Not ‘Just’ Friends

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Chapter 2

Asher’s POV

After having the most awkward conversation in the history of conversations with my mother about how men have needs and that Rosita, among others, helped me with those needs, I told her that they weren’t my mates and I didn’t love them, so she didn’t have to worry about me marking anyone other than my mate.

She finally let me go after an hour of talking to me about the dangers of STDs and how we werewolves were lucky that we couldn’t be easily affected by those diseases since we had high immune systems, but after telling her that I was always careful for the umpteenth time, she finally said goodbye.

I exited the house with a heavy sigh and made my way to the training grounds were I found Amanda having her personal training with William. He said that since she was so good at taking care of Samantha and had seen her sparing, he was thinking of making her a commander. He just needed to have a few private lessons with her for a while. He hadn’t told her that he’s was going to make her commander, therefore I couldn’t tell her either which was annoying as hell, since I told her everything, well apart from the fact that I had a huge crush on her.

Whatever he was doing, he was great. He was able to point out more mistakes than Amanda’s trainers. She was now faster and better in defense. When Amanda saw me, she smirked, knowing the hell my mother had put me through just a few minutes ago. I was going to make sure she paid for what she had done. She could have helped me out by telling mum that Rosita or whatever her name is, was my friend and nothing else.

But if she was your friend, why would she be kissing you? Kyle asked.

That’s not the point, the point is she didn’t help me get out of the situation I was in.

“Okay, I think we’re done for the day....Hey Ash,” Will said to Amanda and then greeted me.

With a nod I trained my eyes on Amanda’s stomach. Her were abs not to big and defined and neither were they to small and not too hard to see. She was beautiful, I’ll admit that. She had long curls of auburn hair, beautiful green eyes and soft pink lips. I knew they were soft because Amanda and I had made out a few times. Don’t ask me why, because even I don’t know.

Maybe I liked it more than I should have since we were just dumb kids having fun, but we hadn’t done that in years and I doubt she even remembered when we did. I, on the other hand, remember every single detail of those days. The way she would whine whenever my lips left hers and tug at my hair when I kissed any part of her neck. I remembered how she would try her best not to, since I hated it when people touched my hair, but she wasn’t just anybody.

“What are you daydreaming about?” asked an overly amused voice.

It was the one and only Amanda King, well her full last name is Kingston, but I call her King. I glared at her slightly and started chasing her when she sprinted off. I could obviously catch her since I was her Delta after all, but I didn’t mind slowing down for her, since we were just playing. I tackled her to the ground and an army of six to twelve year olds who were training rushed to help.

“No! No! Please stop, I promise you, if it ever happens again, I won’t let Deloris get the wrong idea. Please don’t let them kill me,” she begged dramatically, referring to my mother who had thought that Rosita girl to be my mate.

Pretending to think about I walked round in circles, whilst the children got closer.

“Please!” She said choking on a fake sob.

“Alright fine,” I said with a heavy sigh.

“Hey, you little warriors, thank you for your everlasting loyalty to me, but your services are no longer needed,” I told the cute little minions.

They stopped and offered adorable smiles to me whilst their instructor was glaring at me, but couldn’t resist the smile breaking onto her face. I saw Jasmine, one of the teenagers that had befriended Samantha, ogling me. I smirked at her and she blushed making her look adorable. I mean Jasmine was already one beautiful girl, but I was more interested in the girl in front of me. And even if I liked Jasmine, I’d be titled a pedophile since she’s like eight years younger than me. I then watched as her little sister Artemis ran into her arms, sweaty after all the mandatory training they had to to do and I couldn't help but smile. Children are so cute. I’ve known since the day I met her that Jasmine has a crush on me. I never encouraged her or anything, I was just friendly with her since I knew she was going to meet her mate someday.

Who knew you were so thoughtful?

Shut up!

Fine. Then let's talk about how your ass is always pining over Amanda.

I don’t pine over her.

Please, you’re a love sick puppy when you’re with her.

I’m not a puppy!

The fact that you’re getting defensive means you’re a puppy. A lovesick one!

Ignoring my no good wolf, I moved to help Amanda get up and she I lifted her up, she was so close to me. Our lips almost touching. I stared at them, but then she quickly pulled away and I cleared my throat awkwardly.

“So, Ash, I have to go. You know in case Luna needs me,” she said and quickly walked away.

Amanda’s POV

We almost kissed.

Why did I pull away?

I remember the times we would make out when we were still in high school. It probably meant nothing to him back then, but it meant something to me. I wish I could feel his lips on mine again. Evens if it’s an accident. I’ve been in love with Asher for so long, but unfortunately for me, he doesn’t seem to feel the same way. If he did, he wouldn’t be asking me to lie to his mother all the time to tell her that he’s working when he’s actually screwing some random she-wolf.

Asher’s a great guy, manwhore or not. Though he sleeps with everything that walks, he does have rules: no underaged girls, hence why he doesn’t let Jasmine, Luna Samantha’s friend, think that he’s interested; no wife material she-wolves, because those are too clingy and have a good chance of meeting their mates one day; no virgins, because their first time is meant to be special. There are a lot more rules, but I just know the three main ones.

Sometimes I like to fantasise that he and I will live happily ever after in future and have three adorable babies - two boys and a girl that Asher and I will cherish - and seven grandchildren. Yes, I know that’s creepy as hell, but a girl can dream. Before I headed back to Luna Samantha, I went to the playground where Connor was sitting on a bench playing video games with his friend, Mason.

When he saw he he smiled and waved at me, and I walked over to them watching them play their games. Connor was a great kid. He was unimaginably annoying at times, but he was sweet and caring and was like a friend magnet. I was glad to have him as a younger brother and I love him so much. After saying goodbye to him, I went to Luna Samantha and Alpha William’s door and there I sat and remembered the good old days when I was still in high school and Asher and I would make out. He was a great kisser back then and I bet he was better now.

I wish he was my mate.

We’d be so happy together.

But we’re just friends.
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