Not ‘Just’ Friends

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Chapter 22

Four years later
Amanda’s POV

“Asher!” I called from our room.

Asher came running and looked around the room for any signs of danger but when his eyes landed on me, he relaxed and came and crouched in front of me.

“Are you okay?” He asked.

I smiled widely and said in a voice that I hoped was calm, “So, Asher don’t freak out,” I looked at him as he scrunched his eyebrows, “But...”

“Spit it out already!” He said obviously annoyed when I paused for dramatic effect.

I ,eat out a sigh and said, “Alright fine, I’m pregnant okay!”

“Wait, wait, wait....pregnant! How?” He asked starting pace around the room with his hand massaging his temples.

I laughed softly and stood in front of him, “Asher, we’ve been together for five years and mated for four of those years, me getting pregnant should have been expected.”

“Yeah, I know that, I just never thought we’d have a baby this soon,” he said with a sigh and placed his forehead against mine with his eyes closed.

“Asher, you’re twenty eight years old, how is that soon?” I asked with an amused smirk.

“Well, okay, maybe it isn’t soon, it’s just, what if I’m not a good father?” He asked with a nervous smile.

“Asher, I know you’re going to be a wonderful father, okay? I know you’ll love him or her with all your heart and you’ll spoil all our kids rotten even though I’ll tell you not to,” I said, “I know that you’ll be there for them when they have nightmares and you’ll straighten them up when they get themselves into trouble at school. That’s how much faith I have in you Asher. Besides, you’ll have me there to help you.”

“Alright fine, you’re right....I guess we’re doing this. We’re having a baby!”

“Yes. Yes, we are.”

Nine months later
Asher’s POV

It feels like these past nine months have flew by in just a few seconds. I really never thought the day would come when Amanda would be squeezing the life out of my hands to get our baby out of her womb.

“Look, Mrs. Sinclair, I’m going to need to push really hard. One....two....three...push!” Ordered the human doctor, who couldn’t bring herself to call us by our first names.

Amanda let out a scream and I saw a tear roll down her cheek at the pain she was in. I wiped it away and squeezed her hand back reassuringly. I knew she could do this. She was stronger than anyone I’d ever met and she could get through this and lose all the weight she’d gained as well as take care of our baby.

I’d gone all over protective of her once I had recovered over the shock of actually having made a human being nine months ago and I wouldn’t let her anywhere near wine or other alcohol, as well as making sure she had healthy foods alone. I wanted this baby to be perfect and if I was having him with her, I knew he was.

When we learnt it was a boy five months ago, we decorated the bedroom next to ours for when he was old enough to sleep on his own as well as thought of baby names. Amanda was hellbent in calling our baby Gilbert Robert Sinclair Kingston and I told her a hundred times how that didn’t make sense, she insisted we name our child that. I was okay with Robert since it was her grandfather’s name, but Gilbert, no offence to everyone with that name, but I couldn’t. We had bantered for days until we finally decided on Walter Robert Sinclair Kingston.

“Argh!” Amanda groaned again and moments later I heard the cries of my baby boy and I heard Amanda sigh in happiness.

“Your baby seem perfectly healthy, would you like to hold it, Mr. Sinclair?” The doctor asked and I nodded.

She handed me the baby and I resisted the urge to cry in happiness. He was so small and so beautiful. His tiny body was writhing in my arms as he cried and when I held him closer to my chest he quieted down.

“Congratulations on the baby. What would you like to name him?” Chirped the nurse cheerfully.

“Robert Walter Sinclair Kingston,” Amanda said with a small smile and cooed when I handed her the baby.

“Aww, that’s such a beautiful name. I can tell already that you two are going to e great parents.

Three weeks later

“Oh no, not again,” sighed Amanda as she switched on the light to go and get the baby when he started crying.

She tried feeding him, but he wasn’t hungry, then ch aged his diaper, but he still cried. She gent,u swayed him, retrying to get h8m to go back to sleep, but nothing she did was working.

“Here, let me try,” I offered and she handed the baby to me.

I tried getting him to sleep by humming the lullaby that worked most on him, but nothing happened. I sighed as I walked around the room to get him to sleep, but still nothing happened.

“Deloris, please come help us. We’ve tried everything but he won’t go to sleep,” Amanda said to my mum.

When she ended the call she told me that my mum was coming right over. It seemed as if Walter liked her best because for the three weeks that he’s been in this world, the only person he stops crying for is his grandma. Though it’s only been three weeks, we’ve already lost so much sleep, Amanda especially, since she’s still getting cramps from giving birth to Walter and she still has to wake up three time during the night to get him to sleep again or to feed him, but mum says we should give him time and soon he’ll
learn to sleep peacefully.

After twenty minutes, the doorbell rang and I opened the door for my mother who hugged me in greeting and ran upstairs to help Amanda with the baby. When she held him, Walter was quiet and he snuggled closer to her chest and gripped her shirt, then I realised that he just wanted to inhale my mum’s scent and quietly I asked my mum what perfume and fabric conditioner she used.

“Well, I use this coconut and honey scented lotion and it actually smells like perfume, but it’s not. Why?”

“I think that’s what Walter likes, the scent of that coconut and honey lotion. Do you happen to have it on you?” I asked her.

“Uh, check in my bag, it’s a dream coloured tube.”

I dug around in her bag and I found it and asked Amanda to apply it and to test my theory, we handed the baby to her and he just stirred a bit before going to sleep and we rejoiced in silent victory.

“Oh thank heaven, I was starting to think he didn’t love me,” Amanda sighed.

We said goodbye to my mother and after taking Walter back to his cot in our room, we went to sleep. I wrapped my arms around my lovely wife and drifted off to the world of dreams.
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