Forbidden Love

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The History Project

The weekend passed by quickly and now it was Monday morning. I got up from bed to get ready for school. It was a sunny day so I decided to put a short sleeve t-shirt and my favorite pair of skinny black jeans. I went down in the kitchen to eat breakfast and in less than an hour mom dropped us outside of school as usual.

I met Jenn at school and soon enough the bell rang. On the 1st period we had history and Mrs. Cooper put us in pairs for our next assignment. I was expecting her to pair me with Jenn but to my surprise this time she paired me with Carter. Oh god! What am I going to do now? I guess I’ll have to act as cool as possible around him.

When the class was dismissed Jenn followed me to my locker but she wasn’t the only one. As I was about to put my books away in my locker, Carter came to where I was standing.

“Hey Hannah!”

I closed my locker and turned to him. He had a small smile on his face.

“Hi Carter!” I said trying my best to seem cool even though I was freaking out inside.

“Can I get your number to arrange a study for the history project?”

“Sure. Give me your phone!” I don’t know how on earth I mastered the courage to do that.

As I was about to put my contact info into his phone, Lexie called Carter from across the hall.

“Hey Carter! Are you coming with us in the cafeteria? We haven’t got all day!”

“Give me a minute!”

Carter smiled at me while I gave him his phone back.

“Talk to you later Hannah!” He winked at me and left to get to his group of friends.

“Later... Bye!” When Carter moved a bit further away I left the breath I hadn’t notice I was holding.

When I was left alone with Jennifer, she couldn’t keep the huge grin off her face. “Omg...Omg!!! I can’t believe it! When I heard Mrs Cooper say your pair for the history project I wanted to scream!” She said overly excited.

Okay... Jenn was way too happy about his. I on the other hand couldn’t share the same enthusiasm with her.

Later that day, I was in my room doing my homework and I heard the message notification tone on my phone. When I checked it, I saw a new message from an unknown number.

X: Hey Hannah... It’s Carter. Are you busy? Can I call?

Me: Sure. Go ahead...

In a matter of seconds I heard my phone ringing. I answered it on the second ring.

“Hi Carter!”

“Hi again! So... when can we meet for the history project?”

“Hm... How about tomorrow after school?”

“I can do tomorrow. Your place or mine?”

“You can come to my place if you want... I’ll text you my address when we hang up.”

“Okay... Cool! Well cya tomorrow at school.”

“Bye Carter!”

When we ended the call I texted him my address.

The next day at school Jenn wouldn’t shut it about Carter.

“I am telling you now that you have the history project you’re going to spend time together and he’s going to see how great you are and ask you out!”

“Jenn you are unbelievable! Will you stop making stories in your head?”

“Okay... Okay! I’m just saying...”

Thankfully the day at school passed by quickly. When mom came to pick us up from school I told her that I expected a schoolmate to come over for a history project. We got home and after almost an hour Carter was standing outside my front door.

I heard the doorbell ring but before I get the chance to do anything, Zoe rushed to the front door as usual to open it.


“Who are you?” Zoe asked.

“I’m Carter. Is Hannah here?” I heard him say while I was on my way to the door.

“Yeah. One second!” She called my name “Hannah!There is someone at the door for you.”

I finally got to the door to greet Carter but before she leave me alone with carter she asked “Are you her boyfriend?”

Omg! Awkward! Let the ground open and swallow me whole. What I didn’t expect was Carter’s answer.

“I am afraid not!”

“Zoe! Please don’t mind her...”

Zoe couldn’t help herself! She had to open her mouth and embarrass me! I was feeling my cheeks getting warmer almost instantly!

“It’s okay!” He said with a grin on his face.

Well, let’s go to the dining room. We’ll be more comfortable there. We sat down and begun working on our project. After reading a paragraph that I thought we could use for our assignment, I raised my eyes and looked at Carter to see what he thought of it and realized that he was staring at me.


“You are really cute when you blush!” He said smiling at me.

I think my cheeks turned bright red by his comment instantly. I tried to seem unaffected even though his attention made my heart beat faster than usual.


“Haha! No problem. It was just an observation!” He said clearly amused by my reaction.

We continued with our project until he checked the time on his phone. It was around 8 pm.

“It’s getting late. Let’s stop for today.”

“Okay. Let me walk you to the door.”

“Goodnight Hannah!”

“Goodnight Carter!”

I closed the door behind him and took a big breath. Okay that went surprisingly well...

After dinner I went up to my room. I spoke with dad on the phone and then I got ready for bed. I was lying on my bed thinking about Carter and his comment about finding me cute. How on earth am I going to manage and be cool around him? I can’t let myself believe that a guy like him can be interested in a girl like me.

Carter is very popular at school and very good-looking. He is tall with brown hair, chocolate eyes, a killer smile and broad shoulders. He isn’t the muscular type but it’s obvious that he is working out and most girls at school including me like him. He is more outgoing... sometimes I think that he is more like Jenn. He is the center of attention and he is okay with that. I am the total opposite. I tend to keep it to myself. I am not comfortable having all eyes on me so I try my best to stay unnoticed.

For the next couple of days me and Carter have been meeting at my place for our history project. It was already Friday. Sometimes Carter in between classes came to talk to me and that hasn’t gone unnoticed by Jenn and Lexie who has been shooting daggers to me with her cold stare. When I went to the girls bathroom after the second period, she ambushed me.

“I don’t know what you think you are doing but you need to stop!” She said looking at me angrily.

“I’m not doing anything... What are you talking about?”

“Don’t mess with me! He is way out of your league. You don’t stand a chance so don’t even try.”

If I thought earlier that she was just angry now I was sure that she was beyond that. She was pissed as hell and she was giving me a deadly stare.

“If you know what is good for you, you know what to do.” And with that she stormed out of the bathroom.

After that bathroom incident with Lexie, I tried to avoid talking to Carter for the rest of the day. Finally, last class was over and it was time to go home. I was talking with Jenn outside of school while waiting for mom to pick me and Zoe up when I told Jenn what happened in the bathroom with Lexie.

“Omg! She did what? I can’t believe the nerve of that girl!”


“And what are you going to do?”

“What can I do? You know me Jenn... I don’t like trouble. So I’m gonna...” She didn’t let me finish.

“Stop! Stop right there! Don’t tell me that you are actually considering to avoid Carter because of her? They aren’t even dating as far as I know.”

“Dating or not I will keep my interactions with Carter to a minimum. Having Lexie on my back acting crazy is the last thing I want.”

After a few minutes mom came by to pick us up so I hugged my best friend and climbed in the car.

“We’ll talk later... Okay? Bye!”


When we finally got home I went upstairs to tidy my room a bit and then went to the kitchen to help my mom prepare tonight’s dinner because we were expecting company. It was mom’s idea to invite Peter and Liam for dinner. An hour later I went upstairs to my room to get ready. When I got off the shower, I towel dried my hair and got dressed in a red floral off shoulder top and a pair of white skinny jeans.

“Hannah are you ready?” I heard my sister asking from outside my door.

“Almost. Why?”

“I heard the doorbell. They are here... Going downstairs!”

" Okay. I’ll be there in a minute!”

While I was climbing down the stairs I heard Carter’s voice. What the fuck? Soon enough I was met with an awkwardly smiling Carter.

“Carter what are you doing here?”

“Sorry for coming unannounced but I was in the neighborhood and thought to stop by in case you have time to finish the history project.”

My mom walked from the kitchen to the hall at the front door. “Hi Carter.”

“Hello Mrs. Miller.”

“We have short of a family dinner going on but you are welcome to join if you like.”

Before Carter had a chance to reply I told mom that Carter might want to have dinner with his family.

The doorbell rang again and this time it was Peter with Liam. Now we were all standing by the door. After a few awkward seconds spent in silence and some strange stares between Liam and Carter, mom told us that dinner would be ready in thirty minutes.

However Carter seemed to ignore my earlier attempt to get rid of him or he just wanted to annoy me because he said to my mom ” Actually Mrs. Miller if it’s not trouble I would like to take you up on that dinner offer.”

“Of course! Carter we will be glad to have you.” Mom said smiling kindly at him.

I gave Carter a quizzical look and he just mouthed at me “What?”

“Mom! Me and Carter are going up to my room to finish the history project.”

“Okay honey! I’ll call you when dinner is ready.”

When Carter and I went up to my room and closed the door, Carter had a smirk on his face.

“What?” I asked him a bit annoyed from the way he was acting.


I wasn’t in the mood to play games with him so I dropped it.

“Let’s finish this!”

After a few finishing touches and half an hour later we were finally done with our history project.

“Hannah can I ask you something?”

I looked at him in the eyes for a few seconds before I say “Sure. What do you want to know?”

Truth to be told I wasn’t expecting Carter to ask me that.

(A/N: I know I left you hanging... please don’t hate me! What do you think Carter is going to ask her? Leave me your comments and please don’t forget to vote and follow. Stay tuned for the next chapter.)

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