was huge and the second one that this was a more suburban neighborhood. In front of me there was a two story house with red brick walls and a big red front door. My mom pressed the doorbell and soon enough Mr. Wilson opened the front door and greeted us warmly.

At the entrance hall there was a big wooden set of stairs leading to the upper floor and the hall was also connected to two other areas. Peter showed us the way to the joined dinning and living room area at the left side of the entrance hall.

When me and Zoe went to the living room to wait, I heard Mr. Wilson calling his son.

“Liam! Come downstairs our guests are here!”

My sister was looking around the paintings on the walls and the huge marble fireplace... I could see that she was more than impressed with the surroundings.

“Wow! Look at this place!”

“Yeah... Please don’t touch anything...”

Minutes later Peter and mom came to the dinning area holding plates with food. The table was almost set and we were about to sit down.

Mr. Wilson realized that his son was the only one missing. “Liam!” He called him again a little irritated this time.

“I’m here!” he said rushing his way into the dinning room.

“What took you so long?”

“I was in the shower...”

“No worries Liam!” My mom said smiling at him wanted to defuse the tension between father and son. I could see that Peter was annoyed with his son’s tardiness.

“Liam you already know Betty. These lovely girls are her daughters Hannah and Zoe.”

My sister was the first to greet him. “Hi Liam, I’m Zoe.”

“Hi.” He said back and turned his eyes on me.

Liam’s P.O.V

When my father yesterday told me about this dinner tonight I didn’t know what to expect. I knew that he was dating Betty around six months but I wasn’t thrilled for tonight to say the least. And why do I have to meet her daughters anyway? when I went downstairs in the dinning room I was met with the most beautiful creature I have seen in my life. It was Betty’s eldest daughter, Hannah. I was left speechless by her beauty.

Throughout dinner both girls tried to engage in conversation with me and I did my best to be polite but who am I kidding? I am not a very social person. After my mom died...let’s just say that I don’t let people get close to me because I am afraid to get hurt if I lose them. So I keep everyone at arm’s length. The only person apart from my grandparents and my dad that is close to me is my best friend Mark.

To my surprise the dinner went okay and time passed quickly. It was a bit after 10 pm when Betty and her daughters got ready to leave.

We were almost by the front door when Hannah broke the silence.

“Thank you Mr. Wilson for having us tonight. Everything was great!”

My dad looked at her with a smile on his face clearly pleased by her kind words. “The pleasure was all mine. And please Hannah call me Peter.

They said goodbye and left.

On the way home we didn’t talk much. I was mostly trying to distract myself by looking outside the window. When we finally got home my mom stopped us before we go upstairs.

“Thank you girls for doing this. I noticed that Liam wasn’t very talkative but it’s okay... don’t take it personally. It has nothing to do with you girls. Now, go to bed because it’s getting late.”

“Do you have to? It’s Friday night...” My sister said whining.

“Yes Zoe. Don’t make me repeat myself!”


I laughed at the resigned tone of my sister’s voice and just kissed my mom on the cheek for goodnight and followed my sister upstairs.

“Sleep well!” Mom yelled to us.

Once in my room, I changed into something more comfortable and texted Jenn.

Me: Are you up?

Jenn: Yeah... I am just watching a movie on my laptop. Let me pause it.

Jenn: Okay... I am all yours! Tell me everything!

Me: The dinner was Okay. Everything was delicious. Peter has a really nice house. Actually its huge!

Jenn: And his son? Did you meet him?

Me: Yeah... What about him?

Jenn: Well... How is he? Is he good-looking?

Me: He is kind of cute... I don’t have much to tell you about Liam to be honest.

Jenn: Why?

Me: We hardly talked. He was very quiet and...

Jenn: And?

Me: I don’t know he seemed to have sadness in his eyes.

Jenn: Hmm... Okay. By the way when are we going for dress shopping?

Me: How about next Saturday?

Jenn: It works for me! We need to hurry because if we let the days pass we won’t be able to find any good dresses for the dance.

Me: You know I’m not going to the school dance, right?

Jenn: Oh... Shut up! I’ll change your mind eventually...

Me: Not gonna happen...Anyway I’m going to bed. Goodnight!

Jenn: Goodnight Hannah!

I was lying on my bed thinking about him. He hardly spoke two words all night... Besides the fact that I think it was kind of rude because it made me feel unwelcome, what intrigued me the most was the sadness I saw in his eyes. One thing is for sure... Liam is a mystery and with that thought I fell asleep.

(A/N: I know this chapter is a little bit shorter and kind of a filler the next one will be a bigger one. Remember to vote, comment and follow. I will try to update soon.)

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