Not ‘Just’ Friends

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Author’s note

Two weeks!

It took me only two weeks to get this book competed. I am grateful to all my reader and I really hope you like this and please help me by leaving a like, a review, a comment and a follow.

If you haven’t read Accepting him, please do, since this book is about two characters from that book.

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed it and I would like to tell you a few things before saying my final goodbyes to you as we end this journey:

a) this book will remain unedited for a while
b) since this is the book that was asked for, I cannot write another story, or maybe I will if I can in the future about ZhenZhen and Justin, Paige and Jason or someone else who might be in the picture or Wally and Kaitlyn.

c) I would really appreciate a follow.
Also, it was recommended to me by a reader and a fellow writer that I must add some things in Accepting Him, so I will, but without changing the plot. For those of you who have already read Accepting him, I will post an update on my wall every time I have added a bit more information, so that you know whether or not to read the edited chapter or not.

Well, goodbye. Have a great day/night and stay safe!

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