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𝙏𝙝𝙚 𝙄𝙣𝙘𝙪𝙗𝙪𝙨 𝙋𝙧𝙞𝙣𝙘𝙚 (𝙈𝙖𝙩𝙪𝙧𝙚)

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"I Erikono Lakeith accept you Sienna vanity as my soulmate chosen by the starts that aligns us and our souls together,I'm letting you know that even though I accept you right now and forever for all that you are and ever will be that you still have a choice to accept me or reject me and you'll never have to see me again should you choose two" |•| In which Sienna & Erikono try to dance around and over come the issues of a relationship that shouldn't quite exist |•| "I'll tell you the con first because unlike other people I'm not one to kidnap you and trick you into eating pomegranate that make you stay with me forever, no, that's not my style, if you accept me there's a very high chance you might have to sacrifice everything you know, life will be different from the moment you say the words but I promise I'll be there the whole way granting your every wish like your very own genie if you choose me I will make even the happiest people in the universe envy you at the very sound of your name, I love you even if it just for a little while" I'm not gonna cry, I'm not gonna fucking cry

Romance / Erotica
Age Rating:

𝘾𝙝𝙖𝙥𝙩𝙚𝙧 𝙊𝙣𝙚 🌶

The incubus prince

I stand in the darkness waiting holding my breath knowing what’s about to happen it’s been happening every night since I turned 18

It would be hot and I’ll feel like I’m in a sona He would shows up make me scream and moan and claw at his skin he look me in the eyes and say the say same damn words he always dose “I love you baby girl your mine” then I wake up sweating from the heat

sometimes the dream is so intense I don’t even remember it when I wake up.

Sometimes he duplicates himself or uses the toys I keep in my closet the only thing with that is when I wake up the next morning the toys are gone like they are never even there, one day I just stop buying them it was waste if they were just going to disappear the next day.

But tonight’s different I can feel it I’m not hot all over and unable to move i feel comfortable like I’ve been here thousands of time like this is my home

I’m laying on the a bed in a room with dark grey walls I feel his breath on my stomach and look down at him and he smiles at me and kisses down my stomach going lower and lower until he face to face with my heat.

I greet him like the royalty he is “my prince” I moan out for him when he kisses closer to my sweet spot he chuckles “my queen”

He takes one big swipe over my heat with his tongue he smirked up at me wickedly when starts to suck on my clit he suck it into his mouth swipes and his bottom lip through my fold.

I grabb his hair and run my finger through it “mhmmmm” he starts off slowly licking me a nipping at me i when I try to grinding my face into him he just maneuvers me and continues teasing me before I grow completely frustrated at him in the blink of eye were in a new position
He’s still face deep inside my heat he just deeper this way I’m on top of his face facing the head board that was behind me I have one hand on his hair and the other on the headboard.

He dosent speak but I hear his deep gravelly voice in my head loud and clear “hold on to the headboard with both hands” I instantly do it with a smile

excitement immediately rubs through me when he wraps hhis big arms around my thighs bracing me on his face.

He dosent start slowly or take his time with his strokes he goes faster immediately and pressing my core in his mouth. He eats me better then his last meal he licks my juices like there from the fountain of youth and he can’t get enough or waist a drop.

I moan and hold tighter to the board when he starts thrusting his Tongue in out of me so fast I feel like it’s growing inside of me I try not to bounce around on his face to much I didn’t want him to die in the middle of eating me. He hold me tighter and sucks on me clit I grind on “yes” I moan out getting closer to my bliss I look down at him to find him watching me

his gaze is so intense it hard to look away he growls loudly into my pussy and I scream out as it the stare before

I let go on his face, he dosent let go he just keeps eating me and watching all the faces I make as he over stimulates me

Lost in my bliss I let go of the head board and we start floating in the air but I don’t even care to give a reaction enough when he slaps my ass making my whole thigh jiggle and my core gets wetter even in his my mouth

his hold on me tightens “so fucking close” he slaps my ass again and growls into my core, he puts his finger inside of me and curves it inward.

I throw my head back and let go all over his mouth screaming out for him he doesn’t miss a beat he licks up every drop of me and keeps stroking my inside with that one finger inside me

I open my eyes to find him staring at me like I’m in trouble “you let go of the head board and said a naughty word” he completely disappeared from underneath me in a shimmer of light and I drop down on the bed with my knees spread.
I see the predator in his eyes looking for his prey though me

I turn around to face the grey walls and stop when I see him looking at me intently his eye slowly changing colors from green to dark blood red I close my eyes and look away “let her out for me princess” he grabs my chin and kisses me trying to call for his mate that slumber deep in my subconscious only awaiting his call.

I feel myself let go of control and let her out of her slumber she awakes and takes control “my king”

Switches pov to the princess incubus
I open my eyes and see red ones starring back at me intently he dosent hesitate to gram me and wrap his arms around my body “princess” he say to me

“My king” he kisses me like he’s starving and I taste my juices all over his lips I suck in his bottom lip and bite down not hard enough to jaw blood just enough to leave teeth’s marks their like a tattoo

“I want to taste you my king”
Letting my eye and hands wander I feel his hard chest under my finger tips I drop my hand further and feel his length hard against his stomach he kisses me fervently like he’s scared if he stops I’ll go away

I quickly change our position to him sitting on the bed and me on my knees in front of him
I stroke him and lick the tip before looking him in his eyes with the most sweetest look “do you want to fuck my mouth, my king” he nods and grabs my hair shoved himself deeper inside my mouth to the hilt “your mouths is so good princess” he moans as his his hips thrust into my mouth

I stroke his underside with my tongue and Bob my head and twist his shaft with my hands “so fucking good” he throws his head back and thrust faster inside my mouth, I feel the spit start to drip down as I try to slurp his length with my hollow out cheeks.

I feel myself dripping down my thighs at the imagines I see in the mirrors around us I’m in complete control of him he’s at my will right now and I enjoy every second of it him with his head throw back and me peering up at him with his length down my throat.

I move my wet hand from his length to my core and slowly move my finger inside me I glide slowly through my fold and then start to faster and add another finger I moan around him and open my eyes to see him watching me with a very dangerous intent. “Fuck sucking me off made you so wet for me princess”
He thrust harder into my mouth and faster his eyes slightly flickering,

I feel my eyes start to water I’ve started gagging on him he seems to like when I feel him tense inside me.

I wait for him let go in my mouth I stick my tongue out he watch it squirt inside my mouth keeping eye contact I swallow with my mouth open then smile up at him fluttering my eye lashes “so fucking sexy” he growls and I clench my thighs

He wraps his hand around my throat and pulls me to his lips I close my eyes as his tongue enter my mouth kissing me heatedly roughly
I begin to get so needy to have him inside me I start to beg for him to mold himself in my heated folds

He gives me a simply look and kisses my forehead as I cry out “no I don’t want to wake up just a bit longer please “ he chuckles
“Soon baby girl I’m going to fulfill every single one of your fantasy, wait for me daddy’s coming very soon”

I wake up drenched in my own juices and sweat I look at my clock on my phone to check the times

‘12:35pm Saturday’
New message from Sam
“Tim came over late last night I’m. It sure if he still there might want to check”

I turn my phone off and pull my sheets off my bed throwing them in the dirty laundry and run my hands through the curls of my black kinky hair “ughh I need a shower”

Walking into my bathroom wrapped in my towel I turn my the water on and put the towel on the rack I see a figure in the mirror in my Peripheral and when I turn to look in the mirror I almost jump out of my skin

“What the hell are you doing here” I hold my brush up as weapon because it’s the first thing I see

He puts his hand up and chuckles at me “didn’t I tell You today was the day” immediately recognized those eyes and handsome facial structure as the man from my dreams

I fall into his arms telling him how I kissed him


I run past him to my roommate door and bang on it hystericaly it opens but it not Tim it him pouting

“Why are you running my queen” I squeeze my thighs together subconsciously thinking of all the dreams I’ve had just for the man in them to be a real life person standing in front of me.

No, nope, to weird I need to him to leave

“who the hell are you? Why are you in my house? And how are you haunting my dreams?” I point my weapon used hair brush at him
“I’m whatever you want me to be” I throw my brush at him he stops it in mid air and it drops like my mouths dose

“better close that mouth before I stick something in it”

I snap mouth close quickly and squeeze my thighs together thinking of all the times he actually has stuck something in my mouth.

He smirks at me like he hard my thoughts and walks toward me, this time I let him

He grabs my hand and I feel my body heat rise and electricity goes through my whole body “waoh” I breath out because it’s the only thing I think to say

“I know” his voice is soft as he looks into my eyes he try to go in for kiss but I quickly dodge him and run not my room

“I still don’t know your name so you defiantly not getting a kiss outta me” he chuckles and glides towards me and can I just say he looks delicious I’m his grey sweats and black shirt that had the arms cut off I could see all of tattoos and I’ll could think about was how many times I’ve licked-

“if you don’t stop thinking like that I promise you you’ll get the chance to lick more then my tattoos”
Confusion is written all over my face “pardon me”

And when I process what he said I flush “you can hear my thoughts, great I’ll add that to the list of fucking questions to ask”
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