Not ‘Just’ Friends

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Chapter 10

“Uh....well, Troy asked me out,” I told him and he clenched his jaw.

Was, was that jealousy I saw in his eyes?

This time I was definitely sure.

Why was he jealous?

This it definitely wasn’t my wild imagination.

“Oh? Did you say yes?”

“Nah, he’s too plain for my liking. Definitely not my type,” I say.

He came closer, the heat of his body radiating off of him and surrounding me.

“So, what exactly is your type?” He whispered in my ear.

“I like blondes, preferably with medium length hair, not too long, not too short,” I replied, also in a whisper.

“Mhm....” he murmured, telling me to continue.

“I like it when they’ve got blue eyes, with red lips, a lean muscled body with a fun and loving, caring and loyal personality,” I said describing him the way I knew best.

His eyes trailed from my eyes to my lips and I innocently licked them and suddenly he kissed me. It was passionate and fierce, yet gentle and loving. He tasted so good and I couldn’t help but run my hands in his golden locks. I thought he would stop me since he hates it when people touched his hair, that was a fact, but he didn’t and when I stopped he protested.

“I like it when you touch my hair,” he said huskily. He started placing feathery kisses on my neck and shoulder and I let out a moan causing Eva to groan. We stopped immediately and waited for her to go back to her deep sleep.

“Let’s go to your place, yeah?” He suggested an I just nodded.

We walked down the stairs to the fourth floor and I opened my door and locked it behind me and the second I turned around, his lips were on mine. He removed my green top revealing my black lace bra. My heart was thumping so loud and I knew he could hear it. I’d never done this before and I was scared that I’d make a mistake.

“Why are you so scared?” he asks softly.

“Um....I’ve kind of never done this before,” I said shyly.

“None of it?”

“Well, I’ve kissed a few guys, you know that....but it’s never escalated from there,” I said.

“Then tonight will be a memorable night, I’ll make sure if it,” was the last thing he said before his lips captured mine.

Asher’s POV

I couldn’t help myself anymore. She was so damn sexy all the time and then she started talking about that idiot Troy asking her out. I knew that the first day we met, Amanda liked me, so I thought, let’s see if she still does, because I was falling in love with her harder and harder each day.

When we were in her room, I could hear her heart thumping hard and I stopped to ask why she was scared. When she answered, I couldn’t help the smile on my face. My perfect Amanda just got more perfect. My rule against sleeping with virgins was completely forgotten and I removed her jeans and underwear. She was even more beautiful without clothes. I kissed her neck down to her abdomen and then slowly started taking off each item of clothing I had on.

I was gentle at first so as to not hurt her, but after that, I couldn’t control myself. I lost myself completely as she screamed my name over me over again and thankfully the room was soundproof and most wolves were in the dining room.

When we were done, I fell on the bed beside her and we were both breathing hard. She brought her petite body semi of top of me and I traced unidentifiable shapes on her lower back.

“That was great,” she whispered.

“Definitely the best sex I’ve ever had,” I admitted and I meant every word.

“Can we do it again?” She asked and I smirked.

Waking up with Amanda kissing my hand was the way I wanted to wake up everyday, with her in my arms and her mop of hair all of the pillow and all I wanted to do was kiss her beautiful pink lips and taste her morning breath and see her without makeup. This was the real Amanda, the one I wanted to see very morning.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t. My mother had warned me of the consequences that came with not waiting for your mate in our family. One of these were not getting your inheritance. As the oldest, I’m the sole heir of Sinclair Industries which was worth almost five hundred million dollars. It was almost as big as Hawthorne Motors. Along with that, I was supposed to get fifty million dollars exactly, when my parents died, whilst Eva got forty-five million. The rest of the money that they have which is about ten to fifteen million is given to charities all around the world. Not only that, my parents would disown me and basically treat me like I wasn’t one of their children.

I know it may a bit extreme, but my mother was about to settle for a choice mate when she was twenty seven and she was deeply in love with the man, but then dad showed up. They left the poor old guy and came to this pack and then one day later they got news that Delta of the neighbouring pack had committed suicide after losing his choice mate.

“Morning, handsome.”

I hummed in response. After stretching a bit, I got up and started wearing my clothes.

“What are you doing?” She asked cutely.

“Leaving,” I responded though my heart and body were begging me to stay.

“Why? It’s still like six o’clock,” she said, with a frown etching on her lips.

I sighed heavily, “Amanda, we both know what this was.”

“We do? What exactly was it? Just a fling?” She was clearly hurt.

“No, you’ll never be just a fling, but you know that we can’t be together.”

“We can hide it from our parents,” she suggested hopefully.

“And if we get caught, get disowned by them, no thanks,” I said, not wanting my parents to disown me and be the disappointment of the family.


“Amanda look, last night was were great, I had a lot of fun, but that’s all it can ever be, fun. Anyway, see you around. Don’t be a stranger,” I cut her off, walking towards the door.

“And if anyone asks why our scents are all over each other, tell them Sam and Eva we’re snoring too loudly and we ended up sleeping in your bed,” he added and shut the door.

I hated having to have broken her heart that way, but it was necessary since being disowned by your family isn’t something I look forward to. I now remember why I had created the no sleeping with virgins rule. It was to prevent this.

The unnecessary breaking of hearts.

The tears, the anger and the sadness that you witness them experience as you leave.

The feeling of being used that you see them experience when you pass by them in hallways or fields.

I really needed to get out of this habit. Too many broken hearts involved. I don’t want anyone to feel what Amanda felt today.p, not again. I don’t think I’d be able to live with myself if yet another heart was broken.

When I got to my room, Samantha and Eva were spreading the bed that they were sleeping on the night before. They didn’t mind my scent being mixed Amanda’s. They probably figured we had slept in the same bed.

“So Ash, we were thinking of going to lunch. Since it’s a girls thing, none of us will be on the job, including Amanda, so you’re our chaperone,” Samantha said.

I sighed, not wanting to face Amanda again.

“Sure,” I said with a smile that probably didn’t meet my eyes, but they didn’t seem to notice.
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