The Time Capsule

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At the start of her senior year Frankie appeared to have it all, a great home, dating the school's star quarterback, friends and what seemed to be a bright future, but when a time capsule is dug up her whole world becomes tilted on it's axis, the drama free senior year she wanted was far from what she was getting. Who knew digging up the past of strangers would change the future of so many?

Romance / Drama
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Chapter One

Looking around Miss Steele's history room it was pretty obvious we were a mismatched bunch, most of us wouldn't even acknowledged each other before today, I knew their faces but their names were sketchy, well all apart from who was sat on my left, his arm draped across the back of my seat whilst he idly looked at his phone. Our escape from school being delayed by a request to meet with Miss Steele, the kind of request that would usually get me in a state of panic that I was failing class or in some kind of trouble but I wasn't panicked at all, in fact I was just curious as to why we were all here together for the same mysterious reason.

"Where is this chick?" Kevin complained to me, shrugging out of his letterman jacket before settling beside me again and brushing his blonde hair out of his eyes.

"All I know is If she's not here in the next sixty seconds I'm out, I'm missing my manicure for this." Brandi huffed observing her already perfect nails.

"Patience guys, she's obviously asked us here for a reason." Sofia (....I think) said as she flicked her beautiful glossy black hair over her shoulder.

Just then the door swung open and in flew in a jumble of arms and legs, entwined together and oblivious to the present company, the guy with dark quiffed hair eased the girl clinging on to his body like a koala down on to the desk at the front of the classroom, the guy's lips moved down the girl's neck and she moaned audibly. We all sat with our mouths hung open at the display being put on before us, I felt a little nauseous at the sight. The girl then began feverishly kissing the boy's neck, running her nails along his clothed back, I realised in that moment they really hadn't noticed us and if no one intervened they could end up having coitus before our eyes.

I cleared my throat but to no avail as she continued to travel further down his chest with kisses. Not one to be deterred I rose to my feet and crossed the room to where they were literally dry humping. I tapped the guy hard on the shoulder causing him to jump and yell, obviously startled the girl withdrew her head quickly, maybe a little too quickly as it collided with the wall behind her.

"Sorry guys I think you've got this classroom confused with some pay by the hour trashy motel room." I sniped, Kevin and Brandi snorted with laughter, I couldn't help the little feeling of pride that rose in my chest. The girl who I recognised from my maths class sheepishly hopped off the desk and scurried out of the class rubbing the back of her head. I wasn't surprised when the guy turnt around to be faced by Seth, definitely one of the school's more antisocial students, well apart from when it comes to the ladies it would appear.

"Oh sorry I didn't realise this room was booked out for a meeting of the asshats." He said with a smirk before glancing around the room and waving.

"Who are you calling an asshat Anderson?" Kevin's chair scraped on the floor as he stood abruptly and began crossing the room hotly, I quickly found myself sandwiched between them, my back pressed against Seth's hard chest, I placed both my hands on Kevin's chest and pushed against him slightly.

"Kevin he's not worth it." I attempted to defuse the situation.

"That's where you're wrong." Seth leaned down and whispered in my ear. "I'm so worth it." He placed a kiss just below my ear, my skin burned under his touch, it was completely unexpected as was the slap I swiftly delivered across his face.

"Don't you dare put your lips on me! You have no right to do that!" I yelled, almost at a loss for words.

"You piece of shit!" Kevin roared, pointing his finger at Seth aggressively. "Don't touch my girl." I stood firm keeping Kevin in place behind me.

"Go Seth." I instructed.

"Don't act like you didn't love it." He winked at me, his cheek reddening up nicely. He headed for the door but the doorway was now blocked by Miss Steele.

"Mr Anderson, I don't recall requesting your presence." Miss Steele said with as much authority as she could muster.

"You know me Miss Steele, never one to miss a good party, but alas your guest list is poor so I'll be leaving." He said heading out the door. "Asshats." He spun and gave the room a salute before walking away, I heard Kevin huff in frustration.

"Next time, don't stand in my way." He hissed into my ear.

"I won't." I promised him and myself, I knew Kevin would be royally pissed off at me for a few hours now, I know he'd think I'd emasculated him in front of people, but he had to stay on the straight and narrow or he'd end up benched at the next football game. There was only so many strings coach could pull for him.

Miss Steele took her place at the front of the class as we returned to our seats.

"So I'm sure you're all wondering why you're here." She looked around at us as we nodded in unison. "As you know this year is the school is celebrating its centenary and to celebrate we have an exciting project for you all. Eighteen years ago a time capsule was buried within the school grounds by six students to be dug up in the year of the school's centenary, the students who took part were captain of the football team." She gestured to Kevin. "Head cheerleader." Brandi. "Captain of the mathletes." Rebecca. "President of the drama club." Theo. "Head of the Spanish club." Sofia. "And editor of the school newspaper." She gestured to me finally. "These students kept diaries for a few months to give you an insight in to their lives, they were completely personal, I have never even read them so I'm hoping they've actually taken it seriously. The project for you is to read their diaries, find them and then find out where life has taken them, who have they become, did they achieve their aspirations? I'd like for you all to give a presentation at the centenary celebrations to discuss what you've learnt from the experience and from the person."

The idea of the project really had my senses tingling, maybe it was my journalistic nature but I loved meeting new people, getting in their heads, finding out what makes them tick, learning about their story. This project was right up my street.

"That sounds like a lot of work." Kevin piped up.

"As a thank you for taking part in the project I will write each of you a handwritten letter of recommendation to the colleges of your choice, if the project is completed to my satisfaction that is." Kevin raised an eyebrow at this and nodded, satisfied with the answer, I knew the letter of recommendation would please his Father more than it would him. "So if you could all meet me tomorrow lunchtime outside the gymnasium we can dig up the time capsule and get started." We all took this as our cue to leave and began to head out of the door.

"What do you feel like doing tonight babe?" Kevin asked slinging his arm around my shoulder.

"I promised Carla I'd drive her and Ben home." Kevin rolled his eyes. "And I've got an article that needs a little editing, you could come by and keep me company." I smiled up at him hopefully.

"I dunno babe, let me see what the guys are doing. I'll let you know." He slipped his arm down my shoulders and gave my ass a tap before heading off in the other direction. Months ago he wouldn't have left me without a lingering kiss, I let out a little disappointed sigh and continued to the parking lot.

"Oh thank God!" Carla flew towards me and flung her arms around my waist. "I thought I was going to have to walk home."

"Oh heaven forbid." I mocked her, Ben walked towards us and prized Carla off of me. "The sooner you get your car back the sooner I get my freedom back." I informed Ben half seriously as I recalled Kevin's eyeroll.

"I know but if it's any consolation we're very grateful." He gave me a cheesy grin and I laughed before heading towards my car, they followed closely behind.

Me and Carla had been best friends since middle school, she hadn't changed much since then, she was overdramatic, loud and bubbly, her temper matched her fiery coloured hair, especially when it came to her long term beau Ben. They'd been together just over two years, which is practically a lifetime in high school.

"Shotgun!" Carla shouted running off in front, her red hair flew wildly behind her as she her petite frame sprinted ahead, unfortunately she was never going to beat Ben, even with a few seconds head start he easily overtook her at a jogging pace. He stood beside the car laughing and waiting for her to catch up. "That's not fair!" She whined as she stopped in front of Ben by the passenger door.

"All is fair in love and shotgun." He said dipping his head to peck her cheek, she moved before he could and took great pleasure in ruffling his strawberry blonde hair instead. "Lala!" He protested.

"You two will be taking the bus in the future if you don't quit arguing." The threat of the bus proved enough motivation for them to behave for the entire care ride, although Carla's pout was visible through the rear view mirror.

I returned home after finishing my chauffeur duties and parked in our driveway, no other cars were present signalling that mom and dad were both still at work. I was however greeted at the door by Barley, our golden retriever, he wagged his tail with as much enthusiasm as the old boy could manage.

I dropped to my knees and nuzzled into him, most days and evenings were just me and Barley, rarely we were joined by Kevin, but staying in wasn't really his scene. Mom and dad were both doctors, so their hours were crazy, when they were home it would be a rarity and would be like ships passing in the night.

It wasn't that I felt bitter or resentful about their jobs or hectic schedules, I knew they worked hard to provide for me, before middle school we'd moved several times for their work, they knew it was beginning to take a toll on me and so they decided to settle here in Sturgeon Bay until I was at least in college.

"C'mon boy, homework time." I instructed Barley before heading up to my room, I was hoping to get the mundane task out the way so I could binge on Netflix for a while before bed.

As I unloaded my books from my bag my mind wandered back to Miss Steele's classroom, I was really looking forward to receiving my match's diary, I mean who wouldn't love a chance to snoop in someone's diary, but not only that, I was excited to see what had become of the former newspaper editor, had their dreams taken them far, would it give me an idea of how my own journey would be paved? As I began editing the article on the school's funding being cut again I could only hope this project would provide some much needed excitement.

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