Not ‘Just’ Friends

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Chapter 5

Two days later
Amanda’s POV

Being on probation is literally, the worst. I always feel like I’m in hell whenever training with Beta Jacob starts. He lets me call him Jake, which I guess should have been expected since we were going to be spending nine hours together everyday for what would feel like forever. I have to wake up at four and we train then after two hours, he gives me a ten minute break and then back to training.

At eight o’clock, I finally get to go back to my duties, but at twelve o’clock to five o’clock, it’s training again. Jake makes me run round both the top and bottom fields in human form then I have to shift and do three more times. Of course I could do it, but it’s tiring as hell and though we’ve only been training for two days, it felt like two months. Sometimes when I’m running I just want to drop dead and die because of the exhaustion I’ll be feeling.

Anyway, after seeing how miserable I’ve been, Asher decided to take me out to dinner to the most expensive restaurant in town. It seemed more like a date to me, except he didn’t ask just told me I was going and he’s not interested in me that way. It was just a friend helping out a friend relieve some stress. I had no idea what to wear, so I called my one of my best friends. She is also a human, but was mated to a wolf, so she knew a lot about wolves.

I called her and like the best friend she was, she dropped everything she was doing to come and help me, though she was three packs away.

By the time my best friend, Jaylaen arrived, it was now six thirty. She was looking as beautiful as ever with a loose black blouse along with black jeans and low black heels. Her dark hair was skillfully styled in curls that fell over on one shoulder. Her dark blue eyes filled with happiness and then I remembered why she was on of my best friends. She was the one who always made me happy in my worst moments.

Jaylaen loves the colour black and while people thinks that it’s a colour that shows how dark you are, she says black is a colour that makes everything dull and swallows you whole, but if you are wearing it and your personality is the exact opposite, it shows that you are strong and can overcome the hole that the colour black tries to throw you in. She says the colour black represents life and the more black you wear, the braver you are when it comes to facing the problems life throws at you. I find that to be very deep, confusing, but deep.

“Hey, Amy!” She said with a squeal and hugged me.

“I have to say, I was shocked when you said that you wanted me to help you pick out an outfit for your date with Asher. You never really work hard when it comes to these things, why are you dressing up now?” She asked.

Rolling my eyes, I said, “First, this is not a date. Second, I’m dressing up because Asher’s taking me to the most expensive restaurant in town.”

“It’s not optional,” I added.

With a chuckle, she said, “Ah, typical Asher. Also, we both know that this thing with Asher is a date. But if you won’t acknowledge it as one, then fine.”

“Thank you,” I breathed out.

“Yeah, yeah, I’m the best I know. Come on, we have to get you ready,” she said dragging me to my bathroom.

One hour later
Asher’s POV

It was time.

It was time for my date with Amanda, okay so maybe, she thinks it’s just going to be two friends having dinner, but it was more to me. I knew Amanda wasn’t into fancy restaurants but she looked so beautiful in a dress and it had been a while since I saw her in one.

I took a deep breath, in efforts of calming my nerves and did it a few more times before going to her room.

Why am I so nervous? I’ve been on a thousand dates, why am I saw nervous for this one? I asked my wolf, Kyle.

It’s because, you knew that all those dates were going to end with sex. You don’t know how this is going to end. He answered.

Yeah, that makes sense.

Also because you’re hell bent on impressing the girl you love.

Oh shut up, I can impress her with something as simple as a smile, I still catch her checking me out sometimes. I say back.

Yeah right.

It’s true and you know it! I argued.

I knocked on her door when I got there and when it opened, it revealed an angel. I think my jaw fell open at the sight of her. She wasn’t in a dress, which was expected, but she looked better in this. She was wearing a dark red jumpsuit with the loose fabric covering her long legs. Her feet were in black kitten heels and then my eyes moved up to her face. She had on light eyeshadow that brought out her features but didn’t make her look like a barbie doll. The thin layer of lip gloss she wore made her pink lips sparkle. The top part of her jumpsuit hugged her bust and flat stomach and I swallowed hard, wishing she was mine. If she was, I could ravish her right now as she looked good enough to eat.

“, Amanda, you look incredible.”

She blushed, “Thank you, Asher. You don’t look too bad yourself.”

Amanda’s POV

That look in his eyes, was it hunger and want?

Did he want me?

Nah, that’s ridiculous. Asher’s waiting for his mate.

Shaking the thought out of my head, I walked with Asher to his car and we drove to where he was taking me. Jay had left a few minutes before Asher arrived and I was impressed by the work she had done. My long and puffy auburn hair was tamed with some gel and was flowing down my back behind a black head band.

Knowing how much I disliked dresses, Jaylaen had bought a jumpsuit for me. It was really beautiful and I could tell that Asher liked it, maybe too much. Anyway, during the ride, Asher and I were talking about how my training was going and I talk about how Jake wasn’t as scary as I thought him to be during our few encounters.

When we arrived at the restaurant, the waitress was ogling Asher the entire time and even messed up my order. Asher excused himself for a while and when he was back, we had a new server and I feel like he got her fired.

“So, Asher, is there another reason why you brought me here?” I asked.

“Well, not exactly, I was just hoping you’d wear a dress since you look really good in those. But then I saw you in that and I like this more than all your other outfits,” he answered with a sheepish smile.

I let out a laugh and said, “Yeah, well, this is the closest thing to a dress that I’ll be wearing in a long time.”

“Well, I’ll take what I can get.”

An hour and a half later

“Thank you again for tonight, Ash. It was great to go somewhere after so much probationary training,” I told him.

“You’re welcome.”

He leaned in to kiss my cheek and by accident I turned my head and out lips met. Immediately, we pulled away and apologised, but ended up laughing and saying our goodbyes.

As I laid there on my bed wishing the kiss wasn’t an accident. I couldn’t deny the sparks I felt when he kissed me, but deciding not to pine on my one of my best friends, I took a shower and just had to fall asleep and have a dream about him.

What are you doing to me Asher Sinclair?

It was almost two hours before I finally fell into a dreamless sleep.

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