Not ‘Just’ Friends

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Chapter 16

A month later
Amanda’s POV

“Asher, where are we?” I asked for the hundredth time.

“For the last time, Amanda, wait and see,” he said back, slightly annoyed, since I kept asking where we were.

“Well, can I at least remove this blindfold?” I pleaded.


I let out a sigh and leaned my head against the window that couldn’t see. We had been on the road for ten minutes now and I’d been wearing a blindfold the entire time and it was annoying. I was getting impatient since Asher wouldn’t even give me a hint as to where we were going.

A few more minutes passed when Asher finally pulled over. He got out of the car and came round to open the door for me, then guided me somewhere, not letting me fall. I heard the opening of a door and then he brought me into what I think was a house. He went behind me and untied the blindfold and asked what I thought.

It was the most beautiful house that I’d ever seen. The room we were in was well sized and I was already in love with the dark brown wooden floors and large vintage fireplace. In another room, probably the dining area, was a twinkling silver and gold chandelier with red gems around the the lights. I wasn’t a fan of chandeliers, but this one really drew me to it. We walked past the very big kitchen which had a marble kitchen island as well as built in cupboards and appliances, to the main bedroom which was also very beautiful. It had it’s own bathroom, a walk in closet, just it was much bigger than the one I had back at the pack house.

After looking through every room in the house, I kissed Asher repeatedly. I’d always wanted to live in my own house, but I never could afford one and I never felt comfortable asking my parents for money. The house had a total of four bedrooms, each with a bathroom and a walk in closet, there were two bathrooms, one on each floor, probably for when there were guests since each room already had bathrooms. There was a laundry room, a basement which Asher wanted to turn into a man cave, a study, and two other rooms which we’d figure out what to do with later.

When we got back home, we told everyone that we were moving in together into a house fifteen minutes away. Thankfully, no one asked questions or judged us for acting like a couple even though we were supposed to be just friends. We packed our things and with the help of all our friends, excluding Samantha who was training with Alyona, it’s a long story, and Justin who had taken ZhenZhen to the Bahamas or some island, we were done with packing in three hours.

When we were now driving back to our new house, Asher asked, “I realised that I never asked if you wanted any of this. Do you?”

With a warm smile, I said, “Definitely. We’ve been together for so long now and this is the next step of our relationship. I just wish that we could tell our parents about it.”

“Me too.”

Two hours later
Asher’s POV

Packing and organising things was exhausting. I was more tired than Amanda because she was making me do all the work. She helped out here and there, but most of the time, she was on the phone, ordering furniture, without even asking whether or not I liked it. I didn’t mind though, since it wasn’t like I’d pay attention to the things in the house. As long as she was happy, I was fine. The only room I told here that she couldn’t design was the basement and thankfully, she okay with it.

When the clock struck six o’clock, she started making dinner and I thought that it meant that I could start resting more, so I went the living room and sat on a stool in front of my large screen Tv.

“Hey, what are you doing! This house isn’t going to order itself. Get back to work, or I won’t make you dinner,” she said.

I knew that she wasn’t joking about not giving me food, so with a low grumble, I went back to putting things where they belonged.

Amanda’s POV

Ordering Asher around was a lot of fun. I would threaten to design the basement into a training room if he didn’t pack fast enough. He was hellbent of designing the basement into a man cave, so of course that would make him move faster than lightning.

I loved this house so much and it was right in between school and the pack, so I didn’t have to drive for long in order to get to school or to the pack. Since both our couches were white, Asher and I used our couches for the living room and we ad a few indoor plants and since his coffee table was bigger we used that for the living room and after adding the flat screen tv, we were done with living room.

The kitchen was already furnished and all we needed was to buy a few other appliances like a coffee machine, a blender and the like.

When I had served the food, I called Asher who was working on the bedroom, putting the bed inside and all. He rushed down the stairs, happy that he was free from the torture of working and I chuckled at his behaviour.
“So what’s for dinner?” He asked about to dig in, but I slapped his hands away.

“Spaghetti and meatballs....and wash your hands, Asher,” I said, then reprimanded her.

“You act like my mum sometimes, you know.”

“Well, I have to because you’re acting like an eight year old,” I say with a playful glare.

“But, you love me,” he says kissing the soft spot on my neck and then going to wash his hands.

“Yes, I do.”

I took our plates and went to the couch, then we watched a show on the large television. We didn’t pay much attention to the show, since we were just talking about anything and everything that came to our minds.

Being with Asher really is a dream come true.

I’m in a dream that I don’t ever want to wake up from.

But like they say....good things always come to an end.

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