Not ‘Just’ Friends

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Chapter 3

Asher’s POV

“Delta, we were on our normal nightly patrol last night when we caught a few rogue’s scents close to the east village,” reported a guard, his head slightly bent in respect.

“Alright, it may be nothing, but I want doubled security on the east side of the pack and report to me if anything seems suspicious,” I say to the guard who nods and dutifully went to tell some guards that they were on their nightly shifts tonight.

With a sigh, I went to train the warriors since Jake was too busy to train them today. I was glad that I got to train them as Amanda was part of that group and training with Amanda was always great, mainly because I got to see her abdomen and bust since she wore a sports bra and black leggings to training.

Three hours later

Delta, rogues at the east and north villages! They’re killing everyone with no remorse and aren’t stopping for anything. They seem to be headed for the pack house!

Quickly jumping off of the couch I was sitting on, I mind linked Amanda to get the Luna safe since I had a feeling that they were here for her. I told mum and dad the situation and whilst mum went to the pack house to help secure it, dad and I ran to the east village where most of the rogues were coming from.

Amanda’s POV

After Asher had mind linked me to get the Luna safe, I barged into their room, probably interrupting a moment and told Alpha that the pack was under attack.

“Alpha, we’re under attack. There are rogues everywhere and they’re killing everything in their way!” I tell him.

Alpha got off the bed and ordered me to take Luna somewhere safe and stay with her. I took Samantha down the stairs towards a small underground basement that Connor used to hide in whenever we played hide and seek. I lifted the wooden door for her, revealing five wooden steps that led to a dark room. I told her that there was a lamp, food, water and a bed down there and that she’d be safe. I waited for her to climb down a few steps before closing the door.

I was almost done when she asked, “Didn’t Liam tell you to stay with me?”

“Yes, but I’ve got to check on my little brother first,” I told her.

“You have a-” I closed the door before she could finish.
I knew that I had to stay and keep her safe since she had a condition called emotional epilepsy. It happened when she arrived at the pack a few weeks ago and whenever someone was feeling overwhelming emotions or a group was feeling a lot of emotions, she would have a seizure. I was told everything about her condition when I was first assigned to be her bodyguard, that’s why I know all of this, but I’m hoping that the door of the basement is thick enough for her not to have a seizure down there or I’ll be in a whole lot of trouble.

I ran to the playground, where Connor probably was, but he wasn’t. I looked around knowing that he couldn’t have gotten far and spotted Asher fighting a rogue that was trying to get to a ginger haired boy behind him; my brother. I was about to go to them, when I heard a low growl behind me. I turned around and before my eyes was a big black rogue. Like most rogues that I’d encountered, he had deep permanent scars all over his large body.

I could feel the anger and hatred that seemed to be oozing out of him. With a snarl, the rogue attacked. Quickly stepping aside, I successfully dodging the weak attempt at an attack. He growled and getting up from the fall and trained his eyes on me, walking slowly in my direction, like a predator stalking its prey, him being the predator and apparently, me being the prey. Taking a knife from my pocket, I waited for the rogue to attack and when it did, I stabbed it in the abdomen. With a whimper, it fell to its side and just because I was in a bad mood, I stabbed it twice more in another vital organ.

Leaving the knife in him, I ran to Connor and Asher who were now moving to safety after killing the rogue that was trying to attack them. I enveloped Connor in a hug, glad that he was safe. With a sigh, he mumbled, “Mandy, I’m fine. Asher was there to help me, not that I needed much of it, since I totally could’ve taken him on my own.”

Since my parents are out of town, on a job for the Alpha, Connor was my responsibility, so I have no idea what I would’ve done if I lost him, especially to rogues. I thanked Asher for taking care of my brother and he smiled and kissed my forehead before running off to help some other people.

“Okay, let’s get you some place safe,” I said to Connor, to which he grumbled.

I led him to our house and there, I locked him in the closet, telling him that I’d be back soon. Connor, being a pure blood, obviously knew how to take care of himself, but by pack law, no child under the age of fifteen was allowed to partake in battle. As I was about to go back to the pack house, I was ordered by my commander to go to the south village, where more rogues were coming in from and and helping the residents there to keep as many rogues as possible away from the innocents.

When the rogue attack was finally contained and most of the rogues had run off screaming or crying like babies with no one even touching them, I went back home. We were all perplexed and had no way to comprehend what was going on, but a part of me felt that Luna Samantha was behind all this since she’s usually overwhelmed by feeling a lot of emotions, but maybe she could manipulate them somehow. I made a mental note to ask her later.

When I got home, I got Connor out of the closet and called up his friend, Mason’s parents asking if it was okay for him to stay with them for a few days until mum and dad got home since I was put on construction duty by my commander and wouldn’t be able to keep a watchful eye on Connor.

As I was dropping him off, I received a mind link from Alpha William himself, telling me to come to his office. I waved goodbye to Connor and Mason as well as his parents and briskly walked to Alpha’s office. To say I was terrified would be understatement of the year. Whilst Justin and Asher never really intimidated me, though they were one of the most powerful wolves in the pack, I was always comfortable around them, but when it came to a Beta Jacob and Alpha William, I was always so tense.

I wonder how the most intimidating wolves in this pack got such nice mates. Yes, I’ll admit, when they found their mates, they both became somewhat nicer, but they still managed to be intimidating as hell. I stopped when I was face to face with Alpha’s thick door and took a few shaky breaths then knocked thrice and got a gruff ‘Come in’. He told me to take a seat and though, I really didn’t want to as I was perfectly fine standing by the door, I did as asked so as to not upset the furious Alpha any more.

I looked around the room as I was walking to my seat and my eyes landed on Asher who was in a corner, with his foot against the wall. His presence seemed to ease me up a little bit, but I was still so scared and both him and the Alpha knew it. Asher gave me a reassuring wink, telling me that it was going to be okay. Most of the time, whenever something serious happened and I was in the middle of it, Asher was always there to help me and this was one of those times.

“Amanda, do you know why you’re here?” He finally asked, when he stopped pacing back and forth which had been making me nervous, and he’s unusually calm voice made chills run down my spine.

“,” I struggled to form a coherent sentence.

He looked at me with a scrutinising glare and I gulped, shifting uncomfortably under his gaze.

What crap had I put my silly ass in?
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