Not ‘Just’ Friends

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Chapter 21

One week later
Amanda’s POV

This week has been one of the most hectic weeks ever. Samantha turned into a screaming bitch whenever things didn’t go her way, much like ZhenZhen. She was so frustrated and while we understood, it still annoyed the hell out of us. Magenta, being pregnant and all, din’t get that much work to do and Sam even went a little easy on her, but me and everyone else, we went through hell.

She ended up being put on the sidelines by Cassandra since she was driving everyone crazy, but either way, it was worth it, because standing here, staring at her in awe as she added the finishing touches to her makeup, looking so happy, is such a sight to behold.

Her dress was absolutely breathtaking and the rest of us were in dark purple dresses with rhinestones. There was a knock on the door from Samantha’s father whom she had reunited with a while back. She exhaled a shaky breath and we all went out first. I couldn’t help but turn my head to the side and saw Asher looking breathtakingly handsome in a tux. My breath hitched at the sight of him and I couldn’t help but blush when he sent a wink my way.

When we finally reached the front and the bridesmaids and the groomsmen collided, but took our seats on opposite ht after, Cassandra went to stand next to the priest, Alpha William, Asher, his best man. We werewolves didn’t usually stand when the bride walked in so when Alpha’s breath hitched when he saw Samantha nearing, we all smiled. Coincidentally, my eyes locked with Asher as the songs last notes played and with his lips, he mouthed the words, ‘You look perfect tonight.’

Half the time I was staring at Asher, not paying attention to our Alpha and Luna professing their endless love to each other. We were both in our own little world and I couldn’t help but let out a dreamy sigh, wishing he could just ask me to be his mate. We had been together for almost a year now and I want to be able to go around telling everyone that Asher’s my mate.

Asher’s POV

I was so terrified for what I was going to do. I loved Amanda, so this was going to be even harder. I had asked William for advice on how to do this, but he just said I should go with my heart so that’s what I’m going to do.

When I saw Amanda on the dance floor in that beautiful dress I just knew that I could do it. Getting the box from my inside pocket, I walked towards her and danced a bit before Samantha gave me the signal to propose. I got ready to get down on one knee when I saw the panicked look in her eyes. I whispered to her that I had gotten permission from Samantha to do this at her wedding and fully got down on my knee.

“Amanda from the day I met you, I knew I wanted you. You were beautiful, sweet, kind and funny. I fell in love with you and not only for your body, but for your heart as well. I don’t care that you’re not my chosen mate because I know that you were always meant to be my mate. So will you fulfil that prophesy by marrying me?” I asked after taking her hand, praying to the goddess that she said yes.

After she got over the shock a few moments later she jumped up a down saying yes, “Oh my god, yes! I will marry you Asher!”

I let out a sigh of relief and then she said, “I love you Asher, but I think I live this ring more.”

She was staring at the emerald ring like it’s she wanted to have sex with it and I burst out in laughter at the silly thought and her statement. The crowd around us applauded us, but when we got back to dancing I had forgotten them, only thinking of the soon-to-be bride in front of me.

The next morning
Amanda’s POV

Last night was absolutely amazing. After the wedding, I gave Sam her wedding gift and Asher and I went home where we had the best sex ever. I was an incredible night and we got ‘ind if carried away and marked each other.

Yes you read right; I am now a MARKED AND MATED WOLF.

I was so happy, and I still am, actually. Asher was a bit scared that I’d hate him afterwards and we’d turn into Justin and ZhenZhen, but I was beyond happy. Because of our already being marked, Asher and I aren’t holding a mating ceremony since we already fully mated. When we told Deloris she was sad that she didn’t get to help me plan a mating ceremony, but was happy either way and dad was happy for me.

Samantha and Alpha William are still having their honeymoon and ours will start tonight when I go into heat. This is a time whereby a she-wolf craves sex and nothing else. The farther away she is from her mate, the hotter her body get and her mate will be on a rampage until she’s with her. Humans luckily don’t go into heat until their mated, but every pure she wolf goes into heat twice every year depending on when she turned eighteen.

You’re probably wondering how I had gone four years without acting in my sexual urges, well, for those who do not wish to have sex during this week of sex craving are locked inside the underground dungeons we have and are not fed or given water since we won’t be thinking about that and the males who would have found their mates would also be locked up if their mates are not ready for the next step.

Anyway, I headed to the kitchen and ate all I could because I wasn’t going to be eating for a week and my body needed food whether I liked it or not.

Asher’s POV

I had marked Amanda last night.

It was absolutely wonderful, especially when she marked me back and wasn’t mad after. I could feel her in my soul ke I knew that she was going into heat only in a few hours, I was craving her. This is how newly mated wolves are, but I needed to work so I tried my best not to think much of Amanda whilst I worked, so as to not get distracted.

Justin and ZhenZhen were back, but he wasn’t working that much yet since he and ZhenZhen had worked out their issues in that trip to the Bahamas or wherever they went. I’m glad that they were finally happy together, but I wish they could cut the smitten crap and go back to normal. Normal being Justin coming to work regularly and ZhenZhen leaving hi alone for the day. I wanted to get back to Amanda so bad, but I had promised myself that I would work for the whole day and go home to ravage my mate all night.

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