Not ‘Just’ Friends

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Asher's POV

''Daddy, you have to promise not to say anything mean and hurting towards Jason,'' my daughter said warningly, her hands on her hips and a serious expression on her adorae face.

With a lot of grumbling and frowning, I finally sighed as I said, '' Fine, but I swear, if that pup breaks your heart, I'm going to make him wish his was never born! '' I threatened.

''Good,'' she said with a bright smile, then turned to Wally and made him promise that he wouldn't do or say anything insulting tl her date. I was beyond annoyed that my only daughter was going out on a date. She was too young for that, but no, her mother just had to be on her side.

In all honesty though, the reason that I don't want my little girl to go out on a date is because I still see her as that sweet little girl that would run around the house when she was little and kiss my cheek and tell me that I was her hero.

The urge to protect Paige has always been strong, ever since I carried her tiny little body in my hand when she was born. She often tells me that I am her hero, but to me, she's my hero. From leukemia to autism to battling school and dealing with bullies, Paige is most definitely a girl that has faced troubles that most children can't overcome and instead of crying everyday about it, she smiles and brightens up everyone's day.

Though out all her life, in sickness and in health, I've helped Paige, whether it was with homework, with what to do with bullies, with blood transfers and to bonemarrow donations - - I've helped her through it all. My fer now, is that she's not going to need me anymore. The fist heartbreak always does something to someone, whether it's breaking them to the point of no return or strengthening them in the most inexplicable way. I've never had to help someone through that before, so if paiges heart gets broken, I won't know how to help her and once shes better, she might be closed off in a way and independent in a way that leaves no room for help.

Don't get me wrong, I want my baby girl to be independent, just like her mother, but I'm a father, so what can you expect?

Suddenly, the doorbell rang and an excited squeal came from Paige. Amanda had ru out to the store to buy groceries for dinner, so that would give me time to interrogate the boy who was about to take my daughter out for ice cream.

Paige opened the door and waved at the averagely tall boy who looked slightly older than her. He was dressed in a maroon tee with a brown leather jacket on to, left unzipped, with black jeans and average looking sneakers.

'' You must be Jason, '' Wally said, folding his arms as he inspected the boy. That was my son for you, always protective of our little girl.

"Yes. Uh... Its a pleasure to meet you both, Mr. Sinclair and Wally ," Jason said, outstretching his hand to mine.

I grabbed it and firmly shook his hand, squeezing unnecessarily tight.

"Daddy," warned Paige.

Smiling at her, I let Jason's hand go.

"So Jason, come in," I said.

We went to the living room and we all sat down, Paige next to Jason and Sally and I on the same couch.

"Paige told us what you did for her, that was very kind of you," Wally said.

"Thank you, but it was nothing. I'll always stand up for Paige when she can't do so herself."

"Mhm, good. I've got a question though, did you: did you stand up for my princess because you wanted to ask her out?" I asked.

Paige's eyes widened, "Daddy!"

"No... Its okay. He just wants to know if my intentions with you are good. To answer your question, no sir, I didn't stand up for your daughter because I wanted her to go out with you. I promise you both, I really like your daughter and I will never manipulate or mistreat her, " Jason said sincerely.

Wally and I looked at each other then nodded. He seemed good for my daughter.

"Alright fine. You seem good for my daughter. I hope you mean what you said because if you hurt her, ill skin you alive," I threatened.


What! I need to make a point

Jason gulped then nodded.

"Alright you two, off you go," wally said smiling.

"oh wnd one more thing," I said to the before they stood up, "No kidding and no hands!"

"Daad!" Paige whined, cheeks ablaze, "I wish mum is here!"

I smirked, then walked away proud with my work.

So just remember, grammar mistakes in Paige's speach are intentional. How was this?
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