Not ‘Just’ Friends

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Chapter 23

Three years later
Amanda’s POV

Being a mother is a blessing. I really can’t imagine my life without Walter and Paige, our four month old baby girl. They were both so adorable, especially Paige. Walter’s hair looks the same as Connors, who by the way found his mate, Grace. She’s so sweet, but also quite short tempered. Not as much as Sam, but almost as much. The two are already expecting a baby, though they’ve only been together for a few months, but what they have is special and nothing can tear them apart.

Mum and dad are going through a rough patch though. Even after Connor told her that he was the cause of Shawn’s death, she still blames me and while he always respected her decision to give me the cold shoulder for these past few years, even though he didn’t agree with it, dad doesn’t want my mother to treat me like that after being told the truth about what happened that day.

I don’t like talking about Shawn, especially since it makes me remember that it was partially my fault. What happened that day was that, I was supposed to babysit Shawn and Connor, but my human friends had invited me to go out a smoke weed with them and I had agreed. I waisted for Connor and Shawn to eat dinner and watch television before I made the rolls of weed cigarettes and smoked one whilst waiting for my friends to come. I didn’t realise that Shawn and Connor were watching me.

When they arrived, I forgot to put away the rest of the cigarettes and left the house after making sure Ali locked up. We drove up to a hill and smoked up there whilst staring at the stars, but left wen one of the boys tried making a move on me. When I got home, I found Shawn sprawled on the ground with a pool of blood underneath him. There was a knife sticking in his chest. I remember the terrified look on Connor’s face and though I didn’t what to, I asked him what had happened.

I remembered word for word what he’d said to me, “W-we start aw y-you smoking cigarettes and then we smoke them and Shawn was a-acting funny, like he was drunk or something, but I thought he was pretending then we watched a c-commercial of some p-product on illusions or something about sticking a knife through your heart w-without dying.”

I knew what those things were. They were like a belt on the side and the person can only see one side so it looks like you stabbed yourself in the heart without dying. Because of this, I told my mum that it was me who had left out a knife and left my cigarettes out as well as well of the commercials with a knife in the heart illusion.

Anyway, I feel bad for my parents, but if my mum wants to act this way, like she didn’t give birth to me and raise me for half my life, then so be it. I love my dad, probably more than my mum and I’m not scared to show it. I called Walter to come watch his baby sister and make sure to talk to her if she starts crying since was really good with her. When we told him he was going to be an older brother a few months ago, he didn’t quite understand it, but he was jealous for a while before I allowed him to carry her and he was in love with her.

Asher’s POV

Amanda was still really worked up about her parents going through this rough patch and I understand her. When my parents would fight when I was younger, I was terrified of them rejecting each other because sometimes they’d be apart for months at a time, but for Eva’s sake, I didn’t show that I was scared of the possible outcome. Luckily, they solved their issues and are happy together.

I knew she would get over it soon because she was strong and independent, that’s why she was our Head Commander after all. I went to the nursery looking for Amanda, to find Wally talking to the now awake, Paige. He was making funny faces at her and I couldn’t resist the smile that crept up on my face. Wally was a good big brother, that’s why I wasn’t scared of how he could possibly turn out when he grew up.

“Hey, buddy. Have you seen your mum?” I asked him, getting his attention for a while.

He hummed in response, “She went to get started on dinner and said I should try and get Paige back to sleep.”

“Okay, thanks,” I said back, though he had already gone back to Paige.

Eight years ago, if anyone had told me that I was going to be a father four years later, I would have laughed in their faces. The mere thought of a child got me so nervous that I thought I didn’t want any sometimes, but then Amanda came and she changed all that. We decided to stop at two because I’m not sure I can handle any more, so I got a vasectomy.

Anyway, I arrived in the kitchen and saw my lovely mate dancing to the music from her earphones and licked my lips as I thought of what I was going to do to her tonight when she started swaying her hips sensually like she knew I was there watching her. Moving closer, I wrapped my arms around her petite waist and she jumped a bit, but calmed down when she realised it was me. She let out a moan when I started kissing and gently biting the skin around her forever sensitive mark and taking out her earphones, she kissed me passionately and it turn into a heated make out session.

“Mummy? Daddy? What are you doing?” asked Wally and Amanda and I abruptly stopped and I was glad that I hadn’t taken off her top completely.

Why’d you stop? I was enjoying that too you know, whine Kyle in my head.

Because we’ve got a pup asking what we were doing and it is way too early to scar his mind with the sex talk, I responded.

Oh right, I had forgotten about that.

“Um...nithing honey, we were just showing each other how much we love each other by kissing. But it’s only for grown ups, so don’t go around kissing people okay?” Amanda said.

“Okay mummy...can I have ice cream? I got Paige to sleep.”

I resisted the urge to chuckle at how fast he’d forgotten about what we were talking about.

“Sweetheart, it’s almost time for dinner,” Amanda said to him firmly.

“Oh come on, he got Paige to go to sleep, that deserves a reward. Besides he’ll just get five scoops and no less,” I coaxed her.

“Five scoops....seriously? He’ll get brain freeze, no! He can only have two scoops,” she says with finality laced in her voice,

Rolling my eyes, I got out a bow and cherries as well as sprinkle and put two and a half scoops of ice cream and put the cherries and sprinkles, just the way he liked it.

“Thank you daddy and mummy,” he said clapping his hands before accepting the ice cream.

If someone had told me eight years ago, that I’d be a father to an absolutely amazing son like Wally and adorable daughter like Paige, four years later, I wouldn't have laughed in their face, at first maybe, but then I’d be smiling around for the next four years, waiting for this to happen.

For me, my family is perfect.

I surprisingly love them all equally, though as a young adult, I thought I’d love the oldest the most.

I like being able to raise them.

I can’t wait to get Wally riding a bike.

I can’t wait to teach Paige how to walk.

I can’t wait for all the many more milestones to come with their growth.

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