Not ‘Just’ Friends

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Chapter 11

Asher’s POV

When we were at the place the girls wanted me to chaperone them to, Eva asked us a question very similar to what had happened to Amanda an I and if we hadn’t told anyone, I would’ve assumed she knew and wanted to get answers from us.

“Okay guys, so one of my friends from school said that her friend, who she likes a lot, and her finally sleep together, right, and then the next morning he just leaves and says that it was fun while it lasted. What should I tell her?”

“That she’s an idiot for believing that he was interested in anything other than getting into her pants,” Amanda muttered, and I huffed quietly.

Is that really what she thought.

I loved her!

I glared at Amanda and say, “Yeah? Well, the guy might have been interested in a relationship but can’t be in one.....hypothetically of course.”

“Or, hypothetically, the guy just can’t commit to a relationship because he is so used to sleeping around with women that he’d get bored of having one woman in his life and would rather go around sleeping with random women everyday and breaking their hearts the next!” Amanda shot back.

“Maybe, that girl should have just enjoyed the moment while it lasted and have been grateful that it happened then moved on with her life!” I said.

That was the best solution when it came to having a broken heart. Moving on. That’s how Will was able to find Samantha, because I pushed him to get back to work and work led him to Samantha. The only reason that they’re fighting now is because of Antonia who has changed a lot and I have no idea why Will would still love her after what she did.

“Well, that girl now feels so stupid for even letting it happen because it was her first time and she sure as hell didn’t want it spot be with some jerk of a womaniser that can look himself in the mirror and say he’s a man,” Amanda said angrily.


You weren’t complaining last night when it was happening. I mind linked her, though I only got a glare in return.

“This girl should just grow up and learn that happily ever after doesn’t exist and that this is how the game is played. Hearts obviously get broken!”

“Oh, because everything is a game to you!” Amanda shouted, “Girls don’t like it when they’re feelings are played with. I don’t like it when my feelings are toyed with, but of course you don’t care, right. As long as you get pleasured, everything is just peachy!” We were now drawing attention, but we didn’t care.

There was so much that I wanted to get off my chest and so did she.

“Do you think I actually wanted to leave? Of course not. I’ve wanted this since we first met and I never wanted to break your heart,” I told her honestly. I was truly and deeply sorry for breaking her heart and she needed to know that.

“Yeah, well, too bad you already did!” Amanda said and walked off grabbing her purse.

I ran after her and stopped her by holding her wrist, though she struggled out of my hold and walked off whilst I angrily stomped my foot and then walked off.

As I walked, I thought of what it would’ve been like if I hadn’t left. Would I be able to commit to her fully? Definitely. I loved her too much to screw up anything we had, but unfortunately, I already had.

Two days later
Eva’s POV

Amanda was a crying mess. She was just like Sam two days ago. For the seven years that I’ve known Amanda, I have only seen her cry when others she cares about are crying, or when she’s watching a sensitive movie. She has had only two relationships that lasted only a few months, but she really liked those boys. When they broke up with her because she didn’t give them what they needed, which is sex, she never cried. She just moved on like nothing had happened.

Amanda was strong both on the inside and outside. She could easily knock out anyone who tried to mess with her and easily forget the memories of those who had broken her heart.

My brother was an idiot, thar’s for sure. Just because our parents didn’t approve of choice mates, it didn’t mean that he had to wait until forever for his mate. I’ve got a few friends who parents met when they were forty and some fifty. It’s a miracle that werewolves age slower than human and live longer than humans because if not, they’d be seeing their grandchildren at seventy instead of fifty like most people.

“Okay, Amanda. Let’s stop this,” I say to her getting her on her feet.

“What?” She said with her hoarse voice.

“This isn’t you. The Amanda I know doesn’t need a man in her life but to be completely fulfilled. The Amanda I know is strong and independent and wants to prove that women are capable of what men can do and more. If Asher can move on after this, then so can you,” I told her and she sniffled.

“You’re r-right,” She said.

“Good, now go take a shower, change into something modest but sexy and make him see what he’s missing. If you see him and an argument starts, be the bigger person and leave him with his over inflated ego and his no good ass,” I said.

“Thanks, Eva. You’re the best,” she smiled and headed to the bathroom.

With that I dusted my hands together, “My job here is done.”

I switched on the Tv in front of me and went to watch Spongebob Square Pants and started singing the theme song doing my silly spaghetti dance. Yes, I’m weird like that. If you’ve got A problem with it, go screw yourself.

Two weeks later
Asher’s POV

It’s been so hard moving on with life after sleeping with Amanda two weeks ago. I haven’t touched or looked at any other woman since that day and we’re always fighting, but when things are about to escalate, she lifts her chin up confidently and with a glare, she walks away proudly.

It’s like she wasn’t even affected by our fights when she did that, but I know she was. In fact, I know that she loves me. If I wasn’t so mad at myself, I’d be so happy that she feels the same way as me. I was tired of waiting for her to forgive me and really, I didn’t want to move on without her.

I entered her room and stood there until she come in. I realised how weak she was when I’m near her and I was going to use that against her.

When the door opened, I greeted, “Hey Amanda.”

“Asher, what are you doing in my room?” She asked angrily.

As I moved closer, her angry demeanour cracked and she started looking panicked.

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