Forbidden Love

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The Party and the Aftermath

At Peter’s house, mom and Peter were cutting the vegetables for the salad while Zoe and me were watching tv. I didn’t see Liam, but I heard a guitar tune. I followed the melody upstairs. It was a bit sad and melancholic. I was standing outside his room and the door wasn’t fully closed.

Liam’s P.O.V

I was playing a tune that has been stuck in my head the last few days when from the corner of my eye I saw her standing at my door. Oh my god! She is more beautiful if that’s even possible! I stopped playing and turned my head to the door.

“Don’t stand there. You can come in you know...” I tried to sound friendly. The truth is that I don't people to come into my room but for that lovely creature I could make an exception.

“I didn’t want to disturb you. What was that you were playing?” She said in a small voice while taking a strand of her hair behind her ear.

“It’s a song I’m writing!”

She seemed genuinely interested. “I liked the melody, will you play it again?” She asked me standing a bit awkwardly in my room.

“It’s not finished yet. When it’s complete, I’ll play it for you.” I told her giving her a small smile.

She looked around my room and she noticed the walls that are covered with photos. She took a closer look and asked with evident surprise in her voice, “Did you take all these photos?”


“They are incredible!”

Peter called us for dinner so we went downstairs. Liam sat across from me and Zoe. Just before dessert , I got up to get ready.

“Peter thank you for the lovely dinner. I’m sorry but I can’t stay for dessert because I have a party to attend to.”

“No problem Hannah! Have a great evening!”

“Let me grab my purse and I’ll drive you.” My mom said.

That’s when Peter interrupted us “No need! Liam can take her...”

They both turned at Liam waiting for his response.

“Yes, of course. Let me get my keys.”

“Are you sure Liam?” My mom asked.

“Yes Betty!”

I followed Liam to his car. I gave him the address and in less that ten minutes we were outside Lexie’s house.

“Thanks for the drive.”

“No problem!”

“Wanna come inside for a drink?”

“Naaah... Thanks though!”

I got of the car and went inside. My eyes were searching for Carter. I saw him talking to Lexie in a corner and made my way to them. I stopped midway when I saw them kissing. Carter turned and when he saw me his face fell. I made a bee line to the front door and went outside while Carter ran after me yelling...

“Hannah wait! I can explain!”

I was beyond upset! Tears were coming down my cheeks... I felt so stupid! I should have known better...It was too good to be true. He said that he likes me and I was foolish enough to believe him!

“Don’t bother Carter...” I said angrily.

“Hannah wait!”

Carter caught up with me, grabbed my arm and turned me to face him. I freed my arm from his grasp and pushed him away.

“I don’t want to hear it! Don’t speak to me again!”

Liam was about to leave but when he heard the yelling and realized what was happening, he rushed to me.

“Hannah what’s wrong? Why are you crying?”

“Please Liam, can you get me out of here?”

“What happened? What did he do?”

“Hannah Please!” Carter pleaded.

“I told you Carter I don’t want to hear it! Liam get me out of here...”

“Okay. Get in the car!”

Liam’s P.O.V

What the hell happened at that party? If that asshole did anything to her... He is going to regret making her cry. I know the type. The popular kind that are all full of themselves and only think with the head between their legs. I need to stay calm though for her sake and give her time. Maybe then, she will calm down and feel comfortable enough to tell me what exactly happened.

We got in the car and with no more questions I drove us away. After some minutes of driving, I stopped the car and faced her.

“Do you want to talk about it?”

“Not really!” She said sniffling.

“Okay, then let’s go...”


“You’ll see.” I said smiling at her.

We got off the car and walked across the street. I stopped outside an ice cream shop. I looked at her and she gave me a small smile. A little victory in my book.

“Smiling suits you!” I said and she blushed. Oh! She is so damn cute when she is blushing. I didn’t want to make her feel awkward so to change the subject I asked. “What’s your flavor?”

“Strawberry cheesecake.” She replied without a second thought.

“And I thought that chocolate was your flavor...”

“Nope. That’s only for cakes...”

We took our ice creams and went back to the car. We ate them in silence. I didn’t want to push her with questions. After some time I drove us back to my place where her mom and sister were still there. She seemed a bit better and I hope it was because of my doings. When I turned off the ignition, I turned to her.

“Give me your phone...”

She gave me her phone and I entered my number. I told her to call me if she ever wanted to talk. We got off the car and went inside.


“We’re in here watching a movie!” Dad yelled from the family room.

We went to the family room to join them. When Betty saw Hannah with me she seemed surprised and also worried.

“What happened? Everything Okay?” She asked immediately looking at her daughter.

“Everything is fine mom!” Hannah said.

“I wasn’t expecting you back so soon!”

“The party was a bit lame... I got bored quickly.” She said as much convincingly as she could.

Betty looked at her daughter again. “The movie ends in 10 minutes, then we’ll leave. Okay?”

“Sure... No problem mom.”

When we got home, I went up to my room saying that I was tired.

“Okay honey... sleep well!” Mom yelled at me from the bottom of the stairs.

My sister got a wind that something was off, so she said also goodnight to mom and followed me upstairs. I was removing my makeup when she came into my room.

“What happened?” She asked a bit worried.

“Nothing important to tell...really!”

“Are you sure?”


“Okay then, goodnight!”

She kissed and hugged me goodnight and went to her room. I put my favorite pj’s on and went to bed. I looked at the time on my phone and decided to text Liam.

** Text **

Me: Thanks again for tonight!

Liam: No problem Hannah! I hope you are okay...

Me: I will eventually!

Liam: If you ever need to talk , you know where to find me.

Me: Okay. Goodnight!

Liam: Goodnight!

Next morning my mood wasn’t any better but I called Jenn and invited her over. I went downstairs to have breakfast. My mom was already in the kitchen as usual having her morning coffee.


“Good morning honey!”

I had cereal with milk for breakfast and took some cookies from the jar. When I was about to leave the kitchen, Jenn came in through the kitchen door that we usually leave unlocked. She greeted my mom and we went up to my room. I closed the door and we sat on my bed.

“You look like shit! What happened?”

“Gee... Thanks! I love you too! I feel like shit to be honest...”

I told her everything that happened with Carter.

“He did what?”

“Hey... turn it down a notch, I don’t want my mom to hear you!”

“Yeah sorry... You’re right! What an asshole!”

“I feel so stupid that I believed him when he told me that he likes me!”

“Don’t be! It’s his loss!”

“Thank god Liam was there...”

She looked at me surprised.

“Yeah... he drove me there and when I ran out of the house and Carter followed me, he heard me yelling. He was kind enough to take me away from there.”

“So, Liam was your knight in shinning armor last night huh?”

“Yeah... You can say that! He tried to cheer me up with ice cream. I felt better for a bit and I am grateful that he didn’t ask any questions.”

“That was really sweet and thoughtful of him!”


After talking with Jenn I felt better but not in the slightest, good enough!

At school I avoided Carter like the plague. Jenn was by my side all the time. The days passed and the school dance was tonight. I told Jenn that I wasn’t going. Instead I decided to stay home and watch all the Lord of the rings movies. Jenn on the other hand went and she sent me a picture of Carter dancing with Lexie. It didn’t surprise me after what I saw at the party.

Exams are starting on Monday and I have been studying hard. It’s a good way to take my mind of to be honest. After the exams school is over! The thought that in less than two weeks I am going to see my dad and spend the summer with him, brightened my days!

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