Diva from Levant

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This is a story of an ordinary woman from Levant. Realizing at the age of 28 that her success was nothing but what was planned for her from the society and customs. While working hard to prove herself in the professional world, she becomes more exposed, She starts questioning her life and her beliefs about life and love. She falls in love for what is labeled by the society as "the wrong man". Her confusion sets her off on a journey of un-learning all what was once familiar and she opens her heart and soul to the unfamiliar to re-learn life and love.

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Once upon a now, a free soul was living a human experience, her name was Budour. God blessed her with immaculate beauty and charm, she was a thief of hearts, an intriguing young woman with her beauty, intelligence, and intellect. She was born to a loving family, the typical family from the Levant; loving, generous, and possessing strong ties to all members.

Raised with love and a lot of attention on her education and manners; her Soul was trapped with what society described as “Comme il faut”; how she acts, how she reacts, and how she loved.

At the age of 28, she was a successful independent woman, great looks, a good family, and a promising career. She had everything she needed for her earthy life, but she couldn’t find love, the food for her free Soul!

Late September, there she was, in her furnished apartment in the beautiful City of Manama, two suitcases on the bed, a copy of « Kotler on Marketing » signed by group Chairman; « Thank you, you have exceeded all expectations as always! Keep on shining » S.J., a branded envelope with a certificate of achievement and a big financial reward in her bank account. The project is over, so is her stay in this beautiful place, her Soul connected with the energy of the place and the people, she will miss the sailing trips and capsizing, virgin Island of Jarada and the beautiful multi-cultural friends she made, her local friends and the people, their love and unprecedented generosity... she is now packing her bags and going back home, leaving behind little pieces of her heart and Soul!

Now everything is packed all done, the driver is waiting for her to drop her at the airport, one final check! Last thing the fridge, a surprise, a big smile, and soft tears moistened her eyes. Salmon with avocado sandwich on multi-grain and her favorite raspberry chocolate mousse cake, a little note from her friend; « Have a safe trip home you will be missed dearly, Shaha »

She smiles, looks at her watch, there is plenty of time for a perfect lunch ....

“I am home”, she rushes to her dad’s study, with a big smile in her heart, she missed her man, her rock! Just as she imagined, tens of references around him, loose white papers with perfectly crafted Arabic handwriting. She knocks …

His eyes brighten as if he is seeing her for the first time when she was born, she is back, his little girl, his friend, his backbone, his pride and joy, his everything. She approaches him and sits on his lap. Gives him a big hug, they stay there in silence for a while, as they don’t need words anymore, their silence spoke volumes. She reaches for her pocket, gives him a small box.

“For your pens collection, the project was a success, thank you for you believing in me, I love you”.

He opens the box, smiles, kisses her, and says: “No boy yet?” She gives him a silly look and asks: “Is it a must?”, “No, I just want to know if I should feel jealous?” He teased. “Then don’t, you spoiled me for other men, hitting the shower and going to sleep, will make you breakfast tomorrow.” She kisses him and leaves him in total bliss.

The perfect bath is ready with candles and scents, she takes off her clothes, contemplates her beautiful body in the mirror, and slips into the tub with a copy of “The Alchemist” in one hand. Meditation music playing in the background. Suddenly she feels cold, she has slept for over an hour. Wet, naked, and cold she rushes to her bedside table, picks up her pencil and she starts writing her dream, it felt more like a vision or the beginning of a lucent dream. She needs to capture it as she is about to embark on a new journey and she needs her intuition on her side.

“Tirée à quatre épingles”, looking expensive without brand prostitution. Less is more, no designer logos as she is her own personal brand. She walks into the bar, spots the bartender, their eyes meet, she smiles and he smiles back!

“Hey Moons, you are back!”, with a big smile filling his heart “I missed you.” She smiles back, looks into his eyes, into his very soul, he looks back into her eyes, her very naked soul, no words just a soul to soul symphony that plays forever. Looking deeper he knows something is going on in her head. He smiles, gets occupied preparing her drink. The bar was still empty except for few foreigners. “So, what’s up, what brings you here on a Thursday at 7:00 pm, date tonight? new boy?” He asks hoping the answer is no. She smiles, nodes “no, I missed you, I came to see you, we have a lot to catch up on since I left for my project. Besides, you need to fill me in with all the gossip and news!”

There was silence, he got occupied serving other customers, catching her eye from time to time appreciating her very beauty, her hands, her body, her perfect buns, her hair, her eyes, her skin, her perfect smile now and every now ever since he laid his eyes upon her virgin soul.

All the while she is studying every move, his details, the very shape of his hands, fingers, gestures, movements, ...

Not so long ago she was in his very arms. She was there helping him settle in his new apartment. Struggling with bedsheets and cursing, she enters the room laughing and teasing, “May I have the honor of making your bed tonight?” she flirts. “I need coffee please, make us coffee and I will finish this and join you; we are done, the place looks fantastic!”

Two cups of coffee are waiting, he is looking out of the window waiting for her to lighten the room and his very heart and soul. Feeling her fingers on his shoulder “I am done! Where is my coffee?” It was now or never, he brings her close to his body starts kissing her lips, tasting her, and allowing her to taste him gently, he brings her closer to feel his desire that he can no longer control. Slowly he starts exploring her temple, touching, exploring, examining, every curve of her terrain, he wants to be her mind, soul, and body aficionado. She is in total submission to his manhood. They step into each other’s energy field, allowing their spirits to touch creating a constructive vortex of love and passion twirling, reaching cloud nine. Suddenly he wakes up from his daydream to look at her to find her lost in her deepest thoughts.

Her thoughts lingered and went back to the same time and place, except that her story is different. She knew that her beauty was God’s gift to her and should use it decently and wisely, her body is the beautiful temple of your soul, only the faithful are allowed. Her soul is pure, not to be tarnished with short-lived pleasures; because she knows, for once the ecstasy fades, the soul will only be left with bewilderment. Sensuality is like a drug! Once activated becomes addictive! Once high, will always beg for more ...

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