Time & Again

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What if you get to redo the one moment in your life you regret? Olivia’s moment was ages ago, decades. It was most definitely lust at first sight: overwhelming, bewitching and changing her forever. It just didn’t go as it should’ve. Actually, it went nowhere! But then she unexpectedly found herself back in time to properly lust at first sight. A chance she took on most enthusiastically. That’s where her story began... It wasn’t where it ended though, as apparently there was someone else back in the past too.

Romance / Scifi
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SMUT and questionable moral decisions will be in this story!!
Read at your own discretion!


Maybe my story should be categorized under erotica, but for me it still is foremost a romance.

This book consists of two parts.
Following chapters belong to this part.

The parts and their designation are based on what is mentioned in the first chapter on how life is often about how one deals with Risks and Chances.

The main character is going to take both, leading to all kinds of expected and... more unexpected consequences.

This is my first “book baby”!
It is very dear to me and I hope you enjoy it as much as I did writing it.
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