Not ‘Just’ Friends

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Chapter 20

Present day
Two weeks later
Amanda’s POV

Samantha and Alpha William were finally holding their mating ceremony, well, it was a mix of a wedding and mating ceremony. Like all mating ceremonies, there will be no white gowns for any of the females. This is because when vampires first declared war on werewolves eight or more centuries ago, the vampire queen wore a white dress and all her warriors did as well and our ancestors wrote in scripts that they saw the blood of their brother and sisters turn those white clothes red.

I walked through the library where Luna usually likes to hide out when she’s stressed and it has become my habit to sit a read with her.

“Hey, Sam,” I greeted, now fully comfortable to call her by her name, when I saw her standing in her favourite spot.

“Oh, hey, Amanda. As you probably know, Liam and I are getting married,” she said back.

“Yes, I did hear, congratulations. But, why are you in here instead of outside planning it?” I asked.

“Well, Liam says that I’m not supposed to wear a white gown under any circumstance,” she stated, “I just eat to figure out why.”

“Oh, well, then you want to read this book,” i say handing her a heavy blood red book.

“What’s this?” She asked.

This isn’t the journal of one of the only surviving pure bloods from the Supernatural Wars. He’s still alive, but has never been the same again. He live in Alaska in a cave with a candle that surprisingly never burns out. It’s some sort of magic. He’s gone nuts and his cave is filled with drawings of vampires and white gown turning red. I’ve never been there and to Ben honest, I don’t want to go there. He witnessed the white clothes of vampires turn red. It was like some sort of spell maybe that changed the colour of cloth when blood touched it. We suspect that the dates were behind it, since back then, they would help the vampires in return for peace between them, I explained.

Oh, wow. To see something like that is sure to turn you crazy,” she muttered.

“Yeah, it sure is.”

“So, time to get reading,” she said sliding down against the wall, “Read with me?”

I moved to her side and sat down and peered closer to read with her.

Day 03

The vampires have declared war against us and are hellbent on ending our entire race. They have ended seven packs within three days and as the king’s pack and most strongest, we are more likely to survive their attacks, but the pain of losing our birthed and sisters is almost unbearable.

All of the strongest, most powerful Alphas have gathered together with the king to form what people are calling the Council. They are planning on what we should all do as a Kingdom since Queen Fiona won’t hesitate to end us all using her magic.

The Council will have an order for us by tomorrow at dawn, and hopefully, their strategy will help us win against those disgusting creatures and ease our pain a bit, knowing that our brothers and sisters did not die for nothing.

Day 04

Alas, the Council has come out of the king’s chambers without a single battle strategy. Our Commanders have thought it over and over again, but all of our plans are not good enough. The vampires may be small, easily irritated and quite stupid, but they have the faes on their side and those are known to be the most powerful supernatural beings known, apart from lycans of course.

Commander Rykovitch feels that he has a smart plan and the Council and a few commanders are going back to the king’s wing this afternoon to talk it over. I have got a good feeling about Commander Rykovitch’s plan for he is one of our very best, being the King’s brother.

“Wait, wait, wait! I thought Rykovitch was the bad guy, how come he’s in this giy’s journal as the good guy?” Sam asked, completely bewildered.

“Well, have you never wondered why Alpha Rykovitch wants to be Alpha King?” I asked her.

“I just thought it was because he was a power hungry maniac!”

“Well, he is, but that’s not the only reason, he’s the first Alpha King’s half-great great grandson,” I told him.


“Yes, he was the product of an affair, so technically he doesn’t have enough royal blood running through his veins, and because if that, he was denied the right to the throne, since his biological mother was an omega,” I explained for her.

“Oh, that makes sense.”

We then went back to reading about what had happened to make wearing a white gown illegal at mating ceremonies. It obviously brought back really bad memories, especially for the elders who had managed to live this long.

Day 06

The Council, along with the commmaders are still in the king’s chambers discussing Commander Rykovitch’s plan. They have been there for any day now and the people are getting anxious. There have already been five more packs destroyed, this time they were all burned to the ground. It was a controlled fire, since it didn’t spread, telling us that the fae are also behind this, or for once Queen Fiona is doing her own dirty work, for she is the only one in the history of vampires with magic.

As I walked through the now empty hallways of the castle, I began to wonder what Commander Rykovitch’s plan was. I waited for the guards to go round the entire wing leaving the door of the king’s office unguarded, so I placed my ear by the door and I heard his powerful roar that silenced everyone in the room.

“Everyone, shut up!” He growled angrily.

“Sweetheart, calm down. Take a seat and just breath it out,” said the soft voice of his mate, Queen Ingrid.

“Your highness, we are simply saying that Commander Rykovitch’s plan is absolutely ridiculous! iI fee were to disperse all around the world, that would be cowardice!”

“Disperse around the world? Aren’t pack already around the entire world?” Dam asked.

“Well, yes. Now they are spread out, but during that time, packs were only a few miles away and they were all situated in England, Italy and a few other European countries, and very few parts of Asia.”

“Well, then Commander Rykovitch’s plan to make the packs spread around the world was smart, because faes can fly right? So they’ll just fly above the whole of Europe and drop a huge bomb,” she said.

“That’s true.”

“No, it wouldn’t, it’s the smartest thing to do. The faes and vampires are always one step ahead of us and if we spread all the packs around the world, It would be much harder to destroy all of us,” Commander Rykovitch reasoned.

Before they could say anything else, we heard screams outside of the castle and quickly the door were open and not noticing me, they all ran outside where there were vampires in blinding white as well as they killed our wolves. I watched as a vampire sucked the blood out of a small pup and it broke my heart. When done, he threw her on the ground like she was a rag and the blood from his fangs dripped onto his white leather blazer and it turned red. I was not completely sure as to what was going on, but then I watched as a body was carried into the air and ripped to pieces by an invisible monster and the blood was flying everywhere as the monster ripped him to pieces.

Finally the invisible monster showed itself and it was none other than Queen Fiona in a red and white dress. After standing there for a while, we got a mind link from the Alpha King, telling us to go to our pack commanders and follow them wherever they take us and start our packs all over the world. If we saw any vampire or fae dressed in white, our orders were to kill them with pout any remorse like they were doing to us right now.

Samantha closed the book with wide eyes, “Wow!”


“That was...intense. Now I never want to wear white again,” she said and I laughed lightly.

“It’s....understandable since werewolves know that what that pure hoood in Alaska felt is truly unbearable. That’s why he went insane, because he couldn’t handle the pain anymore and it took over all his senses,” I said to her.

“Samantha, that’s where you are! We were worried sick!” said the voice ofCassandra, Sam’s best friend.

“You were looking for me!” Sam asked with a knowing smirk.

“Yes, why do you seem so surprised.”

“Okay, So i’m Going to take a wild guess and say you heard about Liam and I’s engagement and you want to help with the planing.”

“Okay, fine yes,” she drawled and we laughed, leaving the library to go and start planning a wedding.

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*Thought you might’ve missed Sam, so I brought her back! Will edit soon. Hope you enjoyed!

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