Not ‘Just’ Friends

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Chapter 15

Three months later
Amanda’s POV

“Really, Hayley. I’m shocked you could hold onto Ryker for this long. Four months, that’s incredible,” exclaimed Jaelyn who was in a long sleeved black turtle neck with a golden chain on top and a black leather jacket on top. She was in black jeans and black knee high jeans. Of course, she looked really good like this and Hayley, who was blushing like crazy looking at her lap at the mention of her boyfriend, was dressed in a light blue long sleeved off shoulder crop top, a black jersey and light blue denim jeans with black sneakers.

Today, we had all decided to go lunching even though it was cold out today. As a werewolf, I wasn’t that cold, but Jaelyn and Hayley needed enough warm clothing to be out in the open. I shared the same shock that Jaelyn had expressed at how Hayley had kept a boyfriend for so long.

“Well, like I always say, he’s the one. I actually love him, but I don’t know how to tell him since just last week I said I didn’t feel the same, but then he went away for a family vacation and I’m feeling empty inside. That’s got to be love right? Not wanting to be away from your partner. Not wanting to see them sad, just wanting them happy and around you all the time?” She asked.

“It is,” I answered for her.

“Well, I’ll have to figure out a way to tell him that I’m in love with him.”

“So, Amanda, how are things with you and Asher?” Jay asked me.

“They’re great. We’re still keeping it secret from the pa- I mean, family,” I said quickly covering my slip up in front of Hayley.

“That’s good,” she said and just after, our food arrived.

I took a forkful of my salad and a wave of nausea washed through me, and I quickly ran out of the restaurant to a corner and puked out all the contents that were in my stomach. I’d been puking a lot lately and when Hayley and Jaelyn came up behind me, my face paled.

The thought had been stored deep in the back of my head for a few days now, but I had ignored it. I realised that now, I had to face the truth.

“G-guys, I think I’m pregnant,” I said to them.

“How do you know?” Asked Jaelyn, ready to comfort me whether or not I was sure.

“Well, Asher and I haven’t been that careful lately,” I told them remembering all the times we had had unprotected sex.

“Well, just to be sure, let’s go and buy some pregnancy tests at the pharmacy.”

I couldn't believe it. I didn't waht to. Could I really be pregnant? Was I even ready to mother a child?

We had bought almost ten pregnancy tests, but knowing that I couldn’t pee on each and every one of them, I only took three. They were all the same brand since I assumed they’d give me the same answer. I didn’t want to tell Asher yet, I couldn’t. I was already scared that he would leave me, since Asher terrified of commitment and a baby is a huge commitment.

After laying the three tests in a row on a blanket on the coffee table, Hayley set her phone e minutes and I paced back and forth for about a minute, when the door opened and revealed Asher.

“What’s going on he-” He froze when he saw the pregnancy tests and I gulped.

“Amanda, what’s this?” He asked slowly, his eyes scanning over the table which was filled with pregnancy tests.

“I-I think I’m pregnant,” I said to him, terrified and suiveirng in fear.

“No, no, no, you can’t be pregnant. We’re not even mat- I mean... married and our parents will kill us. Besides, we’re always careful how are you pregnant?” He asked pacing around rubbing circles on his temples with his fingers.

“Look, Asher, just calm down,” I said softly, not knowing if he was mad or scared. Probably both.

“I am calm. I’m calm. I’m about to have a baby, what’s so scary about that?” He muttered seeming to be even more frustrated now.

“We’re going to leave. You two obviously need some time to talk this through. The test will show the results in two minutes,” Hayley said.

They waved goodbye to us and left the room and I took a seat in the couch and Asher sat next to me and wrapped an arm around my waist as his knee bounced up and down. The one hundred and twenty seconds felt like one hundred and twenty years. When it was finally time, we peered over the pregnancy tests and I let out a sob whilst Asher let out a shaky breath. All three tests read positive.

I buried my head in Asher’s chest and cried not knowing what else to do.

“It’s okay, we’re going to get through this. Maybe we should ask Abigail to get some blood tests now. Maybe they were all false positives,” he said reassuringly, though, I don’t think that I was the one he was trying to reassure.

It was highly unlikely that all of them were false positives but we had to be sure.

An hour later
Asher’s POV

She was pregnant.

Amanda was pregnant.

I was terrified because I’ve never been a father and I thought that I could start that when I’m thirty or so. I was too young and having a child means more responsibilities and less free time. Don’t get me wrong, if Amanda really was pregnant, I’d love that baby with all my heart.

I jut hoped that I could get my parents to forgive me one day for this because getting someone pregnant and raising the baby with them is far worse that having a choice mate. Amanda and I walked into the hospital and called Abigail to a private corner.

“Look, we need a favour and you have to do this secretly,” I said.

“Sure, anything. A friend of Justin’s is a friend of mine.”

“We need you to collect my blood samples, and check if I’m pregnant,” Amanda says.

“Oh. You two are.....and it’s a secret. Okay, sure. I’ll help and no one will ever know,” she said.

“Thank you.”

We were taken to a private room and there with a syringe, she took Amanda’s blood and put in in three tiny bottles.

“I’ll call you in about a day,” she said and we headed back Amanda’s room.

Amanda’s POV

“Asher, if I am pregnant, will you stay with me?” I asked Asher.

“Of course I will. I’d never leave you,” he said back kissed my temple.

I let out a sigh of relief and closed my eyes, falling into a dreamless sleep. If Asher had decided to leave me when this baby came, I’d be sad and angry, but I think I’d e able to handle it. I’d find a man with the balls to commit fully to both a baby and me and if my mate was that man then good for me.

I started wondering that if I had a baby girl, what would I name her. I liked the name Georgia, so I decided on that and if it was a boy, I’d name him Robert, after my late grandfather. He was tough, but he was great. Grandpa Rob was in the army for twenty years and was well respected in Shadow pack as he was also a pure blood.

The next day seemed to go by really slowly, most likely because I kept looking at the clock. I couldn’t focus on anything today and when Jake noticed that I was out of it, he let me out of training early and cancelled evening training, which I was really grateful for.

Finally at life o’clock, the phone rang and I put it on speaker phone for Asher to hear as well as he had just entered the room.

“So we ran the tests and you’re not pregnant,” she sad.

Both Asher and I let out a sigh of relief am I felt like a million pounds had been lifted off my shoulders. I would love that baby if I were having one, but i’m Not yet ready for that yet.

“So What was making me sick?” I asked Abigail.

“I think you ate some expired food maybe and got mild food poisoning. You’ll be just fine and I hope this information was helpfu to you,” she said.

“Belief me it was.”

I hung up and Asher and I celebrated happily and I said, “I think I should start using birth control pills because I don’t want to get another scare like this.”

“I think that’s a great idea. Now, since you aren’t pregnant, let’s go and get drunk!” He said enthusiastically and I laughed.

Just like that, things were back to normal.

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