Not ‘Just’ Friends

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Chapter 18

One day later
Amanda’s POV

Had I done the wrong thing?

Hayley said that when a guy is like that you should drop them immediately because they won’t act like they love you, but like you’re their personal maid.

Maybe I should have told him that I’m not his maid and he should pick up after himself.

No, Amanda stop it.

He’s a grown man, he should know that you don’t live a life like that especially when you live with your girlfriend.

Asher is so used to getting what he wants and not doing anything for himself apart from training and delta duties. He had a maid clean his room in the pack house every week, when he lived with his parents, he never cooked for himself or cleaned his room since they had a chef and cleaners. I guess when we started living together he thought that I could be is personal maid. Well, too bad to him, but that’s not me.

“So are you serious? You actually broke up with Him?” Jaelyn said, shock evident in her voice.

“Yes,” I responded.

“But why?” She asked.

“Oh, because she had to. Asher does not treat any one of my friends like that and get away with it. That useless piece of crap deserved to be dumped,” Hayley said looking at her newly manicured fingers like she hadn’t insulted the love of my life, not that I minded anyway. He deserved it.

I rolled my eyes, “That’s not the only reason why I left him, Hayley. I could’ve hired a real maid to do all the cleaning since I wasn’t going to do it. I broke up with him also because he was getting to needy and bossy, and believe me, not the sexy kind. Whenever I was home, he expected me to make dinner, as if his hands and legs were broken. I would come home after a long day of work and school to be greeted with a demanding man child. The first few days were normal since we were still packing, but then when the house was a home, he started changing. It makes me wonder what else about himself he was keeping from me,” I told them

“Well, as long as you are happy without him, that’s all we need. I don’t like seeing you sad, especially over a no good man like him,” Jaelyn, still not completely on board with me breaking up with Asher.

I smiled sweetly at my two best friends and then we continued our lunch, Hayley telling us how things with Ryker had been going. Apparently, they’ve been fighting quite a bit, but I knew that those two were the definition of soul mates and would reunite in the end.

Asher’s POV

I’ve been miserable without her.

I can’t eat, I can’t sleep, I can’t work.

It’s been just a day yet it feels like it’s been one year without her.

I was an idiot to not fighting for her an I realise now that this is all my fault. I should have told her I would change. I shouldn’t have treated her like a maid instead of my girlfriend. I love her so much and I I don’t want to lose her. I needed to find a way to get her to forgive her. I remember the last time we had a fight and when we slept together everything was fine, so I guess that was what I was going to do. I entered her room and thankfully, she arrived minutes later, so I didn’t have to wait long.

“Oh my god...Asher! What are you doing in my room?” She screeched, placing a hand over chest, showing that I had scared her.

I moved closer and dipped my head and inhaled her delicious scent and placed a kiss on her soft spot. Before I could do anything else, she harshly pushed me away and I tried moving closer but she slapped me.

“Stop it! Just, stop! If you think that I will come back to you because you would’ve slept with me you’re crazy. I meant it when I said we were over. This is all your fault. You didn’t even try to stop me when I left yesterday, so don’t think I’ll come running ever again. We can be friends, but that’s all we’ll ever be!” She said firmly.

“Amanda, you and I both know that we aren’t not just friends and never will. I know you love me. Tell me your heart hurts like mine does. I miss you Amanda. I’m sorry. I promise you, I’ll change. Give me a chance,” I pleaded.

“No! Asher, no. I don’t want you anymore. Move on with your life. You’ll meet your mate someday and she’ll be much better than I ever will be. You’ll fall in love with her and you’ll never think of me again.”

“I don’t want my mate, I want you, Amanda. I love you!”

“I love you too, Asher, but we can’t do this anymore. We should’ve never done this in the first place. It was all a huge mistake.”

“No, don’t say that. I get it you’re mad, but don’t say that this was a mistake,” I said.

What we had meant to much to be counted as a mistake.

“Okay fine, it wasn’t a mistake, but it’s all in the past now and we should both move on with our lives,” she admitted. I noted the hint of reluctance in her voice.

“Amanda, come on, what we had was special and I don’t want to have to wait for ten years for someone I might never meet,” I told her.

“Me neither, but you should at least try,” she said to me.

“No, I don’t want to.”

“Look, Asher, it’s either we’re friends, or we’re nothing at all,” she said with finality in her voice.

“Fine. We’ll just be friends from now on if that’s what you want,” I say defeatedly.

“Okay, Good. Now get out of my room,” she stayed firmly.

Glancing at her beautiful face, I left the room.

Amanda’s POV

Saying no to Asher was hard. My heart and soul was craving him, but I knew that we couldn’t keep doing this. We were broken up. That meant we couldn’t sleep with each other any more and neither could we keep saying that we loved each other. We were just friends.

I threw myself me on the bed and close my eyes wishing this was all just a nightmare and when I woke up, Asher and I would still be together. We hadn’t had that big blow up and we would just be Amanda and Asher. We would be going on dates and strolls on the beach and runs in the woods. We would be living happily ever after even though not many people knew about our relationship.

I remembered the lyrics that were ringing in y head from Christina Aguilera’s song, ‘Just a fool.’

I had my heart set on you

But nothing else hurt like you do

Who knew that love was so cruel?

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