Not ‘Just’ Friends

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Fourteen years later
Amanda’s POV

“Paige! Come on, the bus is here!” I called for the umpteenth time.

Thankfully, the busman always waited an extra fifteen minutes for us and got started with the picking up of children ten minutes early so that no one is late for class.

The busman and us, us being Asher and me, are friends. Last year, his whole family used to work for us. He was the gardener, his wife was the part-time chef, his oldest son was our pool boy and his oldest daughter was our maid. They were struggling financially and while we paid them a more than generous salary each, they still needed more to get their son to college and their oldest daughter and other two kids back to school.

Because of their faithfulness and eternal loyalty to us for two years, when far from here that she recently opened up, but is already known by everyone. Since he didn’t have any qualifications, apart from being a licensed driver, I got him a job as a busman at Paige’s school and there he’s paid, very very well. His oldest son is now in college at Harvard University on an academic scholarship. He’s extremely good at chemistry and is majoring in it. All three if their children now learn at Paige’s school as well and I’m glad that they are doing much better now.

Anyway, back to my daughter, I knew that she was having a rough time at school as usual, but this time she didn’t have Wally to help her anymore because he was on a two month break from school after writing exams for university applications. He also just got a brand new Jaguar, cutesy of his father, and likes to show it off by driving round the block then going to his best friend’s house which isn’t far from here and taking her out.

Kaitlyn, Wally’s best friend is a well mannered, kind a loyal girl who was born with a paralysed leg, so she has to walk with crutches. She doesn’t let that stop her from being the badass she is today and I wonder if there’s more going in with the two, since that’s how Asher and I started off.

I wish I could teach Paige that she doesn’t age to let her various sicknesses bring her down. A year after Paige was born, she was diagnosed with leukaemia and needed a bone marrow transplant. Asher was the best match p, so he gave her his bone marrow and for three years she was a healthy baby, but then she got diagnosed with epilepsy after she had a seizure at school and a few months later her leukaemia came back. Paige was also born with autism that affects her speech and a few other things, because of this, she started speaking full sentences when she was ten and instead of being in eighth grade like other her age, she’s in fifth, but she’s doing very well now. There are a few more minor illnesses that she’s got, but they don’t affect her as much as her epilepsy, autism and if it ever comes back, which hopefully it doesn’t, her leukaemia.

Walking up the stairs to her room, I entered and there she sat on the edge of her bed, crying. I sat next to her, rubbing soothing circles on her back telling her that everything was alright and after a few minutes, she calmed down.

“Honey, what’s wrong? You can tell me.”

“It’s just, I w-wish I was a normal girl. With many f-friends love me,” she stuttered as she cried, forgetting to add a word in her sentence, “Then I-I got the ch-chance and I ran away.”

“First, you are a normal girl. You may not speak correct sentences all the time like the rest of them in your class, or go through your period yet, but you like the clothes they wear, and you like makeup and all, so you are a normal girl and it doesn’t after if you wear glasses or whatever, you’re beautiful,” I said to her.

“O-okay, but mummy yesterday there was this girl who bullied me, making fun of me and all, and laughing when a guy I liked in eight grade came and asked me out for ice cream and I just froze, and everyone laughed, so I ran off and now I’m sure he hates me,” she sniffled.

“Look, Paige, the fact that he asked you out means that he doesn’t care what anyone thinks of you and if he really does care for you, then he would’ve stuck up for you and then run after you. Maybe he did and if you din’t get on that bus, you’ll never know,” I say to her.

“You’re right mummy, thank you,” she says wiping away her tears.

“You’re welcome, honey, now hurry up, the bus is about to leave.”

She rushed down the stairs nd I heard her shout a goodbye form downstairs and with that, I went to take a shower and got ready for work. Being the head Commander me at that I had to train wolves in the C, D and E team every day since I’ve gotten about sixty percent of them all get promoted to teams A and B, in only half a year and that is the wold werewolf record, which makes me very proud of myself.

Six hours later

“There you are, mummy! I’ve been waiting for half an hour,” complained Paige as she followed me to the living room.

“Hello to you too, honey,” I said.

“Yeh, yeah, hello. So I got into the bus and Jason sat next to me and told me that he did follow me and told that girl, McKenna to stop being a bitch, which would be kind of funny if she was a werewolf like Jason and I,” she says laughing a bit, whilst I stared pointedly at her for swearing, “Anyway, he asked if I still wanted to go for ice cream with him and I said yes, so tomorrow, I’m going out for ice cream!” She said happily.

“Why are you so happy?” Asked Asher as he walked through the door, after having taken out everything that was in the car.

“Oh, nothing. I’m going on a date tomorrow!”

Asher frowned a bit, “Aren’t you too young for that stuff?”m

“Daddy, I’m thirteen!”

“Yeah, Asher, she’s thirteen. So honey, do you want me to help you with your make up tomorrow?” I asked her with a smile.

“Yes, please.”

With that, Wally walked in with Kate and the way the were holding hands told me that they too were not just friends like what Asher and I had been.

Looking around the room to see my family, I knew that I had everything I could ever need.

Live your life to the fullest, with no regrets.

Don’t let others push you around and don’t let what they think of you make your decisions for you.

Be yourself, and maybe one day, you’ll realise that it actually helps in life.

-Not edited

*This is the end of Asher and Amanda’s journey. What do you think of Paige and Wally and Kaitlyn? Who’s you’re favourite character? Mine is Paige, since she’s really strong to have lived through a life of sickness after sickness. Leave a like, comment a review and tell ,e what you thought. I will gladly add a bonus chapter and these are your options:

a) Paige’s date with Jason form both of their POVs

b) A bit about Wally and Kaitlyn’s relationship; how they may or may not have started dating.

c) Jason meets Paige’s father, Asher and older brother, Wally.

Choose which one you think is most worthy of being written and I will gladly add it.

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