Not ‘Just’ Friends

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“W-What are you doing?” I stutter, moving back until my back hits the wall, our lips only centimetres apart. “Kissing you,” he murmurs. “B-but we’re not a couple, we shouldn’t be doing this, i-it’s wrong.” “We don’t need to be a couple to do this, besides, it’ll feel really good,” he said huskily. Regaining the last bit of sense I had left, I flattened my hands on his chest, trying to push him away, but that seemed to turn him on even more, since right after, he claimed my lips. Amanda and Asher have been great friends since they day that they met. They always said that they were just friends, but their hearts and bodies made it seem otherwise. He always purred under her touch and she always shivered under his. Their parents always told them to wait for their mates, and out of respect, they decided to wait, but something always drew the two together. Amanda and Asher were clearly not ‘just’ friends, so, maybe it was time for them to embrace that. What will these two lovers’ fate be? Cover by me (@saphronchante563)

Romance / Drama
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Chapter 1


Seven years ago
Amanda’s POV

“Mum, this isn’t fair!” I screamed, “I don’t want to move!”

“Amanda, I’m sorry but we have to,” Mum said back softly, not even seeming like she cared about my previous outburst, “This could be a great opportunity for our family.”

With a huff, I threw my stuff into one of the boxes that she had given me whilst banging the door shut in her face. My mother never acted like she loved anymore me because the one stupid mistake I made a year ago. I always felt like I was a piece of gum under her shoe and I guess to her that’s all I was.

“Is it your moon day?” asked Connor from beside my bed, startling me.

“Connor! You fu-...I mean freaking scared me,” I said, quickly correcting myself.

“Sorry, I didn’t mean to,” he apologised with a cute smile, “So if it’s not your period, then why are you acting like a bit-”

“Are you trying to get me killed? If mum hears you say that word, she will end me, so shut up!” I whisper shouted, placing my hand over his mouth, hoping my mother hadn’t heard him about to swear.

Rolling his eyes, Connor removed my hand and threw himself onto my bed and said, “You know, for a fifteen year old, you stress way too much.”

“What does that mean? Teenagers stress as well, you know,” I said matter-of-factly, laying on the bed next to him.

“I don’t know, I just always thought that teenagers never stress and always live happily and stress free. I mean, isn’t that the reason why you smoke weed? Because you don’t care about the consequences.”

“Well, first of all, I don’t smoke weed, not anymore, but my classmates do and second, that is a lie. A big, fat one. Teenagers have a lot of stress and worries. Adolescence is the time when someone finds out who they are. That’s when the real you is created and finally seen. It’s hard to decide who and what you want to be when you’re an adult because it will determine where you’ll stand in lifestyle living. Will you be rich or poor, wise or stupid and stuff like that,” I explained to him.

“Mm...That sounds wise. So what kind of a person are you?” He asked curiously.

Closing my eyes, I said, “I think I’m kind and that I’m capable of more than being just a warrior. I’m strong and fierce, but caring and loving. I’m ambitious with hopes of having a great life in the future,” I told him.

“Yeah, that was deep, but totally you,” he said with another one of his cute smiles.

Annoying and bratty or not, Connor was still the most adorable nine year old ever.

“Thanks. Now help me pack you little rascal.” I say pulling him off the bed with me.

With a groan, he started packing and I gave him a side hug, “What is this for?” He asked.

“It’s for being the best little brother I could have ever asked for!”

“Aww, I knew you loved me,” he bragged earning him a slap underneath his head, just above the back his neck.


“Shut up and pack!”

Two hours later

“Argh, why would you decide to move us to a pack which is halfway across the world?” I complained to my mum whilst my dad was fixing the car engine since we were now walking stranded in the middle of rogue territory. Well, technically it’s not in rogue territory, but dangerously close.

Letting out a sigh and deciding not that I answer me, Mum looked out the window. I knew I was overreacting since it wasn’t even across the world, but I just didn’t want to leave my home pack after being born and raised there.

After what seemed like eternity, the engine of our car started running and my father closed the lid and after washing oil off his hands, he came back into the car and we silently drove to Midnight Creek Pack.

Alpha Rowan had asked us to join his pack since we come from a long line of warriors and some of us even have the blood of some of the first wolves to be ever created. Some, being my uncle, Connor and my paternal grandmother. Pure blood wolves were much stronger, more intelligent as well as more agile and faster. One of those people with pure blood is me, but I want to be more than a warrior, but who’s ever heard of a female commander?

We reached the main gates where there was a billboard built into a stone wall with the logo of Midnight Creek Pack. I have to admit, it was much better than my previous pack’s logo of just a wolf and the moon. This had a dark blue wolf that was on a creek howling at a full moon.

When dad had given their letter to the guards, we were in and I felt nervous and jittery. Being the new kid is literally the worst. If you’re going to an all wolf school, like I am, it depends on your rank in the hierarchy. I know that fall quite high on that list being a pure blood and all, but I might be feared instead of respected and genuinely liked.

A pure blood is a warrior that has the blood of an original werewolf. They are treated quite well in every pack because they are naturally better warriors than most and people think that we’re so special and that we are the most cultured because we are descendants of those wolves who didn’t mix and mingle with humans. I don’t think we should be treated like royalty, my family and I, because of that, but being treated a little better than everyone else would hurt right? I mean, it prevents three years worth of bullying.

“Okay Connor, how about you and your sister go exploring the pack, yeah?” Mum suggested and I took Connor’s hand and we just ran ahead to nowhere in particular when my eyes met the most beautiful ocean eyes in the history of eyes.

The boy’s hair was in unruly curls that fell over his light brown eyebrows. My eyes trailed to his perfectly shaped nose and beautiful luscious lips and sharp and angular jaw. His attention shifted to me and Connor, and he sent a cheeky, but charming smile our way and realising that I’d been staring for too long, I felt my cheeks heat up. I shot him a small wave his way and he walked over to us.

Connor’s mouth was wide open as he took in my reaction to every action he made. I wasn’t very interested in boys back at Shadow Pack, so this was so new, for the both of us.

Dear moon goddess, how much do I have to apologise to finally thank you for making mum and dad make us come here?

He reeked power, not that of an alpha, but he was powerful.

“Hi, have I seen you around?” He asked looking at Connor and I.

“No, we just arrived here from Shadow Pack. Amanda didn’t want us to move, but now I think she’s taken a liking in the view,” Connor said, making it even more obvious that I was attracted to the gorgeous Adonis in front of us.

Hitting the top of his head I muttered, “Smartass.”

“Well, Amanda, it’s nice to meet you and I’m glad you like the view,” he said acting as if he didn’t know that I was ogling him which he already knew I was, “I’m Delta Asher Sinclair,” he said sticking a hand out to greet me.

I took his hand and it felt like there was a zoo in my stomach, not those butterflies people always talk about. I remember reading about this pack somewhere on werewolf news and there, it talked about the Delta being seventeen years old, which is two years older than me. Unlike the Alpha, he hadn’t graduated college already, but was still in high school like the beta and gamma.

Would I be attending the same school as him?

I really hope so.

“N-nice to meet you, Asher,” I breathed out.

With a wink he ran back to where he was with three other men, probably the beta, gamma and future alpha.

Was that my mate?

Did I meet my mate before eighteen?

*End of flashback*

Present time
Asher’s POV

When I got home, slightly panicked because of the brunette I’d left outside and found Amanda on my living room couch. My mum was home, so this really wasn’t good. My parents were so strict about waiting for mates, both Amanda and I’s parents were like that, and we decided to take their advice but that was before we knew that we had to wait for six years, well for her it’s four years but anyway that’s a long time, so of course I decided to get companionship whilst I waited. A lot of companionship. A big part of me has always wished that Amanda was my mate but that stupid bitch in the moon refused to make it possible.

If the sky starts falling, at least we know who’s fault it is. Laughed my wolf.

Oh, shut up!

“Amanda, you okay?” I asked her when I sat next to her.

“Um....yeah, what’s up?” She asked clearing her throat.

“I need your help,” I whispered once my mum’s voice was heard from the kitchen.

“Well, there’s this girl outside who won’t leave even though I’ve told her a thousand times to leave.”

Shaking her head she asked, “What’s her name Asher?”

“Um....Rosita....Rose....somewhere there,” I answered her, not caring about her name since I was trying to get her to remove the Barbie doll outside.

“Asher!” sang an annoying voice.

The brunette came and sat on my lap kissing my lips and sticking her tongue down my throat. She kept moving around my lap, which isn’t good, not at all. Continuing the torture, I growled deeply. The girl might be a Barbie doll, but she knew just how to turn me on. She started biting my ear when mum came in.

“Asher, what is the meaning of this?” Mum asked with shock in her voice before she gasped, “Wait, is this your MATE?” She screamed.

Oh crap....

With a teasing smirk, Amanda made up and excuse to leave and I shot her a look that promised retribution.
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