Forbidden Love

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Carter was waiting for me outside Wendy’s burger house. When he saw me approach he gave me one of his gorgeous smiles that make every girls' heart at school melt. He was his usual self, looking good in a Maui and Sons white T-shirt and a pair of black jeans along with his converse black shoes. I smiled back at him shyly.

“Hey Hannah!”


“Let’s go inside... I hope you are hungry.”

“Yeah... I’ll eat.”

We got inside and after looking around our sitting options, we took the booth at the far left corner. It gave us a bit of privacy as there weren’t any other people sitting close by. Once we sat down, we looked at the menu and shortly after our waiter came to give him our order. When the waiter left, Carter looked at me nervously.

I sensed the tension that’s why I took the liberty to ask “Is everything okay?”

“Yeah... I just want to tell you something” He said still looking nervous.

“Okay... I’m listening...”

He took a big gulp of his water and looked at me again.

“I don’t know how exactly to say this... I … well... doing this history project with you gave me the opportunity to spend some time with you and made me realize that I like you.”

Oh my God! Did he actually said that he likes me? I was speechless... I didn’t know what to say! In all honesty I didn’t expect Carter to say that. I felt warmth on my face and ears and I was sure that I was blushing once again!

“Have I told you how cute you are when you are blushing?” I think I blushed even more at his comment if that was possible.

The waiter brought our order and we silently began to eat. That gave me the time to relax a little even though there were many things battling inside my head at that moment. Carter Hayes likes me... How’s that even possible? Me of all the girls out there... I mean... Don’t get me wrong. I know I am not ugly or a bad person but I am not one of the popular kids at school. I am not very outgoing and I don’t dress to get attention. Carter interrupted my train of thought when he asked me if I wanted to go for a movie afterwards.

“Sure. I am up for that as long as I am back home before 7pm.” I told him checking the time at my phone.

“Okay cool! I’ll get you home before 7pm I promise!”

We finished our lunch and we went to the mall's top floor where the cinema is situated to get a program and see what movies were on. We decided to see an adventure/Sci-Fi that was about to start in 20 minutes. We bought sodas and popcorn and went to our seats. The movie was great and I enjoyed every minute of it. The closeness I felt sitting next to Carter made me feel butterflies inside my stomach. When the movie was over and Carter drove me home, he took my hand in his and looked into my eyes.

“Hannah, I had a wonderful time today...”

“Yeah... me too!” I said because I didn’t know what else to say.

I saw him a bit nervous … like he wasn’t sure what to do next. I smiled at him and that was the encouragement he needed because I saw him leaning close to me. Oh my god! Is he actually about to kiss me? I stood there still not sure how to react. He kissed me on the cheek and gave me one of his award winning smiles. I took a big breath because I wasn’t even aware of holding my breath while I was waiting for him to kiss me.

“Thanks for the ride. Talk to you later...”

“Count on it! Bye...”


I was on the phone catching up with my dad when I heard a message notification. Dad was looking forward having me and Zoe over for summer. I was too to be honest. I was counting down the days... almost a month left. After ending the call with my dad, I checked my messages. I had a text from Carter.

Carter: Today was great! I really enjoyed our time together. Any plans for tomorrow? I’d like to see you again!”

Me: Sorry but I can’t tomorrow.

Carter: Then I will have to endure till Monday I guess...”

Me: Hahahahaha....

Carter: Why laughing? What ….? You don’t believe me?

Me: I think you are exaggerating!

Carter: Now I’m hurt!

Me: Oh c’mon now... haha!

Carter: Goodnight Hannah!

Me: Goodnight Carter... See you on Monday!

It was Monday morning, so after mom dropped me and Zoe at school, I went to find my best friend, Jenn. She was waiting for me at the entrance hall. We walked together to my locker where I saw Carter waiting for me. When he saw me approaching with Jenn, he smiled at me.

“Good morning!”

“Hey Carter, good morning!”

“Hey Carter...” Jennifer said.

Jenn, came closer and whispered me that she was going to leave me alone with Carter. I wasn’t fond of the idea but even though I gave her a pleading look, she smiled at me, excused herself and left. When Jenn left Carter came closer.

“What are you doing after school today?”

“Nothing. Why?”

“Wanna hangout at my place?”

That was an epic moment! A guy like Carter wants to hangout at his place. The girls that have actually been to his place, I can count them on my one hand. So for that I didn’t have to think twice.

“I’d like that but...”


“I don’t usually go out on a weekday, so I’ll have to talk to my mom first.”

“Oh! Okay...”

Just then, we heard the bell so we went to class. We had history on first period and we gave our paper for the history project. When class was dismissed, Lexie was waiting across the hall. She gave me a deadly look and called Carter. I don’t know what they were talking about, but Lexie looked at my way and she had a smirk on her face. After that, Carter walked to me.

“This Friday, Lexie’s parents will be away and she is having a party. You should come.”

“Are you sure she wants me to come?”

“Yeah, she told me that you can come. Why?”

“No reason! Just asking... Okay, I’ll come.”

“Great! It’s at 8pm. I’ll text you later her address.”

When we got home from school I told mom about the party on Friday and also asked her if I could hangout this afternoon with Carter.

“Hannah it’s a weekday and you know the rules! Now, about Friday...”


“Well, we are invited again at Peter’s for dinner.”

“Is it going to be like this every Friday from now on? It’s your boyfriend after all... I don’t have to be there every time!” I stormed out of the kitchen because I was feeling frustrated and went up to my room. My mom came after me.

“Come back here young lady, we didn’t finish talking!”

I closed the door behind me and locked it. I went to my bed and put my headphones on to listen some music. I heard a knock on my door. It was my mom.

“Open the door Hannah... We need to talk!”

“Please mom, leave me alone!" I yelled through the door. " I don’t want to talk right now!”

“Okay, but this isn’t over.”

After I calmed down, I got up and unlocked my door. I texted Carter that tonight I couldn’t hangout with him and started on my homework. A bit later, I got a text from him.

Carter: I see. It’s okay Hannah! What are you doing?

Me: Just about to finish my math homework, you?

Carter: Playing Tomb Raider on PS. By the way, 3519 Rosewood str. is Lexie’s address.

Me: I’m not sure if I can make it to the party on Friday because we have a family dinner again.

Carter: Oh! Okay... I hope you can make it!

I skipped dinner that night and before bed, I decided to go to the kitchen and eat something because I was hungry. All the lights downstairs were turned off. I went to the kitchen and opened the fridge to get some milk and make a toast. I was sitting at the kitchen’s island stool eating, when mom came in the kitchen.

“You are still’s late!”

“I can’t sleep when I am hungry!”

“I know...”

“I’m sorry for earlier...”

“It’s okay Hannah... You know I love you sweetheart but we’ll have to talk about this...”

“I love you too mom! We’ll talk.”


“Night ,mom!”

The days passed quickly. Mom and I talked a bit and decided that I could go to the party after dinner. All week at school Carter was spending every chance he had with me and I was beyond happy. It was Friday already and when I went to school this morning, Carter was waiting for me at my locker.


“Hi, Carter!”

“So, I wanted to ask you something!”


“Will you come to the school dance with me?”

I just couldn’t believe in my ears! I was speechless... I was so excited though! Finally, I found my voice again and answered him.

“Yes. I’d really like that!”

He took my hands in his and gave me his award winning smile.

“You scared me there for a bit!”


I didn’t tell him about the party tonight because I wanted to surprise him. After school, I skyped with Jenn while I was getting ready. I decided to wear a tailored black floral pair of shorts and a nude sleeveless top. For shoes I chose a pair of nude sandals.

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